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The young man who always keeps a good health in his mouth usually proves himself with actual actions during this epidemic.

All the channels for buying clothes, bags and shoes on weekdays are now a new way for masks; firmly practice “the door is not out of the door and the second door is not in step”; the gym cannot go, the fitness movement cannot be less; Fear of being dominated by the entire network in the early morning of February 1st.

Compared to Shuanghuanglian, Banlangen and Huoxiangzhengqi liquid, these drugs are more reliable and effective for front-line epidemic prevention. They are probiotics.

The diagnosis and treatment plan for pneumonitis infected by a new type of coronavirus (trial version 5) In the article, there is an epidemic prevention suggestion that “intestinal microecological regulators can be used to maintain the intestinal microecological balance and prevent secondary bacterial infections.”

In the search on Taobao, probiotics surpassed enzymes, capsules, and vitamin C to become the top search keyword in the health care industry.

With the fierce research of intestinal microbes, probiotics flooded into the market like a flood. The industry application of probiotics is constantly prosperous and rich. So far, the application of probiotics has covered many aspects such as fermented foods, dietary supplements, health product additives, animal feed additives and so on.

As a member of the big health industry, which part of the probiotic industry chain is the most eye-catching? The next opportunity opportunity geometry? Huaying Capital presents you the insights from this issue and discusses the future development trend of the probiotics industry together.

The way out of probiotics in past and present life

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“Have you drunk today?” “Did you have more Yakult today?”

When mentioning the lactic acid bacteria drink, the first thing that popped out of my mind was Yakult, “a red bottle is going to the world”. In 1935, Yakult’s (Yakult) , the founder of the group, Yoshiro Daida, MD, developed the world’s first bottle of “live bacteria lactic acid bacteria milk drink” As a result, it has become the world’s most popular live lactic acid bacteria milk drink. Every day, about 35 million people of different skin colors experience the probiotic health law advocated by Yakult.

Past Life: Probiotics = Prebiotics? Not

“Probiotics” in English is “Probiotics”, which is derived from the Greek “pro bios”, which means For life-that is, lifelong, probiotic meaning. According to the definition of the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, probiotics are living microorganisms that, when ingested in sufficient quantities, have a beneficial effect on the host.

The lactic acid bacteria in Yakult, which we are familiar with, are the main types of probiotics, and the prebiotics that people often say are the nutrients of probiotics, which have beneficial effects on the body by promoting the growth and reproduction of probiotics.

Probiotics have the functions of regulating the homeostasis, enhancing the body’s immune function, and maintaining human health. However, excessive probiotics are also at risk and may cause imbalance in the intestinal flora. Therefore, the proportion of probiotics is highly correlated with human health.

This life: nearly 100 billion US dollars global market

In 1935, lactic acid beverage Yakult was launched, and probiotics began to move to industrialization. In the following years, the industry application of probiotics continued to flourish.

In recent years, probiotic products in the market have been inundated. From yogurt to chocolate, from medicine to dietary supplements, probiotic products are increasingly accepted and recognized by consumers. Chess came to the big health industry, and the probiotic market developed rapidly.

From the perspective of the global probiotic consumer market, the size of the probiotic consumer market has continued to grow. Global Probiotics Consumer Market Size in 2018At 49.4 billion US dollars, it is expected to reach 69.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. The probiotic industry has a bright future.

Yogurt, toothpaste to mask, contract your food and drink

Yogurt, lactic acid bacteria beverages, capsules, baby foods, chocolates, candy biscuits … Various types of probiotic functional foods, dietary supplements flood online and offline channels, and the variety of yogurts on supermarket shelves is just a glance In the past, it was dazzling. In recent years, the consumption trend has revolved several times around health foods and probiotic functional drinks. Consumer preferences are reflected on the industrial side, and more and more probiotic application categories are emerging.

From the perspective of application, the downstream products of the probiotic industry can be divided into three major categories:

1. A functional food with probiotics participating in fermentation and adding active probiotics at a later stage. Including yogurt, lactic acid bacteria drinks, probiotics, soy beans, fudge, etc. This is the category with the largest proportion of the entire probiotic market.

2. Dietary supplements. Including intestinal products, digestive drugs and more.

3. Animal feed, fruit and vegetable fermentation broth and other raw materials.

In addition to the three major types of products, daily chemical products have also developed into various product forms. Such as skin care products and mouthwash. Functional foods and daily necessities are the product categories that venture capital companies are involved in. In this part, we will take a detailed inventory of their new development trends.

Probiotic functional drinks and foods: segmentation, specialty, mix and match

With the continuous breakthrough of scientific research related to probiotics, the technological innovation of probiotics in the selection and breeding of their superior strains and industrial applications has promoted the widespread application of probiotics in dairy products, traditional foods and health foods. In the traditional beverage and food market, the main focus is on intestinal health and immune function improvement. Today, the development of probiotic functional foods shows two major trends.

The first is the specialization in efficacy: consumers first consumed lactic acid bacteria beverages, and later developed to consume fermented milk, etc., the effects of probiotics (Concentration) gradual increase;

Second is the functional subdivision: the function of probiotics was first to regulate the intestinal tract, and later developed to regulate weight, treat periodontitis, improve hay fever, and other functions.

Food companies represented by Meiji Corporation are constantly enriching their product concepts and functions to meet consumer demand. For example, the Meiji R-1 series of yogurts have been favored by consumers since its release to meet people’s needs for skin beauty, prevention of flu and rheumatism; PA-3 probiotic yogurts have added PA-3 with “lactic acid bacteria that fight against purines” Targeting at potential gout consumer groups can help reduce uric acid levels and alleviate gout symptoms. Another example is Meiji’s LG21 series yogurt, which is effective in inhibiting Helicobacter pylori, protecting gastric mucosa, and reducing the prevalence of cancer. These functionally specific yogurts have been widely sought after by consumers.

Functional yogurt with different segmentation functions

People are paying more attention to human health, and functional snacks are also expanding. In addition to yoghurt, international probiotic functional foods have developed in various ways, from black artisans, vegetable slices to baked goods. For example, Qwrkee puffs have added probiotics to the ingredients. They are made of pea protein, broad beans and sorghum. Each 100 grams of “puffs” contain 5 billion probiotics. Bouchard Belgian’s dark chocolate contains 1 billion Live probiotics have a longer shelf life than probiotic yogurt, support the immune system, and are rich in natural antioxidants.

International Probiotics Functional Food List

Probiotic Daily Chemicals: A New Favorite of the Blue Ocean

In recent years, the concepts of “probiotic skin care” and “skin microecology” have risen. According to a market report from Hexa Research, the global probiotic cosmetics market size was US $ 21 million in 2017, and it is expected to grow at a compound growth rate of 8%. It will exceed US $ 26.3 million by 2025. … p

Probiotics can form a barrier to various harmful substances on the skin, maintain the normal physiological condition of the skin surface, effectively promote basal cell regeneration, and maintain skin vitality and elasticity.

Essential Lauder’s small brown bottle essence introduced in 1982, the first timeBifidobacteria have cultivated probiotics as one of their main ingredients; today, many small brands and international big names are coming in. L Catterton, the world’s largest consumer goods private equity fund, led a 17-year round to complete a US $ 8 million round of financing for the U.S. probiotic skincare brand Tula. Hungarian brands Eminence and Korean brand Hano also took probiotics as product selling points, and established cleansing, facial mask, Complete product line of creams, essences, sun protection and more.

A list of some probiotic skin care products

In addition to skin care, probiotics are also used in the oral cavity. Probiotics can remove oral odorous bacteria, effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, and restore the micro-ecological balance of the oral flora. In 2018, Yunnan Baiyao Toothpaste innovatively launched the first probiotic children’s toothpaste; new domestic brands such as AvecMoi, Banban and Rumu also launched oral care products such as probiotic toothpaste and mouthwash.

But in general, the market of probiotics and daily chemicals is still in the early stages of development. Brands are new and product awareness is not high. It is a blue ocean waiting to be reclaimed. Probiotics products continue to innovate in form, categories continue to diversify, and the market is diversified and developed, which is directly reflected in the situation of taking goods from various e-commerce and content platforms.

On the Douyin platform, domestic brands account for half of the country, and overseas brands are the most popular in the United States and Australia. From the perspective of the audience, children and mother and infant users account for the highest proportion. In terms of products sold, probiotic supplements accounted for the highest proportion, including drops, powders and capsules; followed by probiotic foods, especially complementary food products for infants and young children, again oral care products, and finally facial care products; from Looking at the distribution of price bands, within 100 yuan is still the mainstream price band. Compared with the diversification of the probiotic promotion products of the Douyin platform, the probiotic products of the Quick Hand platform are relatively simple, mainly ordinary powder products, followed by oral care and facial care products, and the price distribution is mainly within 50 yuan.