Why is the heart red? Because immersed in blood.
  From birth, I knew that I was destined to be incompatible with those around me. Because my entire life is immersed in blood.                
   continually appears in the dream, the eyes that promised my future in that life, wandering sadly and earnestly. And I always turned around indifferently, leaving only my back reflected in the eyes that were so desperate.
   Parents and teachers all blamed me for being a child who was too indifferent. I didn’t argue, but just returned to the room lightly, facing the computer screen flashing in the faint green light, striking the scenes of memory past.                  At the age of six, my parents came home and found that I was quietly watching the movie on TV: the delicate white woman, who was shouted and broke up into a broken heart. I still remember the man’s soft eyes when staring at the cold blade in his hand, stroking the thin blade with his fingers, a string of smooth blood drops dripping along the beautiful arc.
   Seeing my parents’ consternation, I smiled at them. Since then, my parents dared not leave me alone at home and sent me to my grandfather.            
After going to school, everything in the school was completely unattractive. My classmates were reluctant to talk to the lonely me. I rarely listened to it during class. I just looked out the window. There was a hibiscus tree. Although it was very old, it could still shine. The flowers are scary red. I heard that it was because someone cut his wrist under the tree and committed suicide, the root of the tree was soaked in blood.
  Although I don’t take classes, I rarely do homework. The strange thing is that I can go on to study smoothly even though my grades are not good.
  I moved to another school because I moved to the other side of the city. After leaving the Hibiscus tree, I began to dream the same continuously.
  Dream is sunny, I am alone, standing in front of the building where I lived before, starting from the first unit, one by one, killing one by one.
   Blood is everywhere. My hands, body, and face are full of blood of the slain and my own blood, but everything around me is still very clear, as never before. I clearly saw a chaotic wolf in the pool of blood, surrounded by broken limbs and arms, but even I couldn’t tell which part belonged to whom. The scattered internal organs meandered around the furniture utensils, seeming to creep. Can the life just now still in my hands be tenacious so tenacious? Although the dismembered person was in a different place, he still stared at me with dull eyes. Watch me do? Looking for your hands and feet or your heart and lungs? Or… want to remember my bloody pale face?
   All I took was a small pocket knife. Sometimes Hou Jianfeng came back and cut it in his hand, but it didn’t hurt. I watched the blood dripping from my hand, but pressed the blade deeper, deeper and deeper. But why doesn’t it always hurt?
   Finally, when I was tired, I sat on the bench in front of the building and gasped. Suddenly a few classmates came and greeted me intimately. I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t speak, and they didn’t find it strange.
  Blood, thickly, bleakly, a large swath flowed down the stairs like a waterfall.
   “What’s going on? Let’s go and see.” They said. I’m scared, scared, they will find out, they will find the limbs of many messy people. Don’t go up, please, don’t go up, but they don’t listen to me, they can’t hear my shouts, I shout and shout, I try to stop them, but I can’t stand up. I want to kill them altogether, but I have no energy.
   But I don’t want to kill, don’t want to kill, don’t force me, I don’t want to kill! A