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I consider myself a fighting game player. Although the technology is not very good, at least he can understand and understand what it is. It is not even a “migrant worker” who learns a few characters. Difficult. It was just this insignificant arrogance. During the holiday, I was defeated by an old girl in my sixth grade. She took a “blind press” with the keyboard and just hit me five or five with Real Healing in Soul Calibur 6. open.

To make matters worse, the mechanical keyboard worth more than 300 oceans also suffered from key failure due to excessive wear, which is a double blow to human spirit and physical body.

真 喜 志

For a fighting game where the instructions are not strictly determined, “blind buttons” can sometimes trigger a series of repressive attacks, or occasionally make three or two big moves. Novices who are unfamiliar with instructions often like to do so. Although it looks unprofessional and funny, sometimes you have to admit that it works because professional players have been humiliated as well.