Provide data governance, model construction, and data business application solutions in the three fields of finance, government affairs, and industry

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It was learned that the big data intelligent service provider “Sixian Technology” received a tens of millions of yuan in A round of financing in February this year, led by Lead Capital, InAI Capital As an exclusive financial advisor, Advisor has a post-investment valuation of about 400 million yuan. This round of financing is mainly used for marketing of data intelligence and business intelligence services, accelerating product development and expanding teams.

Sixian Technology was established in 2010, using big data, deep learning, NLP, OCR and knowledge graph technology to provide customers with data governance, model building, and data business application solutions. According to the founder and CEO Jiang Hua, the company’s business currently includes three sections: AI + government affairs, AI + finance, AI + industry.

AI + Government mainly builds government data governance, data openness and sharing platforms for government agencies, and uses government data to assist the government in the intelligent process of approval and review.

CEO Jiang Hua believes that the traditional information construction of government affairs in the market has become mature and stable, and the paperless office and online processes have been completed. At present, in the context of new infrastructure, AI government affairs need to pay more attention to intelligence And government affairs processes, making government services more convenient and efficient. Due to the impact of the epidemic and the launch of new infrastructure this year, local governments will invest more in government affairs, and it is expected that the growth of government business will also accelerate.

AI + Finance is mainly aimed at the current inclusive financial scenarios of large financial institutions, providing small and micro enterprises inclusive financial risk control, online real-time credit scoring, over-loan rate calculation, capital price, credit line calculation and data model services. The main customers are large state-owned banks.

In AI + industry, Sixian Technology mainly builds a digital transformation system for state-owned enterprises and central enterprises. Collect data through the underlying common platform to form a data lake, and after data fusion and data governance are completed, a data center is formed; on the data center, the application layer construction is completed according to actual application scenarios, such as performance evaluation and cost management. Customers include SAIC Group and Chuanhua Group.

It is reported that Sixian Technology is Jiang Hua ’s third venture, he has been in the software industry for 20 years. The company’s CTO Duan Jiangang has served as a senior executive in the R & D department of Yushi Technology and Intel. The chief scientist is the chief engineer of the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University. The current team of technicians accounts for more than 70%, with an average age of 30.8 years old.To graduate from Tsinghua University, Jiaotong University, Fudan University and other universities.

This round of investors Legend Capital is a US dollar fund focused on the financial technology field, Invested in artificial intelligence technology companies such as Jingdong CNC, the fourth paradigm, Zhiyinzhizhi and Zhujian Intelligence.