Using these three attitudes to think, you will find that you have made rapid progress.

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Editor’s note: Everyone will have tried and failed experiences, which is normal. It is in this process that we gradually write our own stories of success and victory. Therefore, it is best to keep an open mind on various possibilities, and take a gamble on things that feel right for you, rather than follow the trend, what is popular and what to do, cultivate the ability to think long-term, find the best node, and know when Leave, when should you stay. This article is translated from La Dolce Vita Diary, the original title Your Personal Success Is Based on These 3 Attitudes.

Having these 3 attitudes in life will help you succeed in the future

Image source: La Dolce Vita Diary

I have been working full-time for the past 20 years, including but not limited to marketing positions at technology companies that sell products to Fortune 1000 companies, associations (one of which has more than 100,000 members), And works for a $ 26 billion non-profit foundation serving the industry.

Among these opportunities, I have consulted and worked for many small businesses, and I have been on B2B and B2C platforms.

I’m not saying this to give you my resume, but to describe how I discovered what I want to convey in this article-the three most basic attitudes to life-I think these Attitude can have a huge impact on personal success.

Attitude 1: Long-term thinking

If you’ve been to college, you probably know that college education teaches you how to think (not necessarily the specific skills you need at work). You use new ways of thinking to solve problems or draw conclusions.

Attitudes are formed in a manner similar to the way your thoughts (and actions) are formed in your life and work.

Your attitudes run silently (in your head) until you need them to respond, make a strategy, or think about the best way to do something.

Whenever I find a stable job, I have a productive, long-term expectation.To work, and determined to succeed in any job.

My personal point of view is how well you can use and use what you need for tomorrow’s success tomorrow (long-term thinking) determines whether you can really succeed. In other words, you are investing for your future. Let me give a few examples:

You may need to complete your current (today) task (for example, email your boss), but you still have long-term goals to complete, which is the basis of your performance evaluation (success for tomorrow).

At the beginning of any job, you have to put in hard work. The learning curve is quite steep. If you persist, you should be rewarded in the future (tomorrow). At the beginning (in today’s work), you have worked with your employer for at least one year, but this year you will learn a lot of extra things (knowledge transfer) and it will help you in the future.

Other successful long-term ways of thinking include:

  • You are willing to do or learn something beyond your abilities today.

  • Will do more for your employer today.

  • Work like a stakeholder (or shareholder) and show your ability at work.

  • Interested and attending events and meetings outside of work.

  • I am very attentive to my daily work. You can keep your office clean because you take pride in your company and use it as your second home (70-80% of your life may be spent here).

  • A positive work attitude and a real passion for work.

    I hope you understand. With the above methods, you are making long-term plans, because you are moving towards tomorrow’s goals and becoming a worthy and capable (and valuable) employee.

    Your long-term thinking attitude is more important than everything in your work.

    If you write, the thinking area in your brain is the same as the area in which you write a sentence, and you are thinking whether this sentence can support your theme and title.

    When you deal with details at work, you need to think carefully, don’t be lazy, don’t take shortcuts, otherwise it will affect the final result or have a negative long-term impact.

    You set high standards and strict requirements for yourself.

    If you are serving customers and want to be a long-term supplier, you will not worry about a single negotiation, because in the long run, such negotiations may harm your interests.

    In the digital world, information spreads quickly, even faster.

    If you driveWith a blog or YouTube channel, you first have to tell yourself that overnight fame is impossible. You have a long-term strategy. The daily posts and purposeful work you accumulate step by step determine whether you can succeed in the long run.

    If you own your own company or work in marketing, it is important to know that marketing is that people know you.

    Marketing is a long-term thing. It’s the customer’s life cycle value (how much they spend in total). A sale is far from successful.

    Attitude 2: Find the best node in everything

    I like to ride a bike and ride 20 miles. This is my best time for exercise. If I ride more than 20 miles, I get bored and my muscles get tired. If I’m riding less than 20 miles, I feel like I’m not getting enough exercise time (and I want to continue riding).

    Similarly, you can find the best node while working, and the best node can be changed.

    Finding your best node is an ongoing process. If you are doing something that others don’t need you to do, or do not need your service, then you might as well do something more meaningful (personal growth).

    What are the core competencies you need most in your workplace, business or career pursuits?

    As a volunteer mentor to the American Marketing Association, I have also taught many young people about life experiences. Our project requires these young people to propose 3 goals they want to achieve during the 6-month project period.

    At one time, a young man originally assigned to me was the marketing director of a national charity. I refused, you might find it strange. But from my intuition and experience, I know that I can use a young man with less experience to provide more influence and build a further career plan for it. I can help those who need encouragement and experience in other areas of work (management, negotiation, relationship building, etc.) to make it possible for them to reach the next level of success.

    I think that senior marketers are more suitable to hire consultants than to upgrade themselves through almost free projects because they already have a considerable amount of experience. If they pay for the service, they can gain even greater benefits because the paying team or consultant will be willing to spend time and money to provide their customers with the best information.

    You have to use the right amount of time and energy, which is a win-win for everyone.

    Attitude 3: Know when to stay and when to leave

    Sometimes you have to figure out what you should do (the big picture), other times you have to focus on what you are doing.

    In the metaphor of cycling, it ’s like when you know yourselfWhen it comes to which way to go, you need to find the best bike path (strategy) and the bike path you are actually riding (tactic).

    If you find a job that allows you to grow and be passionate, you can obviously find some signs that allow you to persist (rather than give up):

    You’ll see the trajectory of your growth and progress and the results you get, even if they don’t seem to be worth the big book. After all, anything worth pursuing requires at least 6 months.

    If you haven’t lost interest by then (signs of losing interest will be obvious, believe me), you may achieve something amazing.

    Some people will lose interest in what you are doing. They know they shouldn’t spend time on it, but after you think about it, you might find that you should spend time on it.

    Ask yourself why you are pursuing (and not giving up). If it’s for passion and interest, have you seen any significant success? If so, then don’t give up (until you put in at least 6 months of effort). Do you insist on continuing work for other reasons, such as what others think or how you think about resigning (seeing yourself as a potential loser)?

    Trust me, if you are pursuing someone else’s dream, how can you gain something and stick your teeth?

    Everyone will have tried and failed. This is normal. It is in this process that we gradually write our own stories of success and victory.

    If you think that what you are after is not suitable for you, then focus on what you have learned and the experience you have gained. They will help you in the future. You have to change the way you look at life. The more experience you have, the more you have the ability to reuse the knowledge you have gained and share it with others.

    If what you are doing is not in your best condition, then keep looking (don’t give up), better things are still to come.

    If you don’t know anything about the future, then make basic preparations from now: learn from mistakes, remove dust from your body, and stand up again from failure.

    If you buy a house below market value now and hope that the price will rise one day, you can only wait and see. You can bet. If you bought the same house when the market was overheated, there is no doubt that the price is too high at this time, and it is too late for you to start. But if you have never paid attention to the real estate market, then you have no chance to enter the market.

    So, it’s best to keep an open mind on all possibilities and take a gamble on things that feel right to you, rather than follow the flow, what is popular and what to do.

    Your past experience has gradually shown you what you should do and the path you should take. It is for this reason that you have rejected some opportunities. When you find your bestNode, you will be more willing to go all out.

    Your best node can be natural, happy, excited, and sometimes other states. But when you are at the best node, you never regret it.

    That’s how you grow and succeed step by step.

    Translator: Hi Soup