This article comes from: Science and Technology Yuanren, the title picture comes from: IC photo

Recently, the U.S. government ’s inability to respond to the new crown epidemic has been criticized, and Trump has repeatedly publicly referred to the new coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” in an attempt to find his poor performance in curbing the spread of the virus. scapegoat”.

The traceability of the new crown virus is a scientific issue. The WHO also explicitly opposes stigma. The deliberate rename of the virus will not change the fact that the United States is weak in control. This is a sign of incompetence and weakness.

The strength of China in all aspects is getting stronger and stronger, but in the battlefield of public opinion, we are far worse than in those years. If we ca n’t tell our story well, any good thing will be distorted by others. This is not only a matter for government departments, but also It requires us all to work together.