After several recent version updates, the dark mode of iOS WeChat is probably the feature we don’t care about the most. In comparison, the following five WeChat enhancements provided by ourselves or third parties are more important to us.

001. Enhanced voice features

From the beginning of simple voice sending to right swipe to convert text to voice, the latest version of iOS WeChat has upgraded the UI: the voice status is reflected in the sound ripple in real time; left swipe left does not indicate pause, you can This is done when it comes to half of your brain down or Mandarin hot mouth; right-swipe right to speech can now be viewed in real time.

002. Efficient file access

In WeChat, people are used to calling photo albums to send pictures or videos through mobile phones. In fact, in previous versions, iOS WeChat can directly call the local [File] application and send the files in it. The files here include files on iPhone, files on iCloud, and files on other third-party platforms you have installed, such as OneDrive or Baidu Cloud.

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