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The closed city of Wuhan for 76 days.

Almost from the day of the closure of the city, Pan Xiujuan embarked on the road of volunteers in Wuhan. She started out as a volunteer in her personal capacity, and then joined the volunteer team “Wukong Civil Public Welfare Team” to deliver materials to different hospitals and communities. She experienced the departure of her family and witnessed the changes in Wuhan.

This is her story in 76 days.


I am Pan Xiujuan, a native of Wuhan, Hubei Province, and a single mother who is about to run for five.

During the closure of Wuhan, I have been a volunteer, first as an individual. After January 27th, a private volunteer organization was established to deliver materials to hospitals and communities. During the 76 days in Fengcheng, I ran outside almost every day.

I have been doing public welfare for more than 20 years, and I have adopted mountain children before. Such a big epidemic in Wuhan, as an old Wuhan people involved, is also a matter of doing my utmost.

Volunteers did n’t eat or drink. They all screamed and played like mice on the street. They did n’t even have a figure on the road. They were often busy until midnight. Why do n’t I run out of charity during this time?

I usually want to be pretty and eat as little as possible. During the epidemic, every morning I tried to find a way to fill my stomach, but I dared not drink a sip of water, because I ran outside and could not find the toilet.

I have to take time to send my parents supplies. In order to avoid infection, I only dare to put the food at their door every time, and then call to notify my parents to take the food after leaving. But my dad was still worried about me as a single mother. I also warned me on the phone, “Your mother and daughter are dependent on each other, and your son is your life in this life. What if you do something wrong with your son? If you go out again, you will be cut off!” “

The only thing I can do is to go home every time, kill it seriously outside the house, isolate in the room, share meals with my son, and use the washing and tableware alone.

During this time, my hands will be deformed. At that time, I didn’t buy alcohol. I could only buy 84 disinfectant. In order to ensure that there was no infection, it was safe to enter and leave the hospital. I sprayed 84 disinfectant directly without drying it, and put on gloves directly. I didn’t wash it with hot water until I went home at night.

At that time, my protective equipment consisted only of masks, gloves, and 2 sets of protective clothing. The glove is because my sister likes to make cakes. I bought disposable medical gloves before the outbreak, which is convenient for us to use in the kitchen. As a result, I became the most luxurious person this time. This kind of protective equipment, plus my goggles for mountaineering, entered and exited the hospital several times. Looking back now, I feel that I am really a dog.


My uncle passed away because of the new crown.

He is 60 years old, very young, very energetic, and very big. He is my father ’s best friend. From childhood to old, he regarded me as his daughter. If anything, he would n’t tell his children. He would tell me.

On February 3, he felt uncomfortable. He was diagnosed at Wuchang People’s Hospital in the middle of the night on the 4th, and was then sent to Jinyintan Hospital. He disappeared at 4 pm on the 6th.

The news of his death was told by his grandson. I was stupid for the first time, but his grandson, a big man cried, and I knew it was true. But how is this possible? On the twenty-seventh of the twelfth lunar month, he called my parents to have a reunion dinner, and I rejected him because of the new crown virus.

I opened the WeChat dialog box for the first time to see the record of my uncle chatting with me. The last dialogue was New Year’s Eve. I gave him a New Year’s greeting, but he didn’t return. Turning up, in August last year, he went to Hohhot to play and sent me photos.

In the past New Year, he took the initiative to send me a message. He often said, girl, I wish you a prosperous career in the new year, good health, and younger and more beautiful. As a result, he did not send me this year.

We do n’t know what he was like before he died. We cannot enter Jinyintan Hospital, the hospital can only be isolated. How did he leave, including how did other diagnosed patients leave, his family did not know.

Uncle, he went in and went in. On March 26, the aunt brought a casket back.

At the time, I saw that photo, and I thought that there were no more people and it was over. While weeping, I swear that I will never go out again. I want to think about my parents and my children. As a result, the next day, I went out to volunteer. That night, sleepless all night. I cried while chatting with my uncle’s children. Seeing that there were tasks in the volunteer group, I still grabbed them subconsciously.


When the epidemic started, I mobilized a lot of friends to donate money, so that my friends could match the materials abroad and send them to Wuhan. At that time, a friend in Italy sent me a courier. I asked her what she had sent. She just told me to remember to eat and take care of myself.

The courier arrived in Wuhan in March. Who knows that our hive cabinet is broken? As a result, I went to get it the day before yesterday and found that it was all VC effervescent tablets.

At the time, I asked a friend in Italy whether your mask was enough?

She said, Sister Pan, as long as she does not go out, the mask is enough.

At the time I said, that ’s good. But it ’s not right, your mask is enough if you do n’t go out, do you have no mask?

Did you know? Italy more than ten days ago (March 10, 2020) closed, when she donated a mask to us, she did n’t stay at all, She didn’t have a mask, and she donated all to Wuhan Hospital.

I told her that I wanted to send you something, but I tried it and couldn’t send it. She said, no need to send it, the city is closed here, and all the couriers can’t receive anything,You do n’t have to worry about it.

I told her that when we were so difficult, you sent me something, I do n’t know how to thank you, and you do n’t have a mask now, how can I help you? She said nothing.

There is another thing. I have a friend. I met him when I was a teenager. Later, he left Wuhan. I just heard from a friend’s friend that I was married and I had a baby.

As a result, during the epidemic, he added my WeChat through various efforts. The first sentence said, Xiaopan, we have not been in contact for thirty years. Then just like many of my friends, whether you ignore him or not every day, you must say good morning to you and pay attention. But I’m hateful. I sometimes reply to them three or four days.

During that time, I tried to make a circle of friends every day. Sometimes I ate food and sometimes I drove on the road. My purpose is not to brush WeChat, I just want them to see me alive.

But some people do not pay attention to the circle of friends, they will suddenly ask, are you okay now? What happened to you there? Can you leave a comment for me every few days.

It ’s really easy to tell these now, as if it ’s a story from the past. Sometimes when you stop and turn over the WeChat dialog box, it’s all others asking you every day. All kinds of greetings every day, no matter whether I have answered or not, people have always been inseparable, you ignore him, he also insists on sending it every day.

Some friends said that you must come to my side when the epidemic is over. I will take you to eat the best food and the most fun. I said that I am not seventy or eighty. They said that they knew that I had paid a lot during the fight against the epidemic, I didn’t know how to express it, and I wanted to meet with me.

When everything is over, I want to meet these family and friends who love me.


On April 7th, the day before the opening of Wuhan, I cried from 4 pm to 8 pm. My friend called me on the video and cried with me. I didn’t tell her why I was crying, and I couldn’t tell myself what was going on. While crying, I recalled this process, and I felt like I was going to get through it, really exhausted.

On April 8th, on the day of unblocking, I applied lipstick to my eighth classic. As a result, when wearing the mask, I was afraid that the mask would wipe the lipstick, making the entire face like a monkey butt. I entered the car and wiped it off. I also went to the hairdresser to wash my hair and curl it up. Wearing a dark gray gold velvet blazer, jeans and high heels. Because I usually drive, I hardly wear high heels. I am really dressed today.

I finally did something to make some money. I met my colleagues and talked about a little work. If I do n’t talk about work, I might starve to death. I didn’t face a volunteer when I went out today.

The traffic volume in Wuhan is really heavy on this day, which also makes me very worried. Traffic jams have started in some places. At night I drove, and I passed the Second Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge. This day is just like New Year’s Day. The two sides of the Yangtze River are booming.

This article comes from WeChat public account: PingWest product play (ID: wepingwest) author: Du Lili