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What products can continue to sell well after being priced dozens of times higher?

In addition to the masks during the epidemic, it is the state ’s centralized procurement of medicines. In January this year, when the second batch of “National Organization Centralized Procurement of Drugs” (referred to as “purchasing with volume”) , the blood sugar-lowering drug Akapo In the sugar auction, the German pharmaceutical company Bayer reported a “fracture price” of 5.42 yuan per box, less than 1/10 of the original price. This drug originally developed by Bayer has occupied the number one position in the domestic diabetes drug market for many consecutive years since it entered China in 1995.

The high prices are not only the original research drugs, but also the equivalent generic drugs. In the first batch of procurement trials, a successful bidding company for the commonly used hepatitis B drug entecavir reduced the price from the original 310.8 yuan to 17.36 yuan.

On April 23, in an Internet pharmaceutical company ’s drug warehouse, staff are processing Internet sales of pharmaceutical orders. Figure / IC

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