What kind of exercise helps grow tall

Many people may not be too satisfied with their size in daily life, so they always want to think of ways to make themselves taller. Some people may use exercise to make themselves higher, but they don’t know what exercise to choose. So, what kind of exercise helps grow taller?

First of all, a lot of exercise helps to grow taller, such as when you wake up normally, or when you lie in bed on weekdays, and you can do some stretching In the exercise, the hands are straight and upward, and the feet are straight forward, the whole body stretches into a straight line, which helps stretch the muscles, stretches the body, and helps to grow taller.

Second, you can do some arch bridge exercises. The difficulty of arch bridge exercises may be slightly higher, just like the lower waist movements of dancers. However, the difficulty of such a movement is still relatively high. When doing it, someone must be around to protect it, otherwise it may easily cause injury. You can also stretch your legs while sitting, with your hands as far as you can toe, which also helps to stretch the legs and upper body, and helps to grow taller.

In addition, if you want to grow tall, you can also do horizontal bar draping, that is, two hands hold the horizontal bar at a high position, and the body is vertical. If it feels very laborious, then you can stop. At this time, the muscles of the stomach should be relaxed. The overall principle of long height exercise is to allow the limbs and body to stretch as much as possible to help grow tall.