What fruits supplement zinc

Zinc supplement is not as simple as iron supplement, many people I do n’t even know that I have symptoms of zinc deficiency, but this is a trace element necessary for our body. Some people are not very clear about zinc supplementation, so what fruit supplement zinc?

There are many fruits of zinc supplementation, of which apple is more The outstanding one. Because apples are not only high in water, but also very rich in trace substances and vitamins, supplementing zinc by eating apples is a double benefit. In addition, Apple’s sexual temperature has an excellent effect of nourishing the spleen and stomach. For pregnant women, it is a very suitable fruit in the first trimester, and apple juice is also more convenient to drink and has a high edibility.

Zinc supplemented fruits and fresh dates, fresh dates It has a crisp taste, good nutrition, and is particularly rich in minerals. Moreover, eating fresh jujube can supplement iron and zinc at the same time. For pregnant women with weak health, fresh jujube has a great effect on the fetus and pregnant women. In addition, bananas can also be supplemented with zinc. Bananas are suitable for consumption at all stages of pregnancy, which not only promotes digestion, but also has a very good taste.

Apricots also have a zinc supplementation effect on the body, but apricots are sour, if pregnant women do not like to eat sour , Then it is best not to eat. There are many ways to supplement zinc. The most direct one is to supplement zinc through calcium tablets. Most pregnant women should take calcium tablets during pregnancy. At this time, choose zinc calcium tablets to supplement two elements. Function.