“Those unpredictable major rare events that have changed everything unexpectedly.” —— “Black Swan”

Buffett: I have lived for 89 years and have never seen such a scene

On March 9th, the US stock market “melted out.”

On March 10, “Share God” Buffett said in an exclusive interview with Yahoo Finance: The Dow Jones index plummeted more than 2,000 points, triggering a fuse. At the age of 89, he had never seen such a scene, and the market was stunned.

In the first three months of 2020, we are experiencing such “lifetime” events almost every day. Instead of “seeing for a long time”, the aftermath of each “accident” keeps us out of the way. We call these “accidents” “black swan incidents”.

The father of “Black Swan”-Nassim Nicholas Taleb, has a classic book “Black Swan”, which focuses on “Black Swan Theory”, those unpredictable major rare events, it is expected Outside, it changes everything.

The black swan needs anti-fragility

Another classic book by the father of “Black Swan” is the famous “Anti-Vulnerability”. What is anti-fragility?

For example:

1. The glass will break when thrown on the ground

2, shot put on the ground will be safe and sound

3. Table tennis will bounce higher when thrown on the ground.

These three results represent the reactions of people of different abilities after encountering uncertain events. “Pingpong” stands for “anti-fragile” capabilities.

From the Spring Festival home to now, we can still vaguely remember the vows we once made: I want to charge, I want to read, I want to learn, and I need to be prepared for the future to deal with the crisis. But what is the actual result? Brushed 100 movies, chased 10 idol dramas, brushed for ten hours a day, and followed the trend on Weibo for 24 hours.

The vast majority of those who think they can learn by charging have been defeated for various reasons.


Because the happiness that entertainment brings to us is the immediate benefit, it comes quickly. Learning requires patience. When the uncertainty of this world is getting higher and higher, we cannot predict when the big accident will come. If we want to be able to benefit from the crisis, only by staying with “workplace heroes” can we stand to gain and protect ourselves.

Fight with 50+ workplace heroes

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Warren Buffett: I have lived for 89 years and I have never seen such a scene

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Buffett: I have lived for 89 years and I have never seen this scene