Share my experience of growing up as a product owner

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Almost 7 years as a product manager.

From a newcomer to a product owner, to a company entrepreneur. There are always many new product friends who will ask me: “Kevin, what turning point will the product manager’s professional development experience.”

Are there any boundary events that can judge a newcomer from a product assistant who is ignorant to a professional, to a product manager or senior product manager, and finally to become a product owner.

I share my personal growth experience.

From focus to user experience to business changes

Product assistants / newcomers will pay more attention to the front-end experience of products, such as product interaction design, animation design, UI design, and functional prototype design.

▲ Front-end dynamic effects experience

At this time, product managers are most concerned about 2 points

The first is how to draw the prototype?

The second is how to write the requirements document?

Prototype, can development be understood; can design students know the weight of elements to be expressed?

Is the description logic of the requirements document reasonable? Are the project participants clear? Is time reasonable?

This is a project experience accumulation process from newcomers to product managers. It will accumulate a large number of modules and functional design cases. Through more competition product research and product experience, the most superficial layer of product managers will be gradually improved: p>

Turn seemingly abstract requirements into real objects that can be touched and seen.

From product function to business model

After entering the product manager for 1-2 years, with the accumulation of a large number of functional modules and product structure design in the work. Product managers will gradually become familiar with the core of the function: business process

For example, as a product manager of a customer service system, not only is a customer service system completed. I am also familiar with the flow of customer service business, and clearly know the connection between other departments within the business and the customer service departmentPoint, judgment basis.

For example, as a client product manager, it will consider what the realized SKU the client will carry, how to experience the entrance of the company’s paid business and improve conversion, which has become a content that product managers pay more attention to.

▲ Business process of property management system

What kind of business is easy to do and can make money. What business cycle is long and the return is low

Become the focus of product managers, not to make a product for cool motion effects. Products should be made in order to make higher profits at a lower cost.

Similarly, the product manager at this stage can distinguish the core demand value of users’ pain points and itch points. In the end, whether it can be combined with the business, and monetization is the key.

For example, the storage space and download speed of Baidu network disks have become the packaging of member rights. The link to share the package is still free

The reason is that the user ’s storage and download demand value is stronger than sharing

From the product work to the upper and lower levels of the professional relationship

This is slightly ironic.

This article may have nothing to do with the product manager, whether it is vocational skills or job content may have nothing to do with the product manager.

But where there are people, there are rivers and lakes.

Each company has performance appraisal, department promotion, etc. So gradually from the point of product manager work, expand the relationship between individuals to colleagues between departments, departments and departments, and between departments and management

Workplace relations have become the boundary point from senior product managers to product directors.

The term “station team”, although Internet companies that are synonymous with capability and strength, seem to be unacceptable. But in fact, there are still product directors who require this ability, and there are still many

The ability to get more potential leaders and join projects with resources has become the key to the promotion of the product manager in the workplace or the resource rights brought by resource mobilization.

So figuring out the company ’s business model is often not the most important thing, but figuring out what the boss and leadership relationship is thinking and what is the most important thing.

Whether it can be their loyal help or a nail in their eyes has become a problem for the product owner.

Today’s summary of three points is the three boundaries that almost every product newcomer to the product owner must step forward.

I believe that from the newcomer of the product-product manager / senior product manager-product director youAbility to pick less pits and keep moving forward.