Grab and German financial services provider Wirecard have established a partnership in Southeast Asia; Japan’s VC JAFCO’s sixth flagship fund has completed $ 760 million in financing.


India startup financing cycles have slowed. According to ET Tech, the growth and subsequent financing of Indian startups may be hit due to the outbreak. According to Rajan Anandan of Sequoia Capital, the financing cycle will start to slow down and be delayed in the next few quarters, and financing difficulties will also increase significantly.

Uber establishes a data sharing system to solve Bangalore’s traffic problems. According to Inc42, ride-hailing giant Uber recently partnered with Bangalore’s Political Action Committee (B.PAC) to establish a data-sharing system. The company says it will help the government clear India’s most congested urban roads or put public-private partnerships on the agenda.

Disney Streaming Plus goes live on Disney’s Indian platform Hotstar. According to ET Tech, video content on the Disney Plus platform is currently live on Hotstar (now renamed Disney Plus Hotstar), an Indian streaming platform owned by its parent company Disney. This is 18 days ahead of the previously announced launch date of March 29.

Southeast Asia

Grab and German financial services provider Wirecard establish a partnership in Southeast Asia. According to Tech in Asia, this cooperation plan will enable Wirecard to process GrabPay’s online transaction activity through Grab’s e-wallet through its digital financial commerce platform. The program will be launched first in Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore.

Single AI image recognition unicorn Trax acquires in the United States. We are informed that Singapore’s retail computer vision and analysis solution provider Trax has acquired today. The company is a provider of promotions and sales services for emerging and mid-market consumer goods brands, and is headquartered in Boston . After the acquisition, Trax will integrate the two companies ’industry technology, product services, and customer delivery to create a closed-loop mobile sales system for brick-and-mortar retail, enabling consumer product brands and retailers to leverage computer vision-driven on-demand labor solutionscase.

Singapore-based VC Credence Partners plans to invest $ 100 million in Southeast Asian A and B companies. According to e27, the company will focus on investing in fintech, deep technology, consumers, mobile logistics and other technology-based startups. VC Credence Partners, founded by star angel investor Koh Boon Hwee, has now received a $ 50 million initial fundraising and plans to finalize a $ 100 million financing round.

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) has invested USD 30 million in the non-performing loan asset recovery plan (DARP) platform. According to DealStreetAsia, the platform was established by Collectius AG, an international non-performing loan restructuring company, which is the only regional company operating in markets such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam in Southeast Asia One of the bad loan service companies. This ratio investment will be used to expand the market.

Material uncertainty in Malaysia has led to a decline in private investment activity. According to DealStreetAsia, after Malaysia’s new Prime Minister Muhyidden Yassin came to power, suspicions of policy instability will continue to cause investment stagnation and slowdown.


Facebook launches community accelerator program in multiple African countries. According to IT News Africa, Facebook announced the launch of community accelerator programs in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. The accelerator is a six-month program designed to provide training guidance and funding to help community leaders grow their communities, with a total reward of $ 3 million.

Canadian company launches $ 24 million technology venture capital fund for Africa. According to Disrupt Africa, Canadian Non-Profitting Engineers Without Borders (EWB) has announced the launch of a fund “Hummingbird Impact” with a total value of $ 24 million, which will support Africa’s socially influential and profitable technology enterprise. Currently, the fund is raising US $ 20 million to invest in pre-seed, seed stage and Series A financing startups.

Middle East

The UAE Ministry of Education has announced that it will continue online distance education. According to Gulf News, affected by the global epidemic, the UAE Ministry of Education announced that it will extend the online distance learning programs of various schools until June 2020, and schools in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah have begun to experiment with the application of distance education.

Latin America

Report: Brazil’s M & A projects have grown significantly. According to LABS, a PwC Brazil survey report shows that the country’s total transaction volume in 2019 reached the highest record since 1999, an increase of 94%, and the number of mergers and acquisitions also increased significantly. . Recently, in the context of investors losing trust in listed companies (such as Uber and WeWork), many Brazilian companies are also evaluating their financial exit options.

Investors in Peixe Urbano, Brazil’s largest group buying site, have acquired electric bike startup Grow. According to LABS, the value of the transaction was not disclosed and the new owner will receive Grow’s debt. The company, which provides electric scooter and bicycle rental services, was established in early 2019. In order to reorganize its business, Grow announced in January this year that it would retain services in only three cities, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Curitiba, and completely suspend its bicycle rental services.


Japan’s VC JAFCO’s sixth flagship fund has completed $ 760 million in financing. According to DealStreetAsia, JAFCO ’s sixth flagship fund, JAFCO SV6, has a final closing price of 80 billion yen ($ 760 million). The company said the funding “is targeted at specific large investors.”

South Korea’s Mirae Asset has raised $ 47 million for its new venture capital fund. According to DealStreetAsia, Mirae Asset has raised $ 47 million for its first venture capital fund, with a total of nine investors in the financing. The company joined iPrice, a Malaysian online shopping aggregator, this month.

Orders from Korean e-commerce unicorn Coupang have surged. According to DealStreetAsia, affected by the outbreak in South Korea, Coupang ’s delivery volume has increased from about 2.2 million at the end of last year to 3 million since the middle of February. And with low-margin goods like household products and fresh produce