Author: moonflower this cause and effect in the world I did not believe, look at those as a single branch * guilty, bullying wicked live impunity comfortable, you will feel there is no such word axiom, or why wronged, premature death are It’s a good person, and those wicked people are eating chubby ears. God must have glaucoma or Alzheimer’s disease to make this world a mess.    The endless overtime, tortured me exhausted, already more than 10 o’clock in the evening, and I was hungry, dragging my heavy legs to the direction of home. Although it is a rented house, it is barely a home. To rent a house cheaper, I rented a more remote place. As a result, I now spend more than an hour on the road every day. However, it’s still clean here. At 10 o’clock in the evening, there are no more people on the road. This is what I appreciate.    “Help~~” I vaguely heard someone shouting for help. I stopped and listened carefully. Sure enough, a woman was calling for help, so I hurried in the direction of shouting. Sure enough, it was just around the corner. In the remote corner, two men were dragging a teenage girl. The girl saw me and hurriedly called for help: “Help me~~”   Under the moonlight, I saw two The gangster had a knife in his hand, gleaming with cold light, and hesitated immediately: I can do something, but I didn’t even send my life in vain, in case I’m tired of myself. . . In a moment of hesitation, the two gangsters had dragged the girl to the dark woods, and the girl screamed for help. In a critical moment, I couldn’t bear it anymore, and brave enough courage, while shouting “Help!” while rushing towards the gangster, without a head or a brain, he had to hit them with a bag in his hand. The dagger stabbed me, and I only felt pain in the abdomen. Looking down, one side of the dagger was stuck in my abdomen. The two gangsters saw their lives and fled when they turned around. Before I fell into a coma, I saw a shadow passing by my head, and in my ear was the voice of the girl exclaiming and crying, and the only thought I flashed was that I hadn’t lived enough.    When I woke up, I found myself lying on the ground, the moonlight was spreading softly on me, and there were insects whispering in my ears. I was puzzled to stand up and looked at myself. There was a hole in the abdomen of the jacket, but when touched by hand, the abdomen skin was smooth and smooth. what happened? Am I injured? Is it just a dream?    The watch on the wrist had the hour hand pointing at 12. I was full of doubts, patted the dust on my body, picked up the bag on the ground, and walked home. Back home, I was taken aback when washing the mirror in the bathroom. It turned out that the corners of my mouth were injured and bleeding. I was busy washing it with water. When I took a bath, I observed whether there was any wound on my body, but the strange thing was that there were no scars. Did the gangster panic not sting me? It seems that my luck is really good.    When I woke up in the morning, I discovered that the world is really beautiful. I didn’t experience the loss, and I didn’t know how beautiful it was. Good mood is like the bright sunshine outside the window. For the first time, I hummed a song