Under the battle for talents, technical and tutor posts are particularly hot.

Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “multi HowNet” (ID: duozhiwang) , Author: Sun Yingying.

“The war for talent”, which was staged in various industries, is now coming to the education industry.

On February 21, “2020 New Oriental Global Joint Spring Campus Recruitment” was officially launched. New Oriental said it would recruit more than 3,000 people worldwide. New Oriental, which has accelerated the transformation of OMO, will focus this recruitment on production research technology and tutor positions. For the position of tutor, New Oriental Online conservatively estimates that it recruits 1,000 people, even this is not enough.

On the other hand, the future recruiting action is also accelerating.

In the next three years, the target of product technology-related personnel will exceed 10,000 people, which has already predicted the future battle for science and technology talents. Similarly, in the recruitment of tutors for another important post, Xueersi has stepped up the establishment of 9 new bases to accelerate the recruitment of tutors.

Pure online education companies are just as strong.

Ape Counseling said that in 2020, the spring enrollment will open more than 10,000 jobs to the whole society, and the Wuhan tutor teacher base will be expanded to recruit another 5,000 people; the head of education announced the launch of the “Ten Thousand Cloud Enrollment Support Program”, which will be open to more than 15,000 nationwide. Employment positions and more than 100 middle and high-level core management positions; who to learn from in technology and tutor positions is unlimited; All In K12’s Youdao is also invested in the construction and recruitment of tutor bases; chalk is also given for spring recruitment The goal of recruiting 1,000 teachers …

After Zhang Yiming, the founder of Byte Beat, announced that education is a new strategic direction, and resumed interviews and observations on education, today’s headline CEO Chen Lin also emphasized that the Byte Beat Education business is continuing to recruit people. It is expected that the education team will exceed 10,000 this year. people.

On March 6th, Lihun released the “Big Data Report on Mid- to High-end Talents for One Month Return to Work in 2020”. Following the Internet, computers, professional services (consulting / legal / translation), and biopharmaceutical engineering, the education and training industry It is becoming the fifth largest subdivision industry with the highest proportion of new and high-end talent demand.

Gold, silver, and silver are all around, and the recruitment battle for the education industry has begun.

01 The air conference will be a big battle, “there will be no talent in one step”

This is an unprecedented spring recruitment battle.

At 7 pm on February 28, the New Oriental 2020 Spring School Recruitment Air Seminar was officially opened, and the real-time audience of the seminar once surged to 700,000.