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Please check the Venture Capital Daily on April 7. The Venture Capital Daily contains the financing news reported by the Venture Capital Channel today, as well as early startup projects in various fields we are focusing on, enjoy ~


Project report:

  • Relying on IPv4 / IPv6 stateless translation technology, “Indira News” provides network upgrade services for various scenarios / ul>

    The basic protocol of today ’s Internet technology is IPv4, the fourth edition of the Internet Protocol, where the address length is 32 bits. IPv6 is the next-generation Internet protocol that replaces IPv4, extending the current Internet protocol address length to 128 bits, which means a larger address space and more IP addresses. In addition, IPv6 has more stability, security, and rapid transmission advantage. As the country defines the development of IPv6 network construction as a strategic requirement, more and more network operators, data centers, etc. need to upgrade and iterate the original IPv4 network.

    Beijing Indira Network Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Indira Network” for short) provides such a service, it is engaged in Next-generation network product development and service construction will upgrade IPv4 to IPv6 technology.

    One of the company ’s key and core technologies is IPv4 / IPv6 stateless translation (IVI series of technologies), which was originally created by Tsinghua University and passed the IETF RFC standard. The company has intellectual property rights and exclusive licenses for related technologies … ( For more information, please click here )

    • Join the Tsinghua Department of MEMS team, “Tongfang Huachuang” may have new development in the field of intelligent microsystem technology

      Beijing Tongfang Huachuang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tongfang Huachuang”) is a high-tech enterprise affiliated to Tongfang Science and Technology Industry Headquarters, established in September 2019. The company and Tsinghua University’s MEMS expert team are committed to the design and development of new products in the field of intelligent microsystem technology, serving aerospace, marine equipment, rail transportation, energy and environmental protection, Internet of Things and other industries.

      “Tongfang Huachuang” has the approved invention patent “MEMS silicon bridge membrane structure relayAnd its preparation method. “It is reported that the preparation method of the MEMS bridge membrane structure electrostatic drive relay belongs to the design and manufacturing field of MEMS devices. The relay bridge membrane structure is mainly based on the bulk silicon process, which can avoid the problem of incomplete release of the sacrificial layer on the surface silicon process. , Which means that the quality of the bridge membrane structure can be effectively improved. The public information on the Internet shows that this has important applications in MEMS relays, switches, sensors, etc … ( Click here for more information )

      Financing disclosure:

      • Starting | Regarding the cloud + core layout, the AI ​​voice unicorn “Speech” completed a 410 million yuan round of financing >

        Intelligent voice technology company Spitz has recently completed the E round of financing, the current amount of 410 million yuan, led by Heli Capital, BAIC Investment, CITIC Jinshi and other investors.

        Spitz has a full-link intelligent voice language technology, and its business is centered around “cloud + core”. “Cloud” refers to the human-machine interaction platform (DUI) independently developed by Spitz, and “core” refers to 2019 Spike and SMIC jointly launched the voice AI dedicated chip (TH1520). Based on these two, Spych provides integrated software and hardware solutions for intelligent terminals and enterprise services, as well as omni-channel intelligent dialogue services.

        The solutions provided by Spitz mainly include providing full-link interactive AI interaction solutions for various industries in the Internet of Things, such as smart vehicles and smart homes, and providing omni-channel information robot solutions for enterprise services, such as logistics and text. Robots, smart terminal devices, etc … ( For more, please click here )

        • First launch | Development of AI-based logistics escrow platform, “Fast Rabbit Logistics” completed 100 million yuan round of financing

          Fast Rabbit Logistics recently completed the B round of financing led by Zhongwei Capital and Country Garden Venture Capital VC Fund, with an amount of about 200 million yuan. Old shareholders such as Alto Investment and Innovation Workshop continued to follow the investment. The new round of financing will mainly be used for the three aspects of national market expansion, product upgrades and technology research and development.

          The company’s business model is different from freight forwarding and third-party logistics. The customers of Kuaitu Logistics mainly come from small and medium-sized enterprises with limited funds, small transport volume and scattered. Kuaitu Logistics obtains capacity resources by collecting and collecting upstream capacity to help customers save capacity procurement costs; The logistics and transport attributes of different customersCollect, mark, and form big data to help achieve faster capacity matching later, while providing customers with end-to-end logistics information tracking, supporting online settlement, invoicing, and receipt … ( For more information, please click here )

          • Starting | Improving automation and intelligence capabilities, “inDeco Leading Smart Manufacturing” won US $ 20 million in C round of financing < / ul>

            I learned that inDeco, a one-stop internet space solution provider in China, has led Zhizhuo. It has recently completed a USD 20 million Series C financing. Enterprises BASF and building materials company Saint-Gobain Group followed suit, and old shareholder source capital, Gao Lisheng Bamboo continued to increase.

            InDeco leads the intelligently-made Internet public installation solution through technical means to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the production process, liberating personal productivity. The company’s technological development will generally go through three stages: Realize the full online and informatization of business processes; accelerate the development of one-stop automation solutions; intelligent layout, further reduce costs and increase efficiency … ( click here for more information )

            • First release | Promoting prepaid compliance with bank second-class accounts, “Fisherman Card Pack” received 15 million Pre-A round of investment

              I learned that consumer technology companies that provide technical solutions for prepaid consumer safety “Fisherman Card Pack” (Shanghai Fisherman Kaka Information Technology Co., Ltd.) recently received a pre-A round of financing of 15 million yuan, led by Zhongye Ventures, followed by Bohuiyuan Ventures, Softwood Capital, and Huashan Capital. Financing is mainly used for product iteration, technology improvement and market expansion.

              The Fisherman Card Pack provides a safe and compliant technical solution for prepaid consumption. The model is to use the bank’s second-class account system to solve the problem of fund security and fund clearing channels in the context of prepaid consumption and deposit consumption. The second type of account is a virtual electronic account (which can also be issued with a physical bank card). It is an account with diminishing functions and diminishing capital risks based on the existing first-class account. It can be regarded as a wallet for daily expenses and single-day access The cash and consumption payment limit is 10,000 yuan, and the maximum account balance is unlimited. You can use mobile bankingOr open an account with online banking …… ( click here for more information )

              • Starting | Massive production of “Single Path Technology” MEMS lidar, led by Fosun Ruizheng and Panasonic Capital to invest 70 million yuan A + round of financing

                learned that MEMS Lidar solution provider “One Path Technology” announced the completion of a 70 million yuan A + round of financing, led by Fosun Ruizheng and Songhe Capital. Shi Tuo, the company’s founder and CEO, told me that this round of funding will mainly be used for the mass production and market promotion of automotive-grade MEMS lidar.

                Founded in 2017, Yijing Technology is committed to providing vehicle-level, high-performance, mass-producible solid-state lidar solutions to promote the commercialization of autonomous driving technology applications … ( Click here for more information )

                • First launch | Research and development of big data retrieval and analysis software, “Recruitment Software” won the first round investment of Kaifeng Venture Capital

                  I learned that Nanjing Luxin Software Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “” Luoxinshuan “) of big data ad hoc search service providers ) Recently, it officially announced the completion of the first round of financing. This round of financing was invested by Kaifeng Venture Capital and will be used mainly for project research and development and market promotion.

                  Luxinsoft was established in 2018, focusing on the development and marketing of software for ad hoc retrieval and exploratory analysis of massive data. Among them, ad-hoc retrieval allows users to customize query conditions, without being bound by pre-computed dimensions, and responds to trillions of data in seconds; exploratory analysis does not need to know the query direction in advance, and the next step is inspired by a simple collision. field.

                  At present, the company has launched two products of “LSQL” and “mini one”, which are information retrieval and analysis databases, and have been applied to public security, security, military, automotive, etc. Field … ( Click here for more information )

                  • The Internet of Things connection can be completed without ground facilities, and “Myriota” received $ 19.3 million in Series B financing

                    According to foreign media < / a> It is reported that the Australian Internet of Things startup “ Myriota ” recently received $ 19.3 million in a series B financing, which was funded by Hostplus and Main Sequence Ventures led the round, with Boeing HorizonX, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Singtel Innov8, South Australian Venture Capital Fund, In-Q-Tel and Right Click Capital participating.

                    In 2015, “Myriota” was established in Adelaide, Australia. The co-founder and chief technology officer Dr. David Haley said that the company has developed its own proprietary low-power IoT (Internet of Things) communication technology. Provide a direct, low-cost IoT connection for IoT applications via low-orbit satellites … ( click here for more information < / a>)


                    Financing disclosure:

                    • Want to create “Indian Jumeiyoupin”, “Nykaa” received $ 13 million in financing

                      According to foreign media , Recently, the Indian beauty and personal care startup company “ Ny”Kaa ” received $ 13 million in financing, which was led by existing investor Steadview Capital. Last year, “Nykaa” completed a US $ 14 million financing led by TPG Growth. To date, the company has received $ 120 million in financing from more than a dozen investors including Steadview Capital, TPG Growth and Sharrp Ventures.

                      “Nykaa” can be called “Indian Jumeiyoupin”. The company was founded in Mumbai in 2012 by Falguni Nayar and Sanjay. “Nykaa” mainly sells various types of beauty products, including skin care products, hair care products, perfumes, shower gels and body care products, as well as various beauty luxury goods. The company’s online platform has products from more than 1,200 brands, including well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, Nautica, and Espirit. In addition, “Nykaa” also sells branded products through its physical retail stores … ( For more, please click here )

                      • Cloud kitchen version of “WeWork”? “Kitchens Centre” received US $ 500,000 seed round financing

                        According to foreign media VCCircle report, India Kitchens Centre raised $ 500,000 in seed funding, led by AngelList India, and a joint partnership between AngelList India ’s partner Utsav Somani and Jake Zeller and Thumbtack Founders Jonathon Swanson, Junglee Games founder Ankush Gera and Mosaic Wellness founder Revant Bhate participated. In this round of financing, the company will be used to improve the delivery platform and promote business expansion to new regions.

                        Kitchens Centre is aA company that provides cloud kitchens, founded in 2019, headquartered in New Delhi, India, was founded by Lakshay Jain. It aims to provide a compliant kitchen infrastructure for take-out restaurants and provide a series of services such as marketing, order management and facility management. …… ( Click here for more information )

                        • The spread of the epidemic investors are bullish takeaway platform, “Swiggy” received another $ 43 million financing

                          According to foreign media Reported that India Swiggy raised a new round of financing of US $ 43 million, led by Tencent, with new investors Ark Impact and Korea Investment Partners , Samsung Ventures and Mirae Asset Capital Markets participated in the investment. In February of this year, Swiggy had just completed a $ 113 million round of financing, led by Naspers with a $ 100 million investment, and Meituan and Harbor Investments participated. It is worth mentioning that the company’s highest amount of historical financing reached 1 billion US dollars, also led by Naspers.

                          Swiggy is a takeaway company, founded in 2014, headquartered in Bangalore, India, co-founded by Nandan Reddy, Rahul Jaimini and Sriharsha Majety, to provide consumers with on-demand delivery services. It has already carried out related businesses in more than 520 cities, and also provides delivery services for grocery stores in parts of India … ( Click here for more information )

                          • “Kaiyun Automobile” won the strategic investment of the Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group to lay out the urban home furnishing market

                            We learned that Kaiyun Automobile announced today that it has received a strategic investment from the Harbin Institute of Technology Robot Group. The amount of financing was not disclosed. Kering said that they will use the advantages of Harbin Institute of Technology Robots in robot products, technology and operations to lay out the urban home furnishing field and accelerate the construction of home furnishing logistics infrastructure.

                            Kaiyun Automobile was established in 2014. It is a new energy vehicle design and manufacturer. It mainly provides comprehensive intelligent solutions for the city’s end-of-town logistics home delivery business. Its business covers the design and development of miniature electric smart vehicles, innovation and application of connected vehicle technology , Fleet operations, etc. The goal is to improve the overall efficiency of logistics companies and drivers … ( For more, please click here )

                            Enterprise service

                            Financing disclosure:

                            • Establish a communication bridge between the enterprise and hourly workers, “WorkJam” received 50 million US dollars in C round financing

                              According to foreign media < / a> It is reported that recently, “ WorkJam ” announced that it has received US $ 50 million in Series C financing, which was led by Inovia Capital, Lerer Hippeau, Blumberg Capital, Harmony Partners, Fondas deSolidaritéFTQ and Claridge participated in the investment.

                              The company was founded in 2014, CEO Steven Kramer said that the overall concept of “WorkJam” is to help client companies, better coordinate the company’s strategy and front-line employees, and act as a communication bridge between them. The mobile application provides tools for customer companies to manage employee shifts and complete training. For example, customer companies can send new sales plans to employees through “WorkJam” or require employees to clean factory machines, which enables digital management of the workplace And operationsspan> …… ( click here for more information )

                              • “Lessonly” received $ 15 million in Series C financing to provide employee training software to corporate customers

                                According to foreign media , recently, The US corporate education startup “ Lessonly ” has received $ 15 million in a Series C financing round led by AXA Venture Partners, Zendesk, Allos Ventures, Atlas Peak Capital, Rethink Education and The Yard Ventures participated in the investment.

                                “Lessonly” was established in 2013 to provide employee training software for corporate customers. From the perspective of usage scenarios, enterprise customers of “Lessonly” software are mainly for their sales team and customer service team to develop relevant training courses to strengthen employees’ work skills and enhance their grasp of company business information. In order to improve the work efficiency of enterprise employees … ( For more, please click here )


                                Financing disclosure:

                                • German pension platform Xpension completed 25 million euros of C round financing

                                  In the process of digitalization of the pension and insurance industry, Germany has been lagging behind a few years ago, but recently it has begun to catch up. According to foreign media reports , Xpension, an online platform providing pension and life insurance, recently raised 25 million euros in its C round of financing. At present, the company has completed a total of more than 50 million euros in financing.

                                  The new funds will be used to expand Xpension ’s corporate pension cooperation in Germany and the SaaS platform of life insurance; at the same time, the product range will be expanded to private pensions, life insurance and corporate health insurance, and is ready to be distributed to other European countries And regional promotion. After the widespread epidemic of COVID-19, the company also launched a video platform for agents to communicate with customers.

                                  So far, Xpension has attracted more than 40 life insurance companies, 11,000 insurance agents and 3000 small and medium-sized enterprises … ( Click here to see more )

                                  Venture observation

                                  • The new platform is the biggest opportunity in the era of the Industrial Internet, and not many companies have the ability to seize it | ul>

                                    Among the evolutionary trends of many industrial Internet models from light to heavy, there is a model that reflects the leading role of the model in terms of industrial integration efficiency and depth of value. The router model, the concept was pioneered by Yan Yanchun, a partner of Shengjing Group.

                                    As the name implies, industrial routers serve as a super interface between two fragmented networks, with the responsibility of creating an enabling industrial community. Through the b2f model, unite and fully enable fragmented b-ends (all types of merchants, bear Small b) of sales and service responsibilities, deep and accurate connection of idle f-end card resources, starting from high-frequency, rigid demand and massive traffic scenarios, through real-time connection and intelligent matching, forming traffic monopoly and value depression, entering low frequency and low volume To obtain higher profits with low-demand profit zones, and ultimately form an enabling industrial community by reducing the cost of the entire industry and improving the efficiency of the entire industry.

                                    If the industry is regarded as an “enterprise super individual” composed of millions of upstream and downstream enterprises, the industrial router is the central nervous system of this super individual we have seen, and it is also the largest integration in the era of the industrial Internet Platform-level opportunities in the fragmented market … ( click here for more information )


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