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On May 22, Huawei announced the speech of Ren Zhengfei and the financial team on May 9. On April 11th, April 28, Ren Zhengfei held a co-ordination meeting for the CFO positioning of the representative office. In a short time, he gave two speeches on financial management, which shows Ren Zhengfei’s hope for the financial system.

The two speeches have one thing in common, which is to ask financial staff to understand the business, to know everything, and know everything. From accountants to business partners to value integrators, help Huawei balance the relationship between expansion and risk.

Huawei has more than 8,000 financial personnel worldwide, covering 14 regional financial organizations, 7 account sharing centers and several COE competence centers, providing financial services to more than 110 representative offices in more than 170 countries.

Blue blood research believes that the role of finance and economics is to use two-foot throttle and one-foot brake. But the key is to understand when to hit the throttle and when to apply the brakes. If it is reversed, or the brakes are applied blindly to avoid risks, it is a disaster for the enterprise.

Therefore, financial personnel must go through a process of “rolling in mud” to understand the essence of the business, to understand the connotation and relationship of procurement, delivery, supply, legal affairs, public relations, etc., in order to find the budget, budget, Password between accounting and final accounts.

Otherwise, finance will become the kidnapper of the business and force the business to Liangshan!

Full text of Ren Zhengfei ’s speech:

Ren Zhengfei ’s speech at the seminar with the finance team

May 9, 2020

At the current stage, finance and economics do not reform the structure or process, and cooperate with and adapt to the reforms of the market and R & D as the main objectives and tasks. If everyone actively changes at the same time, the combat team will not find the north, but the speed will be slower. However, finance can carry out post training to supplement business knowledge that you do not yet understand about the business served by this post, and strive to become a person who understands the business department of operations.

Pay attention to the growth and care of PFC personnel. Some people in PFC will go to actuaries. Like contract scenes, they can have positions as actuaries, intermediate actuaries, and senior actuaries; others can gradually move to management positions at all levels. Such as: CFO of large projects, CEO of small projects, CFO of operations, assistants of some important positions of Sakata organization. More than 20% of these people are selected each year to move toward a spiral cycle, so that some famous school students start to spiral upward in about two or three years of basic exercise, and the excellent ones are gradually the successors of our posts at all levels. The blood of the entire system is alive, and the team is ready for future expansion.

First, financial personnel must first be proficient in finance, but also have to understand business and know how to do it.

First, what is “finance”? Part is “finance”, part is “business”, “business” means to understand the business, to provide professional services and support for the business. If finance does n’t understand business, it ’s just accounting, called accountant, not finance. Going to the front line of PFC is to familiarize with the mixed management of business and finance in the youngest, most blank and energetic period, and learn from the delivery and finance of the Bangladesh representative office.

What are the responsibilities of the combat CFO, and how can I call the assistant of the combat CEO? Sort out its standards and strictly implement the assessment and examination. Is the platform CFO familiar with delivery? Are you familiar with contract management? How does the purchasing process affect you? Do you have the purchasing ability to single out an important project? … If you do n’t have enough, you need to make up the lesson. If you do n’t make up enough, give up the position first, let the right person go to the class first, make up the lesson, and then come back. Choose someone who is familiar with the business and lets you know the related business. After exercising well, re-arrange the position. This is a virtuous circle, if five years laterWe have resisted the suppression of the United States and are not dead. As an iron support and support team, you have entered the queue. You are not going to move bricks and dig trenches, so do n’t shout empty slogans like “eat hard work and endure hard work”.

Of course, finance is empirical science, and empirical science is easy to standardize. For standardized business, we must take the road of standardization and electronicization and simplify the operation methods. The technical business is leaping, refreshing every three months quickly, not on site, and will not understand. Don’t just because I emphasize that PFC needs to learn business, you just go to business and sparse your professional ability. Without the essence of this major, there is no key to open the door.

The main business of financial personnel is to do good finance first. If your main business scores 90 points, I do n’t think you are particularly good, but the side business scores 10 points. You can buy some professional secondary school textbooks for learning. Although the textbooks are simple, the summary is very clear and easy to learn. Technical experts, marketing and service business personnel entering the financial system should also take finance as the main direction and be proficient in finance. Other skills are just “boosters”.

Second, I think that PFC has two roles: one is to do the precision and depth in a down-to-earth manner, and to be an “actuary” for a lifetime; the other is to go through 20% -30% annually after the practice The ratio spirals upward, and after many cycles, you may have the opportunity to grow into an expert at all levels. In the future, you can also transfer some people from GTS who are willing to be actuaries for a long time. Some people are very smart, they will soon be able to master financial knowledge, and they can operate smoothly. They can also spiral up with students who graduated from famous schools.

The strategic reserve team built a “Tiantian Ladder”. Financial and financial personnel go to climb this ladder. Every step has relevant business knowledge and professional knowledge, and climbs up a little bit. Finance and economics must manage the development of PFC. PFC positions can be further arranged in supply chain, procurement, Huawei machines … system work, and multi-spiral growth. We must gradually add excellent PFC to the relevant positions, and there is a window of opportunity for improvement, so that more people are willing to do PFC.

Second, financial cadres should be familiar with the business through practice, which can not only better serve and support the business, but also be more daring to adhere to the principles of flexibility.

The company ’s requirements for financial personnel are responsibility first, responsibility second, and responsibility third. We must dare to adhere to principles and be good at adhering to principles to provide timely, accurate, and high-quality services to businesses. This requirement has not changed. The basis of this requirement is that the business needs to be refined, and the business you serve must understand. Only in this way can we flexibly adhere to principles, which is also our biggest responsibility and management. To be able to embody capabilities in a flexible manner, rigidity does not mean principle. If financial people are also familiarDelivery and procurement, dare to be flexible at the critical moment.

If the CFO of the reform representative office is basically an accounting history, how can he coordinate on behalf of the platform? Coordination is scientific, and we must understand the relevant business to coordinate. If the platform is not well coordinated, the reform may be overthrown. First understand combat and be able to assume combat CFO. In addition, you must be familiar with COO responsibilities. The platform CFO is going to coordinate project procurement, delivery, supply, legal affairs, public relations, etc., and faithfully perform centralization. Practice is the most important learning. If there is no practical foundation, you do n’t know how to install the machine, nor will the project subcontract, and you do n’t know how to do the quota, how to coordinate?

So, first, you need to understand the coordination of several modules, such as delivery, procurement, law, compliance …, there are 104 days a year and weekends, you can spend 30-40 days to install the machine, participate in subcontracting and procurement … internship, continuous learning and practice. Second, we must also take responsibility for centralization. The platform CFO is to be a “great oil”, which does not allow you to be an expert everywhere, but you must be clear about everything.

Product line finance and management have the same requirements as PFC and combat CFO, but the scale and scope of work are different. We use the representative office as a model to reform first, and we will encourage everyone to reform after success.

So, the financial selection of cadres is centered on the main business, and other businesses must also know. As cadres grow, we have to set up road signs. We have to look at your curriculum vitae and your grades at each stage. If you do not have this road sign, hurry up and make up. Some posts do not have this road sign and are not selected. We are not pursuing the perfection of cadres. At this stage, we choose the “general” among the “dwarves”. When we find a few outstanding personnel, we choose them and give them responsibilities. We go to the battlefield to charge.

Three, for centralized and professional employees, it is necessary to improve the differentiated treatment system and specify various allowances.

Some of the people in the centralized organizations have been working in the same position for a long time, and they need to work as staff for a lifetime. They need to “defend the bunker” for a long time. The treatment of veterans and recruits is different. Don’t just call the slogans of “younger” and “excellent”. What is young and how is it called excellent? Judgment standards are not clear, and proper use is excellent. For the centralized professional employees, a differentiated treatment system should be formulated to encourage a group of employees to do a good job in the long-term and stable. The employees also have junior, intermediate, and senior levels, but the connotation of rank is different from the combat team.

The cooperation between the financial system and the talent dam reform working group has improved the treatment system for professional employees and detailed various allowances, such as job allowances and job importance, quality allowances, seniority allowances, benefit allowances … …Wait. Come up with a plan,In the short term, try this system first, and then optimize after the company-wide reform is completed. The salaries and bonuses of the personnel in the centralized system are paid by the central government, and the expenses are borne by the group. The quality of service can be reflected by the benefit award of grain production from the representative office, and it can be related to the local benefit.

Four, in the process of business transformation, the platform must remain stable, the reform of the financial and economic organizational structure and process structure has slowed down, and the individual combat capability can be improved first.

The momentum of R & D and market reform in the past two to three years is very strong, for example: CNBG reform is bottom-up; EBG reform is to go down from the top to make the organization smaller; R & D reform is focused on the front Combat. In the course of business change, if there is no stable basic platform, it will be completely chaotic, so finance, supply chain, Huawei machines … These platform departments will not reform first, finance is the demand for service business.

The organization and process of finance and economics are not reformed, but cadres must first carry out personal “fitness” reforms. How do cadres reform? It should be known that the examinations must be taken, and finance and economics must set up a special small team to organize the examinations. PFC, combat CFO, platform CFO, and agency experts all have their own different assessment methods. According to the qualification criteria, they need to determine what abilities each position needs, and training exams and field operations should be consistent. The test questions are all open, using the TOEFL electronic test method, allowing multiple mock tests, the last time is counted as a score; after the test is passed, the interview opportunity is given, the interview is to make a conclusion about your test process, the interview is also passed Explain that you really understand. Take the exam as the focus of reform in finance and economics during this period, so as to improve individual combat capabilities.

In addition, if you want to strengthen the application of artificial intelligence in finance, from supply chain to delivery, you can pick some people from the GTS artificial intelligence team. For example, the company recently introduced the Hopkins University epidemic statistics table which is very good and can be used in GTS and finance. In this way, the business puts its own data and directly extracts it later. As another example, technologies such as data warehouses and VR can be introduced into the PFC operating system to improve operating capabilities.