Regarding Tencent, “removing bones and skins.”

Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Xian Zhi Tang” (ID: gudaolundao) : The Prophets.

From the perspective of organizational behavior, this article talks about the value of Tencent Holdings (HK: 00700).

01 What is organizational behavior?

Organizational behavior is concerned with the “effect of human-driven organizational actions on results”, for example, let me give an example, such as the establishment of the National Medical Insurance Bureau in March 2018:

People. Look at the resume of the top leader, Cai / * zhenglai;

Organize actions. Including but not limited to “the formulation of policies on the prices of medicines, medical consumables and medical service items, facilities, etc.”, you can check the function of the agency on the official website;

Result. The main impact on pharmaceutical companies is the decline in product ASP (see the video “Soul Bargaining”), the stock price plummeted, and the pharmaceutical index fell from 2037 to 1214 from May 2018 to January 2019.

Micro Tencent: The value of social empire from the perspective of organizational behavior

Everyone says that investing in an enterprise means investing in people. At the beginning of entrepreneurship and the establishment of an organization, of course, it mainly depends on the founder and his ability and motivation.

But after the company grows larger, not only focus on the founders, but also the entire leadership team. With regard to the latter, depending on the strength of the corporate culture and the conclusion of the basic execution ability, a very micro and micro example can be given. Ali and Tencent employees have to give their names to themselves in order to reduce the barriers to communication between superiors and subordinates. Ali’s martial arts name has been implemented well, and Tencent’s English name is basically only popular at the general office level.

The problem with Tencent’s leadership is lack of technology! Do n’t be too busy shooting bricks. I am not talking about the lack of technology in the company, but the lack of technology in the leadership team. The difference between the two is very simple.

02 Organizational Behavior of Tencent?

The General Office of the Penguin Empire has 14 members, including:

CEO-Ma Huateng, President Liu Chiping, COO-Ren Yuxin, CSO-James Mitchell, CIO-Xu Chenchen, CX