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On June 23, 1982 in Detroit, a Chinese-Cantonese-American Chinese Chen Guoren was harassed in discriminatory language by white employees at two Chrysler factories while attending a bachelor party for a friend for him. . After leaving the bar, Chen was caught up by the two white men, beaten with a baseball bat, and died a few days later.

At the beginning of this month, when the New Crown epidemic just started in the United Kingdom, Singaporean student Jonathan Mok was beaten up by a small group of gangsters on the streets of London. The injuries were not minor, and his eyes were puffy enough to open.

Chen and Mok have two things in common: First, they are all yellow races; second, scum people have mistaken their nationality during the violence.

The auto workers who beat Chen Guoren were the products of Japanese cars that hit the American market in the 1980s. Chrysler was unable to resist Toyota. Detroit blue collars suffered from global trade. They thought they were retaliating against a Japanese; London ’s petty assault attacked Mok At the time, he was shouting that the Chinese should not bring the new crown to Britain.

With the development of the epidemic, social networks and real-life discrimination against Chinese people continue to occur. A Chinese woman living in France launched on Twitter # JeNeSuiPasUnVirus # (I’m not a virus) topic. The topic promptly attracted a lot of messages, and it was clear from everyone’s remarks that it was not only Chinese who were discriminated against and attacked. As long as they had Asian faces, they could be attacked.