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0 yuan to buy Tencent Cloud xyz domain name for free or 23 yuan to buy Tencent Cloud xyz domain name for 10 years

First open: Receive a 6 yuan non-threshold coupon (0 yuan to buy 1 year, if you want to be longer, you can buy it for 23 years for 10 yuan, and it ’s good to keep a spare for the guide page.

Then pull down to find the domain name renewal coupon. You can get 20-10 times for 5 times. You can refresh the page every time you pick up.

Open: (if you want to Log in, log in with the same number) Scroll down to find the voucher gift package, share it now, take your browser into the share link, and you can get it right away.

Then go to the expense center and see that there are 12 vouchers in total


Then we open: First register a xyz domain name for 1 year

Let ’s just sayThe tip for registering pure numbers is that you can register your own QQ number for the premium domain name of 6 yuan / first year.

If you check the 6 yuan voucher at checkout, it will be 0 yuan

After signing up, manually renew for 4 years, repeat the operation twice, and check the 10 yuan voucher each time!

Finally, I manually renewed for 1 year, ticked the 5 yuan voucher, and then I was done. It took a total of 11 + 11 + 1 = 23 yuan for 10 years xyz domain name.

Looking at our expiration time, 23 yuan for a ten-year domain name feels good. If you do n’t think it ’s worth it, do n’t buy it. Buy it for future use.

By the way, if the modern voucher has been collected, it usually takes two days. Tencent Cloud will make up again!