The earthy video is “touching”, reversed

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No redundant decoration, no over-packaging, no gorgeous words, a simple, authentic style of “earth-flavor marketing” set off a wave.

The chairman of Laoxiangji Shu Congxuan said that the team only spent a budget of 200 yuan, but the actual communication effect of the conference was no less than a 2 million Campaign.

Before that, the brand of Laoxiangji was relatively niche and regional. Through this press conference, which was said to have only cost 200 yuan, the brand reached a larger group of people. This press conference once again “Earth flavor marketing” to the masses.

2020, Age Z is anti-perfectism

This marketing has aroused the industry’s attention and discussion on “Taste Marketing”. More and more bosses realize the power of “Taste Marketing” and want to spend 200 yuan to make a virus incident.

Can 200 yuan make a virus incident? There is no final answer to this question, because there are opportunities and pits everywhere in the Internet environment. Let ’s take a look at the interesting gameplay and the essence of earth-taste marketing.

What are the essence of “Local Marketing”?

01 Taste of soil makes the marketing scene sink to the countryside

The scenes of tall and tall may be welcomed, but the grounded countryside is fresh and friendly, and it is also the most authentic of “earth”.

In the general public’s perception, brand new products and company strategy conferences are more “tall”, colorful stages, star-studded guest lineups, and coordinated with various social media platforms to spread the web. In fact, in the preliminary planning, the brand has fully realized the changes and complexity of the media environment, but ignored the most important consumer insights. Changes in consumer psychology and preferences, what kind of conferences consumers want, and what kind of conferences they are willing to spend time watching.

Through the influence of popular social platforms, popular videos and popular online languages, it can be seen that young people prefer to watch local, funny, lifelike and rural videos. Take the Laoxiang chicken press conference as an example. The most vexing point this time is to move the conference scene to the real countryside. This is in the information that consumers know and are exposed to.Very novel, especially for young people in the first-tier cities, and people in the Z era.

2020, Age Z is anti-perfectism

Therefore, the success of Laoxiangjituwei conference is to lock the target group, and to attract consumers with the topic of rural scenes, local conferences, and corporate IP-level personal speeches, attracting consumers with a real, simple and unpretentious The alternative earthy style breaks out of the public’s aesthetic fatigue circle and obtains high-quality communication effects.

02 The memory of earthy flavor, the old stalk that is well-known to every household

In the era when the Internet has not yet developed, when television and radio became popular, an advertisement was repeatedly broadcast on major television stations, which could promote the brand’s popularity. Brands can clearly see the power of advertising, and an advertising film also has the opportunity to become famous.

But looking back at past advertisements, whether it ’s picture quality, outfits, advertisements, etc., they have a “earthy” flavor every second. It is undeniable that many people have stored this soil in their memory. Taste advertising. When this earthy group memory is awakened, it is easy to resonate strongly with this generation of groups.

2020, Age Z is anti-perfectionism

For example, the Lanxiang Excavator Technical School admission advertisement full of earthy and brainwashing advertisements is a classic in earthy advertisements, with easy to spread and easy to copy physique. This ad is very popular with users at station B, and it has spawned many ghost animal videos, and has received tribute from many brands.

2020, Age Z is anti-perfectism

Docks that have recently been publicly promoted by the United Nations, an online school platform for elementary school students around the world, and a new baby in the Ali department. Taking this opportunity, Dingguo launched the advertising videos of online schools, from video editing style, elements, and image quality, to the well-known slogan “Which online course is strong”, “The principal of the world’s largest online school”, “Lifelong free learning”Wait, it has the style of Lan Xiang’s advertisement.

2020, Age Z is anti-perfectism

Diaoding is a fun and humorous form, and accurately grasps the key content, spreads the core ideas, and at the same time brings a period of memory killing to the user, causing resonance and topics.

2020, Age Z is anti-perfectism

There is also an admissions advertisement of Shanghai Jiaotong University, which grasps the essence of Lan Xiang’s advertisement firmly. The full-screen earthy taste and brainwashing slogan have attracted the attention of young people, causing many universities to follow suit.

2020, Z era begins to be anti-perfectism

03 Essential “Mandarin”, regional characteristics create sensory stimulation

Now that consumers have more and more diversified channels for receiving information, they also make consumers ’consumption attitudes more rational and more objective with regard to advertising. More and more consumers expect to obtain valid information in a short period of time. And this effective information refers to what the product is and what to sell, but what is lacking in advertising today is the simplest notification. Whether it is from the product itself or the communication strategy, it needs to tell consumers in the most intuitive and simple way.

The biggest feature of “Taste of Marketing” is grounding gas! Not contrived! speak English!

2020, Z era begins to be anti-perfectism

Take Tencent ’s 21-year-old birthday video as an example. Tencent calls itself a doll factory and describes its various businesses as different dolls, such as chat dolls (QQ), game dolls (games), checkout dolls (payment), Cloud computing doll (Tencent Cloud), in plain, grounded, straightforward languageThe words and pictures vividly reflect various business images, coupled with eye-catching subtitles and retro nostalgic animation styles. The entire video content is very ordinary, but easy to understand. Users can clearly understand Tencent’s “Family History”, which is also a clear stream of taste in the birthday world, which has caused users to voluntarily forward and share it, becoming a “virus video” at station B.

2020, Age Z is anti-perfectism

An advertisement of the same type also has Jinyu La Fertilizer, a sentence “African agriculture is underdeveloped, it must have Jin Yu La,” and put the scene next to the fertilizer transportation and sales car. Three foreigners with their own characteristics The life-like, regionally featured language presents a scene of daily competition for sales and purchases, making Jin Yan go all over the Internet. Even though most people do not use it, this does not affect the user’s attention to it. It is even ridiculed by netizens that Jin Yila is the only standard for testing Divine Comedy, and it is very fissionable.

2020, Z era begins to be anti-perfectism

Above, this kind of explosive video has broken through circles of young groups, causing a lot of communication and topical controversy. Some brands will ask why young people pay for “local taste marketing”. Combined with the above cases, it may be useful to understand in depth whether the brand can meet the real demands of target consumers during marketing, especially the attitude of young people and the era of advertising in the Z era has reversed:

1. Extreme perfectionist packaging, too strong sense of distance

Brand advertisements in real life are perfect and impeccable, but over-packaging and modeling perfect people will make consumers feel insensitive and add a sense of distance. On the contrary, more realistic and close-to-life people can easily shorten the distance with the people in the Z era and have affinity.

2. People’s aesthetic fatigue requires freshness

Young people live in the same “beauty, beauty” prosperous age, causing aesthetic fatigue. At this time, alternative earthy scenes and characters bring a sense of freshness and excitement to the public, and the brand is also easily recognizable.

3. The information is too complicated, the cost of understanding and translation is high

At present, many advertisements have an understanding and translation cost for consumers. The local flavor marketing speaks in a relaxed and straightforward manner, and at the same time stands in the consumer’s perspective, saying that consumers are interested and concerned, This form motivates consumers to receive messages that brands want to convey.

Combining cases and consumer insights, when choosing a local marketing strategy, brands can try to combine life-like scenes with nostalgic and retro elements, and match real and simple language. The main purpose is to bring consumers a kind of Grounded, authentic brand communication and interactive experience.

But it should be noted that local flavor marketing is not a universal strategy. When brands choose to start local flavor marketing, they must also fully consider the fit with the brand service group and brand tone, especially luxury brands, and avoid “local” “It’s worth the price.”