What is the reason why the humidity is too heavy

In life, I often hear people say that they are heavy in moisture, uncomfortable here, uncomfortable there, and need to remove moisture. Many people only know the weight of moisture in their bodies, but they do not have a deep understanding of the reasons for the weight of moisture. Prevention is better than cure, and understanding the root causes can solve the problem fundamentally, so what is the reason why the humidity is too heavy?

1, improper diet

Many people like to eat heavy-taste foods. After all, these foods taste better and can stimulate appetite, but if you eat heavy-taste foods frequently, it will increase the burden on the stomach Therefore, the gastrointestinal function will be affected to a certain extent, and the water metabolism in the body will not be out of the body, it will accumulate in the body and cause heavy moisture, so a lighter diet is beneficial to health.

2. Do not exercise

Sports can accelerate the body ’s metabolism, and sweating is a form of metabolism. For people who do not exercise for a long time, the water in the body cannot be normally discharged from the body. For a long time, the moisture in the body will become heavier and heavier. Therefore, to develop good exercise habits is also very beneficial to the health of the body.

3. Insufficient blood gas

If the eating habits are good, the taste is light, and the exercise habits are still heavy, then it may be due to lack of blood gasCaused by. Insufficient blood gas often causes the meridians to run poorly, and the organ function will be weakened accordingly, so the metabolic function will be relatively poor, and the body’s water cannot be discharged normally. Therefore, you can eat more food or health supplements to improve the symptoms of insufficient blood gas, you can choose to eat more red dates or longan.