Tesla’s photovoltaic business has been or will be deployed in China.

On May 23, the surging news reporter Tesla China ’s official recruitment WeChat platform found that Tesla ’s charging, energy, and infrastructure teams were added the day before. Two recruitment information for energy and project development engineering managers, working at Tesla Shanghai Lingang Super Factory.

The above recruitment information shows that one position is mainly responsible for the entire technology development cycle of the grid-side power generation side photovoltaic energy storage project, and the other is mainly responsible for the commercial / residential user side solar photovoltaic and the entire energy storage project The entire development cycle.

Tesla China ’s official recruitment WeChat platform released another recruitment information on May 6th, showing that Tesla is still recruiting business development managers on the grid / generation side The main responsibility of this position is to lead Tesla’s energy business development in China’s power grid and power generation fields.

It is worth noting that the Tianyan check information shows that on May 21, the business scope of Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has changed, adding new generation, transmission, Power supply business (except nuclear power plant operation and construction).

For this reason, Surging News asked Tesla China to verify whether the photovoltaic business has entered China. However, Tesla China did not comment on this.

In February of this year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk once tweeted that Tesla is accelerating in the San Francisco Bay Area The installation of solar photovoltaic roofs will be carried out, and the business will eventually be extended to Europe and China.