Why can’t you work hard to change the status quo?

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The monthly salary is reduced from 30,000 to 5000: after 30 years of age, you must force yourself to grow systematically

Author l Congee Zuo Luo

Source l Congee Zuo Luo (ID: fangdushe520)

Hello, my name is Conorozuo. In this post, we will talk about an old topic, “effort”, but I will provide you with a new and more essential perspective on this issue.

Please read this verbatim, verbatim.

You may not be extremely desperate, but you cannot say that you are not working hard. I worked hard but didn’t get the expected progress and gains. Why?

Consider one word in the process of reading: System Dilemma.


The Dilemma of the System

Dead knot that can’t be opened directly after hard work

What is a knot?

The solution is the problem itself:

You want to switch to a new media job, but found that most companies require new media work experience;

You have registered a public account, and you want to get seed users through a large number of users, but you find that you must have a batch of seed users first;

You want to earn the first bucket of gold through entrepreneurship, but you find that you ca n’t create a job without the first bucket of gold;

You want to give yourself more time for self-growth, so that you can make more money later, but you find that if you do n’t have money, you have to spend more time working, no time for self-growth at all;

You wrote a book and wanted to find a lot of big coffee recommendations to gain influence, but found that you have no influence, and big coffee is not willing to recommend you.

Wait a lot of these questions, they are like me who often forget to go out with a key:

If I want to get the key, I need a key in my hand. If I have a key in my hand, I use it all.Don’t go in to get the key.

These are knots. How do you try to untie them?

Unlocking the bell can’t just look for the person who is the bell. It may be an invalid effort based on your own efforts.

The answer is: Introduce external solutions.

Every time I forget to pick up the key, it is impossible to climb in anyway. If I want to make more effort, I will call the locksmith directly. This is the external solution.

As a clothing store clerk with no new media experience, I found a new media job, and the external solution I introduced was to find an internal referrer, otherwise I may not be able to enter the interview session even if I work hard again. Can’t get through.

When I first did a public account cold start in 2016, the external solution I found was to directly convert 1,000 seed users from my 3,000 WeChat friends instead of spreading by article. Million users. When I did the public account cold start for the second time in 2018, the external solution I found was to build a whitelist group, write a good enough article, and talk about some large reprints, mutual benefit and win-win, and quickly achieved 100,000 users.

Can’t write any more, because some friends must have questions at this time, such as: How do I find internal referees?

The same answer as above: Introduce external solutions.

You want to switch to work in the new media industry, but you are required to have new media work experience first-the external solution is to find an internal referrer.

But you have n’t dealt with this industry at all, how can you know anyone and what to do?

Some students participated in our new media offline class last year. After the course, we were recommended to work in some excellent new media companies. This is the external solution of the external solution.

Why is your effort useless?

It is likely that you are caught in the “Forget to bring the key out, but you need a key first to get the key” , if you try to solve the problem directly, it is an invalid effort, and then Efforts will not save you, you must learn to introduce external solutions.


The Dilemma of the System

Trying to achieve linear growth through linear efforts

I grew up in the countryside. When I was young, I went to the field to fertilize corn with my mother. I know that one fertiliser on a pit. This corn harvest may be 10% more. Instead of grabbing 10 pits for a pit.

Catch more9 Fertilizing is a linear effort, but it will not result in a linear increase of 90% of the harvest. Instead, it will burn the corn.

Suppose that my public account has an advertising fee of 50,000 and receives 2 advertisements a month. My annual income is 1.2 million.

If I receive 10 ads a month, will I get 6 million in annual revenue?

No. Instead, the annual income may change from 1.2 million to 500,000. Because I received 10 ads in the first month, the users couldn’t stand it, and they all took it one after another.

In reality, many people are trying to achieve linear growth through linear efforts.

For example, you become a new media editor, with a monthly salary of 3,000. After continuous efforts, your skills become more and more proficient. The monthly salary increases once every two months, and rises to 9,000 a year.

The next year you continued to work hard, but after working harder for a year, your salary didn’t increase much. Even in the third year, you worked harder and had to face two choices: either be laid off or accept a pay cut.

Why work harder but worse?

In the first year, as long as you work hard, your skills will grow, so your income will increase.

In the second year, I have learned almost the same skills. There is no room for hard work.

In the third year, although your business level has not deteriorated, but this year was born and is as capable as you, but cheaper than you, why use you?

You burn yourself with 10 fertilizers, and the harder you work, the more unfortunate you are.

A public account wants to earn more. It is not a linear effort on advertising revenue, but to find the second and third lines when appropriate … For example, our advertising is strictly limited in number, but we developed Knowledge service business, with audio lessons, development of online training business, training camps, etc.

The same is true for personal efforts. Your efforts on one thing can only grow linearly for a period of time. At about the same time, you need to find a second line of effort, and then find a third line of effort, so that your Progress can maintain linear growth.

For example, in the first year, a small editor can work hard on the line of editing and typesetting. In the second year, he must find another line such as original ability or comprehensive operation ability. In the third year, he must find another line such as brand ability or marketing. Ability and so on.

Why are many internet celebrities less than three years old? Because many internet celebrities work on a line in essence, this line is unlikely to let you grow linearly forever.

For example, how can papi sauce be more red? Definitely not working harder to shoot more short videos. It is possible to try other lines, such as variety shows, movies, cross talk with Guo Degang’s doctrine and the like.

thanIf you study writing, in the first year, you may improve your writing skills every day, but in the second year, you may need to study psychology to maintain progress every month. In the third year, you may find that you must find one. Going deeper into the field can write a good work.

When you are working very hard, but find that progress is slow, ask yourself if you are confined to a certain line, can you find the second line and the third line to keep yourself improving.


The Dilemma of the System

Ignore the time system of past, present, and future

I have a friend who runs a public account, which is mainly for reprinting. One day she picked a high-quality and highly read article on a favorite public account, but read it after reprinting it to her account. Very low.

She was not convinced, and picked up another article of the same type the next day, and her reading volume was still not good.

I said: If you work hard now, you can’t change the status quo.

Because what kind of articles you publish now will be highly read, it is determined by the past. What you have posted in the past six months is shocking body, headline party, and chicken soup text, which determines that you must also publish this category at present, and the reading volume will be high.

So I told her that if you insist on sending high-quality dry goods now, not because high-quality dry goods will be read now, but because they will be high after three months.

The above cases are not easy for laymen to understand. I ’m talking more generally:

If I am a fool now, then I study harder now, and still a fool, because the fool I am now is determined by my past. I am studying hard so that I will not be a fool a year later.

Are you clear?

The time system works like this: the current outcome is determined by the past. Current efforts will be effective in the future.

Many people say that they understand, but in reality, what I see is that many people do n’t understand.

For example, in my community, people often ask me: Teacher Porridge, I have been practicing writing recently. Why ca n’t I write well if I try hard?

If these students really understand the working principle of the time system, they will not ask this question.

You can’t write well now, because you haven’t practiced writing in the past, but let you practice hard now, not to write well now, but to make you write well a year later.

A lot of people do n’t understand the principle of the time system, and everything is done halfway, for example:

Writing, writing two starsI did n’t write well and gave up. I did n’t give up for fitness for two weeks. I gave up after two weeks of skin care. The skin was still like that. I gave up. I read a book and saw no progress for a month. …

From another perspective: all the phenomena you see have a time delay.

You heard that someone made bitcoin and made a lot of money, so you entered the market and you lost it.

Why? Because of time delay. For example, on the 10th, you saw that Zhuozuolu earned from buying bitcoin. It proves that you bought from Zhuozuolu No.1 to No.10. You see that the overall price is up, which does not mean that No.10 is still a good time. Will continue to rise.

So, while you work hard, you must also deeply understand the time system of “past, present, and future”, otherwise you will easily fall into the effort of headless flies, because even if you cannot change the status quo immediately, even the future is denied.


The Dilemma of the System

Working hard with attribution errors

In mid-2016, a friend of mine entered a company to do business, and the business in charge was advertising, that is, serving the public accountant and serving the brand side, earning the difference in the middle.

At that time, since the rise of media advertising, the business had grown rapidly. For more than half a year, her monthly income was from 5,000 to 30,000.

When it rose to 30,000, the leader talked to her and adjusted her commission algorithm. In fact, to put it plainly is to limit her income to continue to grow, which is almost stable between 20,000 and 30,000.

My friends were furious when they heard this, and said how they worked hard in the past six months, how to work overtime, how to develop customers, and how to control Fengyuan to hold a lot of resources … As a result, the business has become a cow, but the company has come to this.

She resigned a month later, her plan is to be a freelancer, anyway, she has both the brand side resources and the number one master resources, and she will come out to do it, as long as the business volume reaches one-fifth of her in the company , Can guarantee more than 30,000 monthly income, but also more free.

Later results, you can imagine that when you first came out, you could take some orders with the company’s resources, and slowly the old customers flowed to the company again, and the new customers are more difficult to expand, because both the brand side and the number The Lord feels that working with a large platform is far more reliable than working with individuals.

No matter how hard she worked, it was difficult to expand her customers, and then Dang Erlang let it go for a year, and after the money was almost spent, she was not convinced in early 2018, registered a company, and pulled a three-person team to start To do this business corporatically, she worked harder this time. As a result, the company closed after three months, and the times were different. In May 2018, she went to a blockchain company to do business, and now the company is about to fall, she