In response to the Prime Minister ’s government work report on May 22, affirming new formats such as e-commerce online shopping, Pinduoduo said that since May, the average daily number of logistics packages in transit has stabilized more than 65 million, compared with 5000 in March 2020 The number of 10,000 daily in-transit packages increased by 30%.

Statistics show that as of the end of March, the average daily logistics package number of Pinduoduo was around 50 million. With the comprehensive rebound of Chinese consumption, the daily average logistics of Pinduoduo platform The number of packages increased by 15 million within 2 months. Pingduo said in many ways that under the guidance of the Social Poverty Alleviation Department of the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council, 100 poor counties will be selected to carry out consumer poverty alleviation activities.

(Originally titled “The average number of logistics parcels in transit since May has exceeded 65 million”)