The company’s mission is to let all young people around the world have their own intelligent robots.

It is learned that STEM integrated service provider “Whale Robot” has completed a new round of financing, led by Puwei Capital. This is the fourth round of financing completed within two years of the establishment of Whale Robot, with a total financing amount of over 100 million yuan. This round of financing is mainly used to expand consumer business and deep product technology research and development.

“Whale Robot” was established in 2018. At present, the company’s core business includes 1) “Whale Robot” series of intelligent hardware robots, 2) sea level online content platform, and 3) ENJOY AI global youth artificial intelligence popularization activity . Intelligent robot products cover the age range of 3-18 years, and the product line is divided according to the difficulty of operation. The ENJOY AI competition is used as an exit to visualize the education results. From the perspective of the number of participants, the frequency of holding, and the influence of the media, create popular activities. Professional .

Starter | Create a consumer-grade intelligent teaching aid,

From a market perspective, the intelligent robot track has the attributes of both entertainment and high-tech, so in addition to the active layout of education companies, Lego and DJI are also expanding their categories to the track. At the same time, players in the industry’s toB model are generally constrained by the upper limit of the market size, and the transition to a wider C-end market is the strategy of most companies.

Popularize consumer-grade robots and eliminate fear of new technologies

The person in charge of “whale robot” sales said that the average selling price of domestic C-end educational robots exceeds the consumption level of ordinary families, generally around several thousand yuan, and the minimum price of whale consumer-grade robots is within 500 yuan. Relying on product development experience, the company plans to launch consumer robot products with high cost performance. I hope to enter the market with a small profit pricing strategy, to better achieve product popularity, and the profit margin on a cost basis is far lower than the industry level.

Whale Robot has expanded its business on both the G and B sides. From the perspective of G, economically developed regions such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai are actively exploring the frontiers of education. The cooperation mode is mainly to provide public schools in the region with artificial intelligence laboratory system solutions based on “whale robot” software and hardware products. The program, including hardware laying, teacher training, competency certification, etc., has now entered about 2,000 schools.

B-side, K12 and STEAM organizations provide products based on “whale robots”,Curriculum and level certification solutions have now entered more than 3,000 training institutions. “Whale Robot” and Baidu Intelligent Cloud have reached an in-depth cooperation. With the help of Baidu’s powerful algorithm team, the company’s technology research and development is empowered. Users can use Baidu’s ecological hardware products to control whale series robots and provide users with a more complete AI product experience.

Cooperate with Baidu Intelligent Cloud to improve human-computer interaction experience

Human-computer interaction and situational awareness are one of the most critical technologies in intelligent product design. At present, the industry mainly uses sensors to recognize user gestures, voices, and expressions to complete interactions. Children’s intelligent robots still have a shallow understanding of speech semantics. There is irrationality in designing children’s products based on adult voice habits, and children’s voice databases need to be established in the future. The popularity of 5G technology also makes cloud computing possible. C-side robotics products can The calculation module is omitted, and only the sensing and execution components are retained, which can further improve the user experience on AI products.

Intelligent robots need to face the challenges of open environment applications to adapt to a wider range of teaching scenarios. At present, the computing stability of a computer in a closed environment is very reliable, but in an open environment, too many elements interfere with the computing results of the processor. The “whale robot” combined with Baidu’s technical team actively explored the optimization of visual algorithms.

First launch | Create a consumer-grade intelligent teaching aid,
In terms of revenue structure, the main source of revenue for the “whale robot” in 2019 is the G- and B-ends. The largest expenditure is the R & D team expenditure. This is mainly because the company is still in its infancy. With the further improvement of the product line in 2020, C-end revenue is expected to increase significantly this year. Consistent with the revenue structure, the company’s launch in 2019 will be channels for G and B customers such as industry vertical forums.

The “whale robot” states that the company’s mission is to enable all young people around the world to have their own intelligent robots. “We don’t want future children to be afraid of technology and refuse to change. The company’s current products cover the whole country, ENJOY AI is held in 20 provinces across the country, and agents in 18 countries have been established overseas. The company will build even more this year Product line, to achieve full coverage of sales channels, reach consumers at lower prices, and organize more professional events and courses to improve student capabilities.