The title map is from Visual China, this article is fromWeChat public account: investment community (ID: pedaily2012) , the original title of “start-up companies and a coffee rout: financing 400 million, naught”, author: Ning Zexi

After Ruixing, another internet coffee incident happened.

The investment community was informed that the well-known Internet coffee brand “Lian Coffee” is closing stores on a large scale. According to public comments, 16 stores in Lian Coffee Beijing have been quietly closed, and only two are still in business. It should be pointed out that this time the store was closed and swept across the coffee shops nationwide.

Lian Coffee Wangjing SOHO has already opened a new store

Born in 2014, even coffee explored the Internet coffee model earlier than Ruixing Coffee, and it was also a representative case of “Internet Coffee” on the air outlet at that time-it received investment from the star Dai Jun at the beginning of its establishment, and then continued to obtain In favor of capital, a total of 6 rounds of financing have been obtained in 6 years, with a cumulative amount of more than about 400 million yuan.

The most sensational thing is that even Coffee completed a 206 million yuan C round of financing last year, and the investors behind it are very luxurious. At that time, Ruixing Coffee was making great progress along the way, and the Internet coffee brands represented by Lian Coffee and Ruixing Coffee became the hottest topics in the venture capital circle at that time.

Now a year has passed, Ruixing’s fraud incident has been around the worldIt was an uproar, and even the coffee was closing quietly, which made people sigh.

The whole line of retreat: After Ruixing, another Internet coffee is cool

Established 6 years ago, even coffee is closing on a large scale.

On June 2, a reporter from the investment community visited and found that Lian Coffee (Weigongcun College Store) in Haidian District, Beijing has closed. Of customers have long disappeared, and even the “Coffee Box” logo on coffee shops has been removed, and new businesses have settled in.

The search on Dazhong reviews shows that there are currently 18 coffee shops in Beijing, and only normal stores are Jinbao Street and Huixin West Street. The rest of the stores show gray “suspended operations”. The reporter called the above normal stores, but none of them was opened.

The investment community found that even the image store created by the heavy capital, even the coffee Wangjing SOHO store, was quietly closed. At the beginning of 2019, Lian Coffee designated the newly opened Wangjing SOHO store as “the first Lien coffee image store in the country”. When Lian Coffee tested the new brand of pocket coffee, it only opened the store self-pickup function in the Wangjing SOHO store. At that time, Pocket Coffee was the main concept of self-promotion from offline stores after placing online orders.

This time the store closed and swept coffee