This week, two unicorns related to real estate and the sharing economy have made new moves: one has received life-saving money, and one has lost life-saving money.

Anchor 丨 Xu Tao Dingjiao

Later 丨 Dicaprixin

One of them is Airbnb in the shared travel and accommodation industry, which received a $ 1 billion investment from Silver Lake Capital and Sixth Street Opartners in a combination of claims and equity.

The other is the shared office giant WeWork, which said this week that it would sue Softbank because Softbank had previously promised to bid $ 3 billion to acquire WeWork’s equity, but now it has withdrawn this invitation. WeWork may become the first unicorn to die in this epidemic.

In this episode, we will discuss what this incident means for the two companies, and then think about a question: Will the “sharing economy” be revisited because of the epidemic situation?

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Anchor of this issue

Xu Tao & Ding Jiao , co-founder of “Sound and Lively”

Main issues discussed in this issue

Detailed Airbnb ’s $ 1 billion investment background

Detailed the background of WeWork suing Softbank

What reflections does the epidemic have on the sharing economy?

How does the epidemic reflect on chasing unicorns on growth?

Nouns mentioned in the interview

* Silver Lake Partners, Silver Lake Capital, a private equity investment company headquartered in the United States;

* Sixth Street Opartners, a global financial and investment company;

* Venture Debt, riskDebt, a loan to a startup company, with slightly higher interest and a portion of stock options;

* LP (Limited Partner), which is a limited partner, is generally an investor and investor. They are responsible for the equity with the amount of investment, enjoy the right to return, and are not responsible for specific affairs;

* Brian Chesky, Co-founder and CEO of Airbnb;

* Benchmark, an American venture capital company, bought 11% of Uber ’s shares for US $ 12 million in 2011 and is worth US $ 7 billion in 2019.


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