Cabbage vegetable heart yellowing can eat

We all know that cabbage is a very good vegetable, the nutritional content is relatively balanced and comprehensive, and the calories are low. When we are preparing to cook cabbage, we will find cabbage The leaves of the cabbage are yellow. Some people think that the yellowing of cabbage cabbage is rotten and can no longer be eaten. Can the cabbage of cabbage be yellowed?

Can the cabbage cabbage be yellowed?

Eatable, the difference between the outside and inside of the cabbage is due to the light conditions, so the outside of the cabbage is green and the heart of the cabbage is yellow. And if the leaves on the cabbage surface are rotten, then the heart of the cabbage should not be eaten.

How to save cabbages

1. If you want to store cabbage for a period of time, do n’t cut it, otherwise vitamin C will be gone, and the cabbage will easily deteriorate after cutting. If you must store half of the cabbage, you must wrap it tightly in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator.

2. You can wrap it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator to keep it refrigerated to prevent the cabbage from spoiling. It can generally be kept for two weeks.

3. When eating cabbage, you can eat it according to the number of cabbage layers, and then from the outer layer to the inner layer. This will keep the cabbage fresh and nutritious.

4. If some of the cabbage has rotted, it must be peeled clean and then preserved, otherwise the whole cabbage will deteriorate, and finally the whole cabbage will not be edible.