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Shi Jianhua said that the early implementation of the National Six Standards has caused car companies to pay a huge price And the economic cost, it also proves that it is not scientific to implement the regulations by stopping the sales of the automobile market. “I think that the time for stopping production should be specified, and product sales should be handed over to the market and enterprises to digest. ”

Shi Jianhua also said that it was a difficult task for the original car companies to switch to the National Six standard this year. Under the impact of the new crown epidemic, many car companies have had a period of time It is almost in a state of suspension. If the implementation of the National Six Standard is not postponed, it will not be able to catch up with the original implementation time. “The Ministry of Ecology and Environment considered the delay of the implementation of the National Six Standard because it took into account the development needs of the industry and is very conducive to the next step of China’s auto industry healthy growth. ”

Automobile consultant Zhang Xiang told Peng Pai journalists that the delay of the implementation of the Sixth National Standard is conducive to the long-term development of the automotive industry: on the one hand, it gives dealers more time to go Selling China V ’s inventory cars will not cause further losses for dealers during the epidemic. For car companies, they also have more R & D time to switch to the National VI standard. “When car companies switch to the National VI standard, The development cost of a model is about 20-30 million. If the sales volume of the car is not high enough, the amount of cost allocated to each car is quite high, and the car company will have to bear the losses caused by switching standards. ”