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If 2016 is an important node in the online music industry, then 2020 will be full of variables for it again.

On the one hand is the recurrence of copyright anxiety. According to the signing time and number of years, the copyright agreements of Tencent Music Entertainment and the three major record companies will partially expire this year, and the renewal contract signed by Alibaba Music and BMG in 2016 has also expired. The media The report also frequently reported that “Ali will soon acquire a music copyright giant”. In less than four years, the platform that once won important copyright resources seems to be about to face a new round of “power struggle”.

The rise of the film and television OST, the copyright war escalates, and the battle of the

The rise of the film and television OST, the copyright war, and the battle of the

On the other hand, in the past few years, Internet giants such as Ali, Tencent, and NetEase have started to enter the entire music industry in a groupized manner, changing the pattern of the Internet music market and catalyzing the iteration of the online music field. From the copyright arena to the battle for products in the post-copyright era, in this three-year market acceptance report card, players who are outIn a few: Domi Music, Ali Planet’s “exhaustion”, Yin Yue Tai fell down … the remaining platforms are doing their best.

From product optimization, content hematopoiesis, to the “invasion” of short video live broadcast elements, in just a few years, the online music platform quickly faded out of the old industrial era’s classified packaging, formulated a new rule system, and opened the market The era of operation.

Exclusive, Mathematics, OST, Copyright is a constant proposition

In 2016, Li Yuchun ’s “Brutal Growth” digital album was sold well for 30 million sales and was called the “miracle” of that time. In 2019, Cai Xukun ’s “Young” digital album sales exceeded 60 million, and Huachenyu ’s digital single “I Want to Love the World” sold more than 20.8 million, with sales so far exceeding 62.4 million. In the era of Internet music, copyright is the hard power that bears the brunt, and exclusive digital albums are gradually cultivated in the copyright ecosystem.

Since 2015, under the strong rectification of the National Copyright Administration, although accompanied by the phenomenon of soaring copyright licensing fees, snatching exclusive copyrights, and infringing use, the digital music field, which was once full of chaos, has gradually started to have its own order.

The current copyright status of several major online music platforms is that TME’s copyright content covers more than 90% of movie and TV OST music rights and music rights of several major variety shows. As the first independent Internet music company listed in the country, in the financial report data disclosed by TME in March, we can feel the revenue-generating ability based on copyright as a platform.

In the fourth quarter of 2019, Tencent Music’s total revenue was 7.29 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35.1%. Among them, the online music service revenue was 21.4, a year-on-year increase of 40.7%, accounting for 29.3% of the total revenue. The revenue from online music services includes subscription services, singles and digital albums, advertising, copyright delegation, and more. The increase in this revenue is mainly due to the increase in user subscriptions and the increase in revenue brought by the sales of digital music albums.

In the first quarter of 2020, several platforms have successively aimed at the copyright field and “fired.” NetEase Cloud Music recently reached a cooperation with Japan’s Genesis Office, and ARASHI opened digital music rights in China for the first time. Taihe Music signed a cooperation agreement with Ali, and the two parties reached a copyright cooperation. Ali’s Shrimp Music, Tmall Genie, and short music innovation products, Wing Ming and Sing Duck, will be licensed by Taihe Music’s artists.

The rise of film and television OST, the escalation of copyright wars, the online music platform in 2020

The rise of film and television OST, the upgrade of copyright wars, the battle of the

The copyrighted content on the head is certainly a moat of the online music platform. With the recent years, some newcomers are becoming important content sources and continue to show their content and market value.

For online music platforms, the cross-border linkage of film and television comprehensive music works at home and abroad has become an important territory in recent years. According to the “Chinese Mandarin Digital Music Annual Report 2019” recently launched by your music role model: The outstanding performance of “Chen Qingling” in 2019 has driven the overall sales of TV drama OST albums by 304%. So far, the sales volume of “Chen Qingling” Guofeng Music Album has exceeded 40.14 million yuan.

The rise of the film and television OST, the copyright war escalates, and the battle of the

The rise of film and television OST, the upgrade of copyright wars, and the battle of the

The rapidly rising soundtrack and soundtrack market not only allows music platforms to participate in the important links of film and television announcements, but also expands the cooperation between traditional record companies and online music platforms to more scenes. The online music platform can also integrate the original sound of film and television music and related extended works through a network to meet users’ shallow and deep OST needs.

In the early years of this year, the major platforms have exerted their rights on copyrights, and overseas film and television OST copyrights have also become the “fragrant” for the platforms. In March, Netease Cloud Music and Ghibli Studios in Japan reached a copyright cooperation, including “My Neighbor Totoro”, Spirited Away, “Hall’s Moving Castle”, “Goldfish on the Cliff”, etc. Is fully licensed for its animated music.

Besides film and television OST, music variety rights have become another point of contention for online music platforms. According to the “2019 Chinese Digital Music Annual Report”: from 2018 to 2019, the number of music variety shows increased, and the volume of songs produced throughout the year rose by 21%. The strong productivity and traffic of original music content allows its copyright to be “divided up” quickly. QQ Music has almost covered the copyright of the head music variety show, and NetEase Cloud Music has also won the music copyright of the variety show on the head this year, such as “Singer”, “Voice 3”, “Hi Sing and Turn Up” “,” Our Band. ”

Original support, Online music platform builds content “new order”

In addition to the inherent copyright resources, the launch of various original plans not only helps the original power of the Chinese music scene, but also becomes the copyright “self-help guide” for online music platforms.

Early from the Xiaomi light-seeking plan, the Netease cloud music stone plan, and the Tencent Musician Force plan, it is different from traditional commercial record labels. Independent music is more dependent on the online music platform and also the online music platform Created a platform advantage. The platform’s support investment for musicians also ranges from tens of millions to hundreds of millions, serving all aspects of original musicians in all dimensions. Provide him with a multi-dimensional promotion and support plan from the exclusive online homepage, original list, song recommendation, offline live tour, album production, etc.

In terms of market feedback, in the original musician program that has great power on major platforms, NetEase Cloud Music’s own independent music attribute occupies a certain advantage. Netease’s fourth quarter financial report shows that as of December 2019, the total number of original musicians stationed on the NetEase cloud music platform exceeded 100,000, and the total number of original works uploaded by musicians exceeded 1.5 million. Among them, “I have”, “The Beauty in the World is Intertwined with You”, “Good Night” and many other original works are broadcasted more than 1 billion times a year, and next door Lao Fan’s works are broadcasted more than 9.6 billion times.

The rise of the film and television OST, the copyright war escalates, and the battle of the

The rise of film and television OST, the upgrade of copyright wars, and the battle of the

And Tencent Music’s “S Manufacturing”, “The Force Plan” and other support plans also brought a significant increase in originality. According to the financial report data, in 2019, the number of musicians and original works participating in the “Tencent Musicians Program” have more than doubled year-on-year.

For a long time, the support plan for original musicians will become an essential incubation direction. Based on the original variety shows with a certain market influence, such as “Summer of the Band”, “I Am a Singer” and the surging vitality of the music festival and livehouse industry, the online music platform can to a certain extent become Chinese as a music label. The original music market delivers a steady stream of fresh blood.

From short videos to live broadcasts, Music industry “online”

According to Quest Mobile data, the daily average number of active users of the video app has increased significantly, and the average daily usage time of users at station B, vibrato, and fast hands has exceeded 100 minutes. The high demand from users for long and short videos and live broadcasts also gives online navigation platforms a “navigation direction”.

Online music platforms are involved in mobile K song, short video, and pan-entertainment live broadcast territory. Back in 2017, NetEase Cloud Music, QQ Music, and Cool Dog Music successively launched short video functions. NetEase Cloud Music launched its own live broadcast section in 2018-LOOK Live, a live broadcast platform based on NetEase Cloud Music’s music ecology and community genes. It is regarded as a typical example of “music + live broadcast” in China. 2019 , LOOK live on-line audio live function.

TME also mentioned in its financial report that it will launch a live broadcast service on QQ Music in the first half of 2020. In addition, Tencent Music also values ​​the field of long audio. The force majeure of the beginning of 2020 has catalyzed the live broadcast ecology of online music platforms.

If the onset of the epidemic has caused the physical industry to lose its “compass”, then for the online music industry, in addition to opening the door to inward creation, it has also helped many musicians make their first online business.

B station bears the brunt, and various cloud music festivals continue to flow. Online music platforms and short video live broadcast platforms followed closely with “Small Steps”. In a short period of time, a large number of brokerage companies, labels, and musicians have started online live streaming on the short video live broadcast platform. Cloud live broadcast has not only become a “standard” for musicians who have stagnated the performance market, but also allowed online music platforms to borrow This opportunity is a test of a wave of “cloud music festival” with online live broadcast as the main form.

According to the data provided by Netease Cloud Music, Netease Cloud Music “Cloud Village Bedroom Music Festival” was launched in the first month, with a total of more than 16 million viewers, 21987616 minutes of viewing time, and a total of 6.85 million barrage interactions. networkEasy Cloud Music is also the only platform to achieve continuous live performances by musicians. In the first month, 12 theme cloud stages were set up, with a total of 85 musicians participating.

The rise of the film and television OST, the copyright war escalates, and the battle of the

The rise of film and television OST, the copyright war escalates, and the battle of the

Tencent Music ’s support platform for Tencent Music ’s musicians has also applied the concept of “cloud live” to the three major streaming platforms, integrating the three major platforms of QQ Music, Cool Me Music, and Cool Dog Music, on February 19 Three live concerts were held on the 20th, 20th and 21st, and together with Kugou Music, we created the “Spring Live Season” with the original musician support plan-the original plan musicians as the core lineup.

According to the “Research Report on the Market Prospects and Investment Opportunities of China’s Digital Music Industry 2020-2025” issued by the China Academy of Industry Research: the composition of revenues from user payments, advertising revenue, copyright operations, telecommunications music value, and pan-entertainment digital music industry In China, the user payment rate increased from 4% to 6%, a year-on-year increase of 25%, and the market potential is still huge.

The usage rate of audio streaming media is as high as 89%. In the consumption environment mainly based on digital album sales and paid subscription models, the streaming media contribution rate is as high as 93.5%. Digital music platforms, mobile K-songs, short videos, and pan-entertainment live broadcasts have become the main battlefields for digital music entertainment experiences. Copyright operation, music socialization, pan-entertainment, and UGC multi-channel profit models are all different.

It is foreseeable that, whether it is consolidating its own content resources or operating community content, the field of pan-entertainment is bound to be an important direction for online music platforms. The “online business” of online music may become a new growth point in special times.