Speaker: Zou Yuxiang (Director, Teaching and Research Department, Girl Protection Fund)

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After the earthquake of public opinion in South Korea’s “House N”, the domestic version of the “House N” incident was also exposed and investigated. The victims of these pornographic websites include multiple minors and even children without exception. They were filmed a lot of pornographic and sexual violence content and paid for online transmission.

The incident in room N once again challenged the bottom line of public opinion, and once again demonstrated the urgency of sexual education for minors. It is not only the responsibility of the victims to eradicate such behaviors, but also the awareness of the whole society.

Seeing these shocking statistics, do you still think that child sexual assault is far away from you?

Zou Yuxiang (Director, Teaching and Research Department, Girl Protection Fund)

Hello everyone, my name is Zou Yuxiang, and I am from the Girls’ Protection Fund. The topic I will share with you today is child sexual assault.

From 2013 to 2018, a total of 2096 cases of sexual assault of children were publicly exposed in the media, with more than 3924 victims. From 2010 to 2013, there were 7,963 child molestation cases received by national procuratorates. From 2015 to 2018, there were 11,519 cases of child molestation concluded by national courts.

In other words, prosecutors receive an average of six child molestation cases per day, and the courts average more than seven child molestation cases per day.

When it comes to child sexual assault, most people think that this kind of thing only exists in the news, TV movies, and they don’t seem to have heard of it.

Many cases have been exposed in the media in recent years. Here we share two recent (November 2019) The first was a father’s blood and tears complaint: In Qidong County, Hengyang, Hunan, a girl under 12 was raped by multiple men, including two public officials.

A father’s blood and tears complaint

The second is a mentally handicapped girl in Maoming, Guangdong. She was raped several times a year, resulting in two pregnancies and miscarriages.

Girl with mental retardation is sexually abused

In 2017, I just joined Girl Protection. When I was reorganizing the case of volunteer statistics, I had to open each news link, look at each news report, see where it happened, and then how old was the victim, how old was the victim, and between the victim and the victim was what relationship.

I saw children being violated, some because they did n’t know, he did n’t know what happened, so he did n’t know to refuse. Some children think that things related to sex are bad things, and they are involved in bad things, so they are ashamed to say. Some children are threatened, so they dare not tell their parents, and then continue to be sexually assaulted for many years. Other children were sexually assaulted. They were exposed only after giving birth to a child, and more seriously they were killed after being violated.

But why don’t we seem to have heard of it?

Actually, Child sexual abuse is a social problem that has always existed, and it is also a worldwide problem . In our current society and culture, we talk about sexual discoloration. After many children are sexually assaulted, parents and victims may choose to forgive, silence or treat it privately.

For example, if we were scratched by a car while we were at work, we might naturally share this with colleagues and friends, but what if we were sexually assaulted? I don’t think I have the courage to say it.

In fact, many victims won’t say it for their whole lives. All studies have confirmed that child sexual abuse is widespread and far beyond our imagination, exposing only the tip of the iceberg.

Child sexual abuse is not far from us

Knowledge Misunderstanding of Child Sexual Assault

1. Boys will also be sexually assaulted

Many people don’t think that boys will encounter sexual assault, and think that this kind of thing is only targeted at girls.

In the annual statistics of girl protection, there were more than 600 victims in 2018, and 58 boys were sexually assaulted, accounting for 9.57%. According to the data in 2017, the percentage of boys who suffered abuse was 4.26%, and this figure decreased slightly.

However, less exposure to sexual abuse by boys does not mean that the risk of being abused is lower. After the boy is violated, his body may not have obvious abnormal performance, and it is not easy to find, and most boys will not take the initiative to speak out, so it is more difficult to disclose.

In fact, boys are sexually assaulted and their psychological harm is often greater than that of girls, and related laws are also missing. For example, the object of rape is targeted at women, so boys must also learn about the prevention of sexual assault.

2. Sexual abuse of children regardless of age

Many people think that sexual assault is only targeted at older children. For example, when we teach parents, some parentsThat said, this kind of thing will be encountered by children at least seven years old.

But the data shows that in 2018, more than 150 children were under the age of seven, accounting for more than 21%.

Victims of victims

Actually, children of any age may experience sexual assault. One case was announced in Shanghai, with the youngest victim less than two months old. Therefore, we must attach importance to the prevention of sexual assault education for young children, and do not easily give the child to someone other than the family to take care of it. We must fully understand and trust the person who looks at your child.

3. Child sexual abuse, not just violence

Many people think that child sexual abuse, as we saw in the movie, is the use of violence by strangers.

But the data shows that the proportion of acquaintances who violate children is nearly 70%. In 2018, the figure was 66.25%, and in 2014 it was 87.87%. Moreover, they are not necessarily using violence. Many people use some tricks, caring, and courting. Means, or a combination of the above means to psychologically manipulate the child.

Whether it is children or parents, we must strengthen the prevention of acquaintances


Anti-Sexuality Education

The occurrence of a large number of cases of sexual assault on children is related to the extreme lack of awareness and knowledge of parents and children.

In 2013, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and the All-China Women’s Federation jointly issued documents that require various places to carry out education in various forms of sexual knowledge and prevent sexual assault.

Especially in 2018, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued the Prosecution No. 1 to the Ministry of Education. In December of the same year, the Ministry of Education issued the “Notice of Further Strengthening the Prevention of Sexual Assault against Students in Primary and Middle Schools (Kindergartens)”.

This notice requires that education administrations and schools in various places should learn lessons from the experience of cases of sexual assault against students, and prioritize the prevention of sexual assault.

We know that sexual assault prevention education is actually much more difficult than other education, especially the domestic sex education has different foundations, and some places are relatively weak. We do not hope that sexual assault prevention education will bring other bad things to children. Boot.

So, we invite experts to develop professional lesson plans, and to train and evaluate all the lecturers who are involved in the protection of girls. In addition, whether it is a trial or a lecture, we must completely remove the manuscript, and it is strictly forbidden for the lecturers to play freely.

“Girls’ Protection” Child Sexual Assault Knowledge Seminar

The lecturer must explain in accordance with the lesson plan, and must not pass on his own ideas, attitudes, or values ​​to the children. We must avoid horror education, not tell children any cases, and avoid indifferent education.

In addition to preventing sexual assault, the hug adolescence course for junior high school students also teaches some knowledge about sex.

Many parents have concerns at the beginning, but in fact, many children want to obtain relevant knowledge from formal channels, especially when the lecturer is very calm, happy and easy to explain to them, and their children’s participation is particularly high.

In the future, we still have a lot to go

Of course, there is still a lot of work to do to protect children from sexual assault, not only to popularize education against sexual assault, but also to change social culture and improve the legal system.

Especially social culture, to what extent does our society talk about sex? Some schools agree that we have classes, because we use public donations, so each class must have photos and data disclosure, and there will be an electronic banner “Lectures on the protection of girls against sexual assault”. But when our teacher went to class, he found that the school prepared a “girl protection law class.”

Zou Yuxiang at the Remix conference

We communicate with the school. We are talking about anti-sexual assault knowledge, but the school’s moral education director said that sexual assault prevention is still too sensitive, otherwise it should be changed to “safe classroom”.

There are actually many similar things. For the junior high school students’ hug adolescence course, some people want you to tell your child about sexual assault prevention, not about sexual knowledge, not about sexual behavior, not about contraception, abortion, etc. But in fact, each of us is born of sex, and sex is also a part of our nature.

As children’s body develops and hormones are secreted, they will also have confusion, so we treat children as one person and impart scientific knowledge to them. Most children can make wise choices. .

We also hope to improve the laws and systems related to child protection. Two sessions of girl protection are held each year to invite experts from various fields, representatives of the National People’s Congress, and members of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference.

Two seminars on “Girl Protection”

In recent years, there have been proposals for the protection of girls. There are 11 in total, and two have been achieved so far. For example, the abolition of the crime of harbouring young girls is incorporated into the crime of rape, and the punishment is heavier.

In other words, when I had a relationship with a young girl, all he had to say was that I gave money, and I was guilty of babies. But this one was abolished in 2015 and included in the crime of rape, knowing that the other party is under 14 years old, and having a relationship with her is rape. There is also a second article that extends the statute of limitations in civil proceedings against sexually assaulted children.

We also want to establish a one-stop inquiry center to reduce secondary harm to the affected children. Why do so many children who have been victimized choose to forbear?

Because after speaking, the police drove to his house and everyone knew what was going on. In our current social culture, this child may not be able to live normally as before.

Korean movie “Su Yuan”

If there is a one-stop inquiry center, after the incident, there is a dedicated team to collect evidence from the children. Perhaps the closest relatives and family members do not know what happened, which can effectively protect the children’s privacy.

From the exposure of media reporters to sexual assault cases, to the launch of the girl child protection charity, I have always been paying attention to it: it started with a small donation and now joins a full-time team.

I see that every volunteer travels around in his spare time. Now the protection of girls has passed the assessment of more than 7,000 lecturers. More than 3.26 million children have been taught face-to-face and more than 550,000 parents have taught face-to-face.

Many local teams and local governments have incorporated the protection of girls into local people’s livelihood projects, and some procuratorates have joined the Education Bureau and the Women’s Federation to carry out a school-to-speaker project to ensure that each school has a girl-speaker protection lecturer.

This is what girl protection tries to do in the beginning and persists to this day. We also hope that more people can join the public welfare team.

Public interest, not one person does a lot, but everyone does a little bit. The changes in the social environment brought by public welfare will ultimately benefit each of us.