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2020 3On Tuesday, October 10, it was a rainy day. On this day in previous years, the campuses of the two top universities in Japan, Tokyo University and Kyoto University, were crowded with people. Because at 12 noon on March 10 every year, it is the time for the entrance examination of these two top Japanese universities, and the pass number of the passer will be posted on the school’s pass list. You can find your number on the qualified release list, indicating that you have been accepted by the school. This is the highlight moment as an examinee. Although the “Gold List Title” is an ancient ritual derived from China, this sense of ritual has been retained by modern Japan to this day.

Kyoto University Campus | Picture provided by the author himself

Although Japan has fewer children, more than half a million candidates still take university exams each year. Of these more than 500,000 candidates, about 3,000 will enter Dongda University, and more than 2,000 will enter Beijing University. The ratio of 100: 1 is worthy of a hundred miles. Therefore, the opening day of Toda Kyodai naturally becomes a hot topic that Japanese media pays attention to every year.

But on March 10 this year, the fronts of these two famous schools seemed a bit deserted. Due to the spread of new crown pneumonia, both Dongda University and Beijing University canceled the school’s qualified release. Candidates and parents are urged not to go to the school, and ask them to log in to the school website on their home computer or mobile phone to check the list of eligible candidates.

“Due to the impact of the epidemic, Dongda Jingda’s first eligible release was cancelled” -As “the first time in history”, this news quickly became a breaking news of major Japanese media . It is regrettable.

My child mii is also one of the more than 500,000 college entrance examination candidates this year. Kyoto University, the first voluntary application. Although I can’t go to the school to see the list, I can’t feel the warm atmosphere of the scene, but in the list of qualified candidates on the website of Beijing University, after seeing mii’s admission ticket number, it is still difficult to hide my inner excitement. Put it down.

This year’s candidates are not easy. Throughout the college entrance examination period, Japan’s epidemic expanded and spread. The children were all wearing masks to take college exams.

The Japanese college entrance examination is different from China. At the beginning of each year from January to February, it is the college entrance examination period in Japan. Japanese high school students are required to enter the university. Except for some private universities, they usually have to take a second test: the first is the “セ ン セ ー タ” in mid-January each year, and the second is the “セ ン タ ー 験”, and then take the second Admissions exams at various universities in the month.

In February, students who went to Kyoto University for exams | Picture provided by the author himself

The translation of “セ ン 験 ー 考 験” into Chinese is “central examination”. The “central examination” is equivalent to China’s national unified examination. If you want to apply for a national public university in Japan, the score of the “central examination” is a very important basis. For example, if you want to apply to a prestigious university like Dongda Jingda, the average score of the “central exam” must be at least 90 points. Otherwise, you are not even eligible for registration.

The “central examination” for the Japanese National Unified Examination this year is two days from January 18-19. At that time, the first case of an infected person from Wuhan had just appeared in Japan, and the situation was not so serious. By the time of the Beijing University’s admissions examination on February 25-26, if Japan ’s new crown pneumonia patients, including the Diamond Princess, had become the “developing country” after China. Many public media names are calling on Japan to quickly “copy jobs”, saying that “Japan is the next Wuhan.”

Because there have been many cases of infection in Japan,Therefore, before the exam, Beijing University has issued a clear notice: If there is an infected person among the candidates, Beijing University will not additionally supplement the test for infected candidates. This means that in addition to the heavy study, each candidate must also manage their own health. Otherwise, the one-year college entrance examination preparation period will be lost.

In Japan, how to manage the health of family and children is generally considered the mother’s responsibility. As the mother of a test taker, although she was unspoken on the surface, she was really nervous. Moreover, at the time when Wuhan began to close the city and the whole of China began to close roads, it was just that mii’s father also returned from Japan to China for vacation-which made people a little sensitive. At that time, it was only more than twenty days before the entrance examination of Beijing University, the crucial stage of the final sprint. Just in case, I keep disinfecting everywhere in the home every day, and take the temperature of the whole family on time in the morning and evening. Everyone in the family must wear a mask when they go home, wash their hands under my surveillance for more than 25 seconds, and then gargle, Disinfect your fingers. In addition, all carry-on items when going out must be sprayed with disinfectant every day … Now, in retrospect, that period of time was really quite neurotic.

After the exam was successfully completed and passed, the family was relieved. It seems that in the face of a raging epidemic, being too neurotic is ridiculous but useful. However, the shortcomings in the United States are: Because of concerns about cluster cross-infection, the admissions of various Japanese schools in early April, including the University of Tokyo, have been announced. The college entrance ceremony was suspended only once in a lifetime, which is a pity for the freshmen who entered this year. It is estimated that this is also the first time that schools in Japan have suspended admissions.

The sight of Kamogawa, the Japanese government has issued a notice of “flower seeing self-reliance”, presumably this year’s cherry blossom season will become very lonely

Not only freshmen’s admissions, but also new employees’ admissions, graduations for graduates, spring employment briefings, and various large-scale concerts, concerts, and sports competitions. And had to be forced to suspend. Although the annual sumo spring competition is not suspended, it is still held as usual, but in previous years, noThe empty auditorium was empty this year. In order to prevent cross-infection, viewers cannot go to the scene and can only watch live broadcast on TV at home. For the first time in the history of Japanese sumo, it appeared in an empty stadium and hosted a grand sumo competition without an audience.

Yesterday morning, I saw a TV news report saying that when the last 8 days left in Japan’s high school baseball trials, fear of cross-infection was also cancelled. When the coach announced the news, he said to all the players of the baseball team: “Don’t blame anyone, it’s not their fault, we just lost to the invisible enemy.” The players quietly listened to the coach’s instructions and bowed together. thank. But after cleaning the stadium and preparing to leave, they still couldn’t help but cried.

I also saw red eyes when I saw the players crying in the news. These high school students who love baseball all use hard time to train hard. The ultimate goal is only one-to attack Jiaziyuan. The trial was cancelled, which meant that the dream of attacking Jiaziyuan was shattered. Those who like Japanese anime must know Koshien. Koshien once in a lifetime! Youth and dreams of teenagers. Especially for the graduating high school students, this is the last chance in their lives that they can attack Jiaziyuan. But the loss of arms due to the spread of the virus. This is also the first time in the history of Japanese baseball that the spring trials have been suspended.

School style, graduation style, trials … At the same time that various activities are suspended, there is another activity that cannot be suspended at all-that is people’s lives.

In the epidemic, people’s lives will continue

A few days ago, there were several cases of group infections in Osaka where I lived. Dozens of people were infected because of the small concert in the nightclub. The media went to the site for an interview and asked the operator:

“Knowing that the epidemic is serious, the government also calls for self-dismissal, why do you want to open a business?”


“Everyone wants to eat. All are freelancers. If you don’t work one day, you can’t support yourself. This is a matter of life and death.”

The answer is moving. Indeed, for many self-employed or freelancers, if they don’t work for a day, they will cut off the source of life. Therefore, knowing that he might be infected, he had to grit his teeth and close the door to work. Remember last year or the year before, there was a large number of reposted photos on the Internet: a hawker who was still out of business during the hurricane. Hawkers certainly know the dangers of hurricanes, low-income freelancers, and of course the virus dangers. But without money to eat, everyone will be starved to death.

“Everyone wants to eat. This is a matter of life and death.”

I posted this message and the operator ’s response to “Tencent News”. After receiving nearly 5000 messages and getting more than 50,000 recommendations in half a day, I was ranked on the hot list of Tencent on that day. second. From this we can see that the most important thing for ordinary people is still the “eating” problem. The epidemic will pass in a few months, but life must continue. After the epidemic, how can small owners who have been forced to close their businesses and go to zero to find a suitable place to continue to support their families? This is a reality that many people must face.

People who stand in front of the shrine in the epidemic situation

The response of the Japanese government to this epidemic was very slow at first. But after finally seeing the status quo, now finally began to increase efforts. While mitigating the spread of the epidemic as much as possible, various rescue policies have been urgently formulated to try to make up for the economic losses of enterprises and individuals. The outbreak has hit Japanese SMEs and low-income groups particularly hard. At present, the Japanese government has decided to raise interest-free financing of 100,000 yen for low-income people in freelance or non-regular occupations. In addition, it also provided 500 billion yen to urgently establish a small and medium-sized enterprise assistance system, which not only implemented non-interest-free and unsecured loans for small and medium-sized enterprises, but also helped them re-establish the supply and marketing chain. News reports said: SME support funds will continue to increase to more than 1 trillion yen.

The epidemic has affected the Japanese economy, and Many large group events have had to be cancelled. But Japan has n’t closed roads and closed roads. Stores and supermarkets are still open as usual. Many companies still work on time, and no one restricts the freedom of individuals to go out. The song and dance hall, including the group-type infections described earlier, is also going to continue business as usual after it is closed for disinfection and repair. Because “everyone wants to eat.” The government has no right to interfere with the people’s freedom to “eat”. Even if the government wants to intervene because of the epidemic crisis, it must have a legal basis, otherwise the people can ignore it. The people must abide by the law, and the government must abide by it-so that the law can be trusted.

The clerks at the izakaya are wearing masks for business

To this end, on March 13, the Japanese parliament voted to pass the “Declaration of Emergency” special measures bill. According to this lawCase, once the danger of the Japanese epidemic rises, Prime Minister Abe can issue an “emergency declaration”-after announcing that Japan has entered an “emergency state,” the government can require companies and individuals to cooperate with government directives in accordance with the law, and the individual rights of Japanese nationals can be granted in accordance with the law. , Limited to “minimum”.

However, Shinzo Abe said: At present, Japan is far from the time when it is necessary to issue an “emergency declaration.”

On March 11th, in addition to reporting the latest epidemic situation, Japanese television newspapers and other news media did not forget the “3.11 East Japan Earthquake” 9 years ago. Prime Minister Abe also tweeted six tweets related to the “March 11 East Japan Earthquake”, expressing his apology for having to cancel the memorial service due to the epidemic this year.

Nine years later, I believe that the Japanese will not forget the new coronary pneumonia that now occurs. A Japanese friend said, “Japan is a disaster museum.” I think this is true. Some people will forget the disaster, but the Japanese will organize and display the disasters they have experienced as a negative heritage memory. This is the most amazing aspect of this usually somewhat hindered nation.

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This article is from WeChat public account: Fuso list (ID: sjcff2016) , author: capsaicin