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1. How to understand transboundary?

1. Three ways to cross the border

Cross-border is a very big word. Generally speaking, there are three main cross-border methods: human cross-border, product cross-border, and IP cross-border.

① Cross-border of people

Is an actor going to the movies to cross the border? No, but when an actor sings and becomes a director, he is transboundary.

My bachelor’s degree is the sound of music, but I studied film and television in my postgraduate studies. My work experience has ranged from starting my own business as a film and television company, to doing public relations, to engaging in online media, and then investing. The market is a process of continuous cross-border.

These professions seem to be side by side, in fact, there is still a dark line in them.

② Cross-border products

People who do marketing or market work will pay close attention to the field of “cross-border”. In recent years, when it comes to cross-border marketing, many people have flashed in their heads: high frequency, particularly fun, and trend.

How to play cross-border marketing? One article talks through

Take a few familiar product cross-border cases:

It looks like Rio cocktail with Liushen refreshing oil, as well as shampoo-flavored Rio wine and hero ink-flavored Rio wine.

As a childhood memory symbol, Big White Rabbit cooperates with many brands for cross-border marketing. For example, the smell library, there are big white rabbit perfume, big white rabbit lipstick and so on.

The Luzhou Laojiao is more exaggerated. It is a wine-based perfume.

The product cross-border solution is always very interesting, but have you found that, in fact, no matter how cross-border the product is, it still maintains the original product’s appearance. A brand grafted into a newProduct above.

③ Cross-border IP

The cross-border of IP is actually the cross-border between product and content.

For example, Unico and Marvel’s cooperation models and co-branded models were very popular at that time, and many people went to buy them.

For example, the cooperation between the Palace Museum and the make-up brand is very noticeable, and it also brings goods.

Through the above three ways of cross-border, we focus it on the cross-border of a real world. What is this real world? I summarize it as: the bound of private domain traffic and immersive experience. To put it simply, you pick up your phone and look up.

Now, the mobile phone has become an organ on the human body. Everyone usually gets information on it, so the online traffic is very large. Slowly, the marketing strategies and tactics of many brands also gradually began to combine online and offline, and eventually returned to offline.

This is the crossover I will talk about today: from online to offline, but with scenes. Because the cross-border we are talking about is a cross-border with real realm.

2. Crossing from online to offline

In 2018, there was a very classic case of cross-border marketing: “Get” an offline new book launch conference for Xue Zhaofeng’s new book “Lectures on Xue Zhaofeng Economics”, the tagline is very “Gastronomy, an economics class” .

How to play cross-border marketing? One article talks through

You know from this slogan that it happened in the vegetable market. Moreover, it chose an Internet celebrity venue-Sanyuanli Vegetable Market. Those who like good food regularly go to Sanyuanli Vegetable Market to find some ingredients.

It is located in the center of the city. All the old formats have been retired. The selections and dishes are very expensive. People who come here are high-end people, white-collar workers, and some foreigners.

For the origin of this matter, “get” the marketing director has done a very beautiful sharing, he said that this is a very simple lecture, allowing everyone to understand from the place of life those who look very deep Economics vocabulary to meet economists who seem far away from us. I faced several problems at the time:

First, Professor Xue Zhaofeng has courses online, so there are fans on the spot;

Second, the node of the new book release, the author himself must do a press conference;

Third, the author needs someone other than these fans to understand the Xue Zhaofeng Economics Lecture.

Combining the above three points, I found a very ingenious combination, and pulled a book that looked high above me to a offline vegetable market. FromAn economics perspective to interpret the many stalls in this vegetable market has resulted in a very practical economic sensory experience on the spot.

Professor Xue Zhaofeng set up a stall next to him. He told everyone that this stall was for selling his lecture notes, and what economic principles moved everyone to buy it.

In the end, this is not a signing event or a new book launch event. Because it pulled an event that seemed very high to the common people, and then built the bridge between the two parties in the simplest way.

How to play cross-border marketing? One article talks through

The whole event was completed in one go, so successful, we should give ourselves some inspiration from it: when we are thinking about cross-border, the above indicators must be considered.

First, it can be extended.

Why is Xue Zhaofeng’s handout suitable for the vegetable market, not Zhou Qiren’s handout? Because Xue Zhaofeng’s lecture notes itself contain a hope that “more people who do not understand economics will enter the cognitive field of common economics common sense through very simple common sense”, which also constitutes it from the online A basic information point that extends down the line.

“Get” the brand director uses the word “signal” to describe it, which is to make it easier for everyone to understand the many common signals between the connected brand and the scene.

When we are going to do cross-border scene marketing, we must first find those paths that can be extended.

Second, expandable columns.

“Expanding” is a nonsense after 00, which is to expand the list of friends on QQ friends. In combination with the previous case, it is to find new fans in addition to online fans.

The reason for the Sanyuanli Vegetable Market is that when such an event appears here, it can affect a very large circle of elites around it. To put it plainly, it is more “suction powder”.

These people may not have been “getting” fans or Professor Xue’s fans before, but the experience and influence of the entire offline event can ultimately help them to capture a high-net-worth group with strong payment capabilities : You can buy lessons online and offline.

Third, it can detonate.

When we choose to do offline activities, we must choose to present those convincing and eye-catching ideas clearly.

For example, “get”:

Enclose the entire vegetable market with a lot of visual elements to make it rich in information;

Shoot for the stall ownerPublicity posters, such as advertisements, are hung in the vegetable market on a scale of three meters by four meters, which proves a common sense of economics for their own booths.

This arrangement is so that everyone who enters the vegetable market will be in front of them, check in and take photos, and share the information they have obtained immediately.

When an offline activity’s creative has these two factors, it will naturally trigger some online pops. Of course, there will be many comprehensive factors in a rich offline activity to detonate these explosions step by step.

For example, invite some cross-border celebrities to come to the scene to do some personal experience, let them go to buy bundles of vegetables, bargain, etc., will form a very rich element of this event, and become a persistent online transmission Important feedback.

Fourth, but the second curve.

Everyone may know the second curve and the second curve of growth, but if you subdivide into brands, what is the second curve that a brand pays attention to?

It is when you go to reach an offline scene, is it possible to let its influence spread to the next event, or make this brand an independent brand, which can have another dimension of impact.

Based on this, I got some more interesting new book publishing activities after “Get” and continued to use this cross-border offline communication method.

Every bit of arrangement in the case of “getting” is undertaken by scattered creative ideas, such as putting a new book release on the vegetable market, such as the selection and final decision of the vegetable market, such as inserting a brand in the meat Tell others the message I want to pass …

In fact, from extension to expansion, to detonation to the second curve, this is all about quality.

3. Everything can be exhibited

When we choose cross-border, when we want to build a scene offline, there is a basic creative point: everything can be exhibited.

Whatever brand we do, whether it is online or offline, merchandise or virtual, we must first trust the uniqueness of our brand ’s logo and advantages, and build a belief in our heart: it can be Exhibition.

Next, let’s look at some very strange exhibition cases in cross-border marketing.

How to play cross-border marketing? One article talks through

Case 1: Love Museum Exhibition

Durex has an online and offline marketing campaign called the Love Museum. In this museum, a lot of love is on displayRelevant objects, these objects are connected to a true love story.

This is indeed looking for an idea, because every object in a love story is actually more than just an object, they are all given affection by us. Durex used this to refine these things to show her ideas.

In fact, this idea is to find an element that can resonate a lot and can be exhibited while locking an extension of the main theme.

Case 2: Shoes: Fun and Bitter Exhibition

This exhibition, does it show shoes? No, it is “happy and bitter.”

This event is Taikoo Li from Beijing to Chengdu and even more cities. In cooperation with a national museum in the UK, the exhibits focus on shoes worn by people’s feet. These shoes come from around the world with more than 140 pairs.

How to play cross-border marketing? One article talks through

This national museum specializes in the collection of design items and brands that have made breakthroughs in the fashion industry from around the 18th century to the present, and show you the history of the process.

The shoes are suitable for everyone, and the shoes are uncomfortable. Only the person who knows the shoes is comfortable. Therefore, I use the point of “music and bitterness” that is very close to our touch.

Case 3: People’s Daily Museum of Time

The People’s Daily’s Time Museum exhibits life in the small alleys and alleys from the founding of New China to the present day. There are pots, hero inks, pens, desks, alarm clocks and other objects that can resonate.

The reason why it is defined as a time museum is to connect people’s emotions and make them seem to be the spokesperson of the people’s overall speech and emotions.

Case 4: Dream plus space office mood exhibition

When I was dreaming and adding space, I was very interested in this cross-border concept, so I also did a cross-border exhibition in September 2016, called the Office Emotion Exhibition: Part of it is a lot of emotions in daily office. Exaggerated display, the other part is the interactive link.

How to play cross-border marketing? One article talks through

We filled the office with ocean balls. Everyone can jump in from the desk at the door. A photographer next to you will help you capture the moment you jump into the office.

How to play cross-border marketing?

We also co-branded with the earphone brand at that time. You can choose a piece of music related to your office mood, then put on the headphones, write, draw, or throw on a five-meter whiteboard to represent your emotions. In the end, about 400 people participated in the graphics.

4. Implied factors that can be exhibited

After reading the above cases, you will find that it is not difficult to hold an exhibition, but there are some hidden factors in each exhibition:

① Observer perspective

The observer’s perspective means that you need to get rid of the immersion in the activity, which is very important. Because only if you pull away from the exhibition and stand in the perspective of an observer, you will be more likely to resonate with everyone who may come to your scene.

② Can be appreciated

It can be appreciated, in simple terms, when you only get 5% of something, you will be attracted to it and stop you.

It can also be said that one layer of information may contain another layer of information. The way it is displayed can be interpreted, and it must be beautiful. Because of this, when you stop, you will look at the exhibits with an appreciation.

It’s like a museum. Put down a beam of light, put a backpack there, you wear a headset, listen to a love story, this is actually an information interaction that you are admiring it.

③ A serious book

Any request for offline activities must not be scrawled. Every small element of every exhibit presented to everyone must be able to promote the signal and sincerity you want to convey, and let everyone feel your attitude.

Second, how to cross the border?

1. Breaking through the dimension wall

Break through the dimension wall, originally refers to the second dimension anime characters break through the dimension limit. Here we can interpret it in multiple dimensions.

Case 1: Brussels Auto Show

In 2012, the Brussels Auto Show broke the boundaries between online and offline and closely combined the two.

Mini will release a new car at this auto show. How does it show its new car? A slope was made and the car to be exhibited was tied to the slope with a rope.

One of the main points of it is that you follow my Facebook page online, check my homepage, and then “like” our new car page.

Every time you like, you can fan the flame, that is, I can use your enthusiasm to light a fire for you, and whoever blows the rope will eventually returnWho. In the end, the car was really won by a fan.

One of the core ideas here is: I want to find the boundary in the middle of “cross-border” that allows everyone to continuously connect with this brand.

It has two paths, one is how many people attend the Brussels Auto Show offline; the other is that these people who may be concerned about the release of the new car come here and see that there is such an event, you can follow it online.

Case 2: IKEA climbing wall

IKEA has a series of activities during its 30th anniversary: ​​a climbing wall was placed in front of a cathedral in France, the furniture was hung up with ropes, and then some climbing tentacles were installed in the middle of the furniture.

When you climb up, you will find that you have a close contact with all the furniture. This kind of offline activity has caused a large number of people to be eager to try and want to challenge them to see if they can climb up quickly; the second is to give everyone a signal-IKEA can be used in this way; the third is such an offline scene Widespread online.

Case 3: Red wall activities in 12 countries of Malaysian Honeycomb

Ma Honeycomb has twelve walls of people around the world punching high-frequency clocks into real life at the fashion landmarks in Beijing’s Sanlitun and several other cities.

The core of this move is to let everyone take pictures! I think it’s very ingenious. Although the inkjet is simple, it crosses the dimension wall, breaks the boundaries of time and space, and allows more people to stand on the brand perspective to interact.

2. Breaking through the three dimensions of the dimension wall

① Find a penetration signal

When breaking the dimension wall, it is important to find a penetration signal.

What is the penetration signal of MINI? It’s that rope, and the fire under it;

The penetration signal of IKEA is to stand up something that everyone usually looks like can only lie flat on the ground;

The signal of horse honeycomb is to make the impossible of the world possible and bring it to you.

② Grab some points to trigger the user’s true feelings

When we are going offline, we have to imagine facing real people! They have eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, color, sound, fragrance, and touch, and they are people who have three-dimensional feelings.

So, we must grab some points to trigger their very real feelings. Whether it is using vision, hearing, or taste, you must trigger him to amplify this experience and feeling, which is a key to breaking through the dimension wall.

③ Deep in the hearts of the people

Getting to the heart is how to get others on our side. Everyone may be able to listen to what you say, but it will be very difficult for you to let him stand by your side.

However, only with deep roots can we get everyone’s recognition and acceptance. How can it be deepWhat about people?

First, there must be a spiritual core that you want to pass on.

For example, I do n’t know about the clinic. It has been located in many places, including large shopping malls, schools, parks, and so on.

How does such an online content land offline? Create a comprehensive scene.

A small case related to this:

“I don’t know the clinic” has designed dozens of small grids, each of which corresponds to different scenes and different themes, but the logic is the same-all from the question of knowledge.

There may be questions like this: Is there a way to make someone happy? What is the most touching love story you have ever heard …

When you see this, people will automatically enter the Q & A mode. If you think it is particularly good, you need to like it next to you. You also need to scan a code with a small card to see the answers from other people above.

Actually, this is the brand way to surround the whole person so that you can stand on its side.

Another key factor is that they have done a lot of things to take away, such as prescriptions, doctor’s manuals, etc., so that the timeline of the entire experience and information interaction of everyone will be extended until you leave.

What I don’t know about the clinic is that you can know everything here.

Second, the field is big enough.

The field here is big enough, not big in space, but it can encompass everything and accommodate all kinds of different content.

For example, the first Taobao Creation Festival. The person in charge of the Creation Festival at that time selected 72 very niche but very delicate shops on Taobao. There are fonts, bow tie, succulents, oil paper umbrellas, and various Kind of experience.

They have created an actual storefront for these 72 small stores-from online stores to reality. For example, a small shop selling succulent plants has a very small door at the entrance. You must drill in to be surrounded by succulent plants. This is actually a very transcendental sensory experience.

Another example is “This is hip-hop”. The entire scene is very young. It is eager to capture the young group. It hopes to use these symbols to impress the young group. Overall, this is a relatively successful event.

How to play cross-border marketing? One article talks through

After the Taobao Creation Festival is completed once, it becomes an activity that must be performed every year. It wantsWhat is passed on: We also have a niche culture! We also have a young culture! There are subcultures too!

Third, transferable and copyable.

As the “I don’t know the clinic” is made quarter by quarter, everyone will find that its distinctive content starts to have a special topic, and the theme is there; after the Taobao Creation Festival is made quarter by quarter, brands continue to join in. To the presentation process of Taobao Creation Festival.

Third, what is a scene?

Speaking of which, in fact, we still have a big word that was frequently mentioned earlier-scene.

How do you understand the scene? Is n’t the larger the traffic, the better, and whoever goes where? Is it better to be open and everyone can come in at any time? Isn’t the more diverse the better, it can reach all types of users? The answer is certainly not general.

How to play cross-border marketing? One article talks through

Let ’s take a look at some scenarios:

First, elevator advertising.

In a cooperation with a trendy media, a mattress company arranged a mattress scene in the elevator room, and the uninterrupted placement of TVC (advertising film), taught everyone how to interact with this mattress Let everyone be willing to interact with this very comfortable mattress when going home and out of the house.

Second, subway ads.

The interactive content operation features of music apps are very suitable for subway scenes, such as NetEase Cloud Music Shop. Netease Cloud Music made the comments in the music all over the subway, and also found some people with sad expressions to take pictures there, causing a sensation throughout the network.

How to play cross-border marketing? One article talks through

Why choose the subway? Because people in the subway are rushing and have a restless heart, they may be thinking about the problems encountered at work today, or they may be thinking about how to face their family and other issues.

At this time, they inadvertently saw the music reviews in the subway, they may be touching the scene, or they may be in front of them, so they are impressed.

These examples are for telling you: different brands have different demands, you have to find your own demographics, and more importantly,When you create a scene, you must consider how to make your brand and the people in the scene more appropriate dialogue.

Next, let me give you a deep case:

At the end of 2017, we had an office space (capacity of 1,200 people), and the boss gave me a task: to do an activity and let the door line up.

I thought at the time, not to mention why everyone would line up to enter the office. The key is to have access cards to enter high-end office buildings.

To this end, I settled there for a month and set the theme of the event “Rhythm Zao Festival”, and found 32 brands willing to cooperate with us. Rhythm is the signal, and the signal we want to send to all those who resonate is “we understand your rhythm”.

How to play cross-border marketing? One article talk through

We have three dimensions to build such an event:

First, everything can be exhibited.

What are we going to exhibit? It’s rhythm. The rhythm can be the rhythm of the city, the rhythm of people’s life, or it can be divided into fast rhythm and slow rhythm. No matter how you divide it, as long as you can grasp the details in these rhythms and grasp the stories in the rhythm, you can use your rhythm scene to attract the crowd to watch and participate.

Second, zoom in on the experience.

What is a zoom-in experience? In fact, it is to find your own rhythm.

Because our work is composed of different rhythms, we divided the entire office into a fast-paced area and a slow-paced area at that time, which was called the non-business area and a serious area. These two areas have different fun things, and you can choose according to your needs.

Third, we want to do an activity that is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Rhythm is not something that everyone can just play for a while. Since we want to do such an activity, we need to investigate and consult the relevant people’s awareness of rhythm and their points of appeal.

Then there will be several concentrated interaction points for the whole event, and the timing of the interaction should be planned in advance.

If you want to reach the hearts of the people, you must start from the people.

What was the result of this event? One effect.

In a high-end office building, a space that can only be accessed by access control cards has 1200 participants and interactions in two days; there are 300,000+ online communication interactions and 32 partners.

In the end, we shaped it like thisAn image: This is an office that integrates comfortable work and can adapt to various work rhythms.

In addition, we monitored a piece of data throughout the event, and I will tell you in detail.

First, for the scene, we do n’t want to be big and comprehensive, but we have to be more selective.

We must find such a group who can really call for empathy in this scene, or we can understand his emotions.

The 1200 people we monitored at the time were participants who collected event keys in real time and registered our account. From this perspective, in fact, it cannot be said that it is an absolute success case, but what we can share with you is how we connect creativity, effects and scenes.

Second, since it has been done offline, we must give full play to the sense of conflict in this space.

The wall, floor, and surface of this space look like a very three-dimensional space, so we have to use this to add creativity to create a sense of conflict in this space, which is impressive.

Third, choose a scene that can be immersed.

Why are many brands willing to cooperate with us? Because in our space, at least two or three hundred residents will stay here eight hours a day, so that you can have more opportunities to interact with your online and offline content.

So it is also a very immersive and exclusive communication method. Therefore, when everyone has the opportunity to build a cross-border scene, you must choose a brand and scene that suits you in advance, and deliver accurate signals to build. Your cross-border marketing scene.

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