Find a good feeling to read

Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “sugarandspice” (ID: sugar ___ spice) author: Spice.

I found that many people regard reading as a task, stipulating that they read a book every week, or what kind of new knowledge they want to read, I think the real lifestyle reading is like this: Read books for no reason, just because reading them at this time and here makes me feel good about life.

I am very generous in buying books. After all, a book usually costs a cup of milk tea after being folded. I often run into dozens of pages and do n’t want to read it. I do n’t feel distressed. I have a large number of books that I have n’t read to the end, because without this obsessive-compulsive disorder, I have to finish it, and I do n’t feel any frustration if I ca n’t finish a book. Will destroy the good feeling of reading.

In this issue, I want to share some books that I have recently read and found a good feeling. Everything is available. With my recommended reading method, everyone needs it ~

The Wet and the Dry: A Drinker’s Journey

Alcoholic and Saints (Lawrence Osborne)

Douban 7.7 / 211 reviews

I know you want to say that spice is too terrible to drink while reading. It ’s a real drunkard. Yes, I recommend you a book of real drunkards. No one on the Internet has read too many ratings. I also bought it at a bookstore. Yes, so there is a need for a bookstore-to help you find some good books that you do n’t even know about your big data.

The author, Lawrence Osborne, lived in New York and Bangkok. He usually contributes to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.A free drunkard and novelist, this book is his journey from the Mediterranean coast, drinking all the way, is it incredible to find wine in the Islamic world, for example, in Lebanon, where Catholics and Muslims live together, he can also drink dizzy , In Abu Dhabi to find the best gin and tonic in the country, a fantasy tour of drunkards, and I did n’t expect that I would get drunk when I learned about some countries and cultures that I never wanted to know because of this book Along the way, it is a journey that never stops thinking and asking questions.

I like a sentence on the cover:

The drunken spirit may not be absolutely sober, and the drunk soul may be more trustworthy.

It is really suitable for reading in the evening leisure time. I personally declare that it is the best of the year for the alcoholic. Each chapter is not long. It is almost a glass of wine after reading the chapter, and the translation is very good. The author The original text must also be very powerful. The translation is not only fluent but also retains the quirky English humor, which is funny and vomiting.

Einstein’s Dream

Einstein ’s dream (Allen Letterman)

Douban 8.5 / 195 people evaluation

The discovery process of this book is also very good. When I was working at the whisky company, I saw that MD in Greater China came home from work and took the book in my hand. I was curious to ask him to take a look at it. Einstein’s dream. Sure enough, successful people will not read “Successful Learning” books.

“Einstein ’s Dream” is a novel written by MIT Professor of Physics Physics Letterman. It contains dozens of dreams made by Einstein in 1905. Each dream has only a few pages. About the whimsy of time, I read it with a sense of romance, so it is suitable for drinking. It ’s impossible to understand Einstein, so makeThe author used an artistic way to dream for Einstein and let everyone feel how the people changed their view of time in the year when the special theory of relativity was proposed.

This novel is very thin, it is a night-by-night dream, even people who do not understand physics at all can read it easily, or in a trance. After wandering through the fairyland in “Einstein’s Dream”, I asked him to explain “Einstein Biography” at Fan Deng Book Club (this kind of biography can’t be seen by myself). Listen.


London: Days and Nights in Big Cities (Galeg Taylor)

Douban 8.1 / 946 reviews

I did n’t do anything last weekend afternoon. I started reading half a book with a cup of coffee. I really love this book. I think whether you are interested in London or not, as long as you are interested in the city and all kinds of people, you will get into it.

London is a fluid feast, just like Paris, New York, Beijing, Shanghai, this book ’sThe English subtitle is called The Days and Nights of London-As Told by Those Who Love it, Hate it, Live it, Left it, and Long for it. Just reading this sentence, I have a goose bumps feeling, Shakespeare said, “The city is “People” means that.

The author interviewed 85 ordinary people from all walks of life in London, such as taxi drivers, plumbers, tramps, real estate agents, etc. The feeling of reading this book reminded me of a movie many years ago The documentary I watched is called “One Day in a Floating Life”, how to say, it is that kind of realistic sense that finds resonance.

An excerpt of a small “complaint” that made me dizzy, from a person who left London:

The stuff in the museum is really great, and there are concerts, exhibitions … these are the reasons why I love London. When I was in London, I enjoyed many of these resources. I always go to the gallery. I participated in many music festivals. But ten years later, you have done all these things. You have done everything, and the rest is bad public transportation, ghost-like weather, and nasty humans. Living here is a daily exercise to manage depression. Finally one day, you suddenly reach the limit as if struck by lightning.

I think many people who have left the charming metropolis should get a lot of similar feelings from this, but I believe that they will miss all this soon, and those who have just arrived will have completely different psychological activities. The sea of ​​life, the city carries all our imagination of the ideal life, no matter what it is, it is worthy of praise.

Culture Is the Body

Culture is the body (Zuzuki Suzuki)

Douban 9.0 / 73 people evaluation

This book was sent to me by a friend I knew. He just designed this cover. I think because of this cover it has become a book that makes people very eager to find out. Before that, I did n’t even know that Suzuki Zhongzhi, a contemporary world-class drama master, actually helped me widen some boundaries. This feels good.

Those who are interested in drama highly recommend it. Of course, the thinking in the book does not require you to understand any drama. For example, I want to share a little about the meaning of this book title. Suzuki talked about a problem he is worried about: de-physicalization , Dehumanization of human beings, have you ever found that we are now less and less using our own bodies, we are more and more accustomed to those out-of-body experiences, the electronicization of the world, In the wave of virtualization, people become passive, numb, disconnected from their bodies, and their behavior becomes more and more predictable. Suzuki said that culture is the body, and he wanted to encourage us to regain our social initiative by exploring the primitive animal energy sources sleeping in the contemporary body, and connect the body to the natural world again.

Okay, is this a bit esoteric? Hahahahaha I actually finished reading the book in one breath, but I skipped it relentlessly in the middle of the academic part ~

Digression in the picture: Since drinking Arabica’s matcha latte, I now wish to make matcha latte every day. In addition, the Seesaw Tmall store has a fine chocolate, which is delicious.

Jazz music score (Haruki Murakami)

Douban 7.5 / 380 evaluation

Some books are destined for you to open the music and enjoy at the same time. For example, this book “The Jazz Group”, half of which is illustrated, is very cute. Some people may remember that I said that this is a related reading that I ordered a whiskey tasting set from Haruki Murakami at a whiskey bar and was given by the store.

You can read it as a picture book, a total of 26 jazz masters, painting by Hotan Cheng, Haruki Murakami with an essay, when you are bored, open a chapter at will, find the famous songs mentioned in it, and there will be many new What I found is that there is a treasure list on NetEase Cloud that has a perfectly adapted reading order.

Perhaps people who know jazz well will think this is just a matter of looking at flowers, but we love the good feelings brought about by looking at flowers and flowers.