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Zero additions to 13 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities

@ 人民日报 [13 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities Zero additions, expecting more zero arrivals] As of 24:00 on the 19th, Qinghai had 14 consecutive days of zero additions, Liaoning and Guizhou had 3 consecutive days of zero additions, and Shanghai and Xinjiang (including the Corps) had 2 consecutive days of zero additions. New cases have been confirmed in Tibet, Shennongjia Forest District, Hubei, Zhangjiajie, Hunan, and Lijiang, Yunnan.

A man’s pharyngeal swab was negative, and his stool was positive.

@ 人民日报 [Zhejiang a man sputum Swab test negative feces positive] According to the Zhoushan Health Committee of Zhejiang Province ’s 20th report, on the evening of February 16, Qi Moumou’s stool specimens were positive for New Coronavirus, and the sputum swab test was negative. The new coronary pneumonia diagnosis and treatment plan does not meet the diagnostic criteria for suspected and confirmed cases. In order to reduce the risk of possible infection, they were sent from ambulances to designated hospitals for isolation and treatment. On February 18, the stool test was positive again, and the pharyngeal swab test was negative. No clinical manifestations.

Hubei calls for assistance to groups with special difficulties

@ 人民日报 [Hubei requires assistance to special hardship groups] On the 20th, the Hubei Provincial New Coronary Virus Infection and Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice, requesting the subsistence allowances and special difficulties Persons, severely disabled, orphans, left-behind elderly, left-behind children and other special hardship groups shall be given assistance for living materials according to the standard of not less than 500 yuan for urban personnel and not less than 300 yuan for rural personnel. When allocating donated living materials, Give priority to groups with special difficulties and special places. Strengthen the investigation of the special needy, orphans, left-behind elderly, and left-behind children, and visit and assist regularly; properly arrange disabled persons and mentally handicapped people who cannot take care of themselves because of their guardians, and effectively protect their basic lives .

The United States finds key targets for vaccine and drug development

@ 新华社 国际 新闻 时 播 播 【中国 方 After providing the new coronavirus genome sequence, the United States finds key targets for vaccine and drug development] The U.S. scientific research team first mapped out the 3D structure of a key protein molecule of the new coronavirus based on the viral genome sequence provided by Chinese researchers. Protein is a key target for the development of vaccines, therapeutic antibodies and drugs.

Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau responds to the report of Han Hong’s Charity Fund

@interface news [The Han Hong Charity Fund was reported, and the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau responded] The Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau issued a statement saying that after investigation, since its establishment, the Han Hong Foundation has generally operated in a more standardized manner, especially in the fight against A lot of work has been done in the epidemic situation, and it should be supported and affirmed. However, it was also found that some investment matters were not disclosed in a timely manner, and public fundraising activities were performed before obtaining public fundraising qualifications. Our bureau has requested the Han Hong Foundation to make corrections within a time limit and operate in accordance with the law. This is a special time for national epidemic prevention and control. Our bureau will strengthen the supervision and management services for charitable organizations, mobilize charitable forces to participate in the prevention and control work in an orderly manner according to law, and promptly respond to social concerns about charitable donation. Hope that the whole society will create good supervision. Environment to promote the healthy and orderly development of philanthropy.

Tokyo Marathon: Chinese runners continue to next year, but registration fee is still required

@ 彭湃 新闻 【Tokyo Marathon apologizes to Chinese runners] The Tokyo Marathon Organizing Committee issued a letter of apology to runners living in China and originally scheduled to participate in the Tokyo Marathon 2020, expressing their sincerest apologies. On February 14, the organizing committee had decided that Chinese runners could extend the quota to 2021 and waive the registration fee. Now, the organizing committee said that not only runners living in China, all public runners need to pay the registration fee for the Tokyo Marathon in 2021.

Warren Buffett becomes CEO of S & P 500 with the longest term

@ 上海 美股 [Warren Buffett has a new title: the CEO of the S & P 500 with the longest term] February 21, Beijing time (Warren Buffett) now has another title: the longest serving CEO of the S & P 500. The 89-year-old Buffett is at Berkshire Hathaway (342122, -1878.00, -0.55%). ) Has been CEO for 50 years.

The number of first-time unemployment claims in the US has increased for the second consecutive week

@Sina Finance [The number of people claiming unemployment benefits for the first time in the United States has increased for the second consecutive week, reaching 210,000 people] The number of people claiming unemployment benefits for the first time in the United States has increased for the second consecutive week, but it has remained near a level that indicates a tight labor market. Data released by the Labor Department on Thursday showed that the number of people who applied for unemployment benefits for the first time as of February 15 increased by 4,000 people for the second consecutive week, reaching 210,000, in line with the expectations of economists surveyed by Bloomberg.

Electronic crown or Sweden’s first central bank digital currency

@ 上海 美股 [Sweden begins testing electronic kronor, or becomes the first central bank digital currency] Beijing time February 21 news, the Swedish central bank said on Wednesday that it has started testing electronic kronor ( e-krona), bringing the country closer to creating the world’s first central bank digital currency (CBDC).

The Swedish central bank said that if the electronic currency eventually enters the market, it will be used to simulate daily banking operations, such as payments, deposits and withdrawals through digital wallets such as mobile applications. “The purpose of this project is to show how the general public can use electronic kronor,” the Bank of Sweden said in a statement.

Lyft returns to the New York market after replacing batteries and brakes

@ 彭湃 新闻 [Lyft re-launches shared motorcycles in New York, replaces batteries and brakes] Lyft, the second largest US ride-hailing company, announced that it will launch hundreds of shared motorcycles in New York City. This is also a 10-month suspension of Lyft’s shared motorcycles due to complaints and injuries reports before returning to the New York market.

Lyft withdrew its motorcycle service in April 2019, when the company said it was due to “a small number of reports from cyclists who said their front wheels were braking too hard”. Lyft said it has changed battery suppliers and changed the brakes on its bicycles.

Swiss Supreme Court: “Like” on Facebook may commit crimes

@ 上海 科技