The first letter

Zhou Jing sat at the window writing a diary, occasionally looking up at the window. “Everything is calm and normal. This year passed quickly, and Xiaolei and I could still talk,” just writing here, Zhou Jing suddenly saw Xiaolei coming out of the window and approaching the door, she closed quickly. Diary, locked in the drawer.

As soon as she came in, she said, “Sister Zhou, your letter seems to be from Xiao Zhang.” After that, she blinked mysteriously at her. Xiao Zhang is Zhou Jing’s boyfriend and recently went to Shanghai for a business trip. “Hurry to me.” Xiaolei smiled and handed her the letter.

The address of Zhou Jing’s family was written on the lilac envelope, but there was no address. After tearing open the envelope, after reading a few sentences, I found that it was not written by Xiao Zhang, “Xiaolei, I won the prize, so good!” “What?” “Remember the bag of chocolate pie I bought with my cousin last month? There is a receipt card in the bag, which says that you can participate in the lottery as long as you mail it back. My cousin told me to do it and said that it may not be in the meeting.” “How many prizes did you win?” “First prize! Go to Matsuzaki for free God, the letter said that the hotel has been booked, and there are ferry tickets and tickets.” Zhou Jing has always wanted to travel in the summer vacation. The advantage of being a teacher is that there are two long holidays every year, and it is easier to be an art teacher in elementary school. Colleagues often come to Zhou Jing’s house to play and have picnics many times, but they have never been far away, so it is a godsend to be able to go to such a famous scenic spot as Matsuaki Mountain.

Xiaolei is lively and active, and would like to go with her, so she took her hand and said, “Sister Zhou, will you take me, okay?” Zhou Jing’s His parents died prematurely, and only his relatives and cousins ​​lived in this city. An uncle went abroad very early, and there was no news. She lived in a big house herself, and her cousin persuaded her to rent a shady house, and rented it to Xiaolei who went to college nearby.

Zhou Jing thought that cousin could not have time to go to work, so he agreed to go with Xiaolei. Three days later, Zhou Jing and Xiaolei set off if the door was given to her cousin.

After boarding the ship, it was found to be a very large and luxurious passenger ship. Xiaolei said that it was very similar to the Titanic seen in the movie. Facing the wind blowing from the water, standing beside the ship’s side, Zhou Jing felt very comfortable. Since the death of her parents, she has lived in her own life. “Sister Zhou, look, is that Matsuzaki Mountain?” Xiaolei talked and laughed along the way, and every tanker and flying bird excited her. “I didn’t expect to arrive so soon.” Zhou Jing said, maybe the happy time is always short.

The second letter

After disembarking, the two went to the hotel to register, put their luggage, and went out to play. The tourists in the scenic area are woven and lively. The small vendors are selling souvenirs to pedestrians. This attracts the eyes of Zhou Jing and Xiaolei. They picked the goods along the way and decided not to go mountain climbing in the morning. Local customs. At noon, the two returned to the hotel for dinner.

Xiao Lei sat on the bed as soon as she entered the house, opened the bag to find something to eat. Zhou Jing found that there was a letter on the table. The envelope was the same as the last one. She picked it up and gave it to herself. Somewhat strange, she opened it and read it.

“Zhou Jing: Have you arrived at Matsuaki Mountain? The scenery here is very good, are you having a good time? But you haven’t thought about my lonely life in another world, here is good Cold! No one chats with me, no one plays with me, it’s all white, and it’s hard to tell whether it’s winter or summer. Why haven’t you thought of me? Long hair, big eyes, I’m the one you Xiaofeng, who is pushing down the stairs! Your heart is so cruel, I’m just prettier than you, better than your family, you just treat me like this. Do you still keep my doll? Give me back, I’m so lonely “” A cool air rushed up from the soles of the feet, Zhou Jing held the table so as not to fall, Xiaofeng, she remembered it, it was her children who were in kindergarten when she was seven years old. The doll that blinked, and it would cry when it was shot. At that time, the children were very envious, but Xiaofeng did not allow others to touch her doll, so the more jealous everyone was. Zhou Jing has been beating her idea. There is a shabby slide in the kindergarten, which is raised a bit for the children, although no one is afraid of playing. Once, when the teacher was away, the children scrambled to play the slide. You pushed me on the slide. Zhou Jing took the opportunity to push Xiaofeng from the back. She didn’t expect that she really fell off and never stood up again. It was determined to be an accident at the time, and the teacher supervision was not favorable. Zhou Jing took the rag doll while he wasn’t paying attention.

Thinking of this, Zhou Jing looked suspiciously around, as if there were a pair of eyes staring at her in the dark. Xiaolei bit the bread and got up to get a water glass. “What are you doing, Sister Zhou, why don’t you eat?” Zhou Jing put the letter in his pocket and said, “Just walked tiredly just now, but can’t eat it for a while.” Xiao Leila As Zhou Jing went out, he seemed to find nothing. Zhou Jing pretended to be very interested, but hesitated in his footsteps and followed Xiaolei. While walking, a little girl next to her ran, six or seven years old, suddenly fell near Zhou Jing. Zhou Jing quickly helped her up. “Little sister, so careless?” The little girl raised her head and smiled at her. At this time, Xiao Lei came over to take photos of the dust on the child’s body and tidy up her clothes. Zhou Jing was surprised to find that the little girl looked very similar to Xiaofeng. “Sister Zhou, what’s the matter with you, how pale is your face?” “I’m not very comfortable, probably because of stomach problems, I want to go back to rest.” “Are you okay? It would be better to go mountain climbing tomorrow.” Back to the hotel , Zhou Jing was lying in bed, still lingering in fear. Does anyone know about it? I never told anyone, and my mother would not notice it. It was just that once she came into my room and saw the doll, I said yes Borrow someone else’s play for two days, and finally had to throw it away. It’s not easy to cheat my mother. She has severe asthma and she keeps breathing as soon as she has an attack. She must spray medicine into her mouth. Zhou Jing has seen her uncomfortable appearance more than once. Since the father’s death, the mother has to manage everything for her.She reprimanded her with a straight face. She seemed unsatisfied with what she did. The room was a bit chaotic. She said that Zhou Jing was both benzene and lazy. Even if the test results were not good, it was endless. You were not allowed to go out to play, not allowed…
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The third letter

The temperature changes were clearly felt early the next morning, and the heavy rain caused the temperature to drop a lot. “Oops, I forgot that it often rains here, without rain gear.” Zhou Jing looked at the dark weather outside the window and said with some remorse. Xiaolei also said that such weather is impossible to go out. The waiter who came in to clean said: “Did you not listen to the weather forecast? It rains all day. It is often the case here, but after the rain, the sky will be bright.” At eleven o’clock, Xiaolei went to the waiter for hot water Instant noodles. Zhou Jing sorted out the souvenirs she bought. At this time, a waiter knocked on the door and said that she wrote a letter to Zhou Jing again, holding a light blue envelope in her hand. “Who gave it to you?” Her vigilance made the waiter down. Jump, “It was mailed, and the address was written in room 523.” Zhou Jing sat on the bed, feeling like he was restrained everywhere, as if there was an invisible magic hand manipulating his destiny. She opened the letter hesitantly.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time, how’s it going? Is it too comfortable to forget me? Although we haven’t met each other for a while, I will never forget you because we fell in love The same person-Xiao Zhang! Is your relationship okay? When you are tender and affectionate, I never expected the pain I suffered. I want to remind you at all times and tell you every drop of my ear Blood contains hate, it’s you, who pushed me to the abyss, and from then on have a different journey with Xiaozhangren and never meet each other. But don’t forget, you won’t have a good ending, not far away from you A pair of eyes have been staring at you, you feel it now.

A Ling “It’s her! Zhou Jing remembered that love rival, Xiao Zhang’s former lover. If it weren’t for her, Xiao Zhang had already married Zhou Jing. She couldn’t tolerate Xiao Zhang’s fascination with A Ling, and turned around her day to night. Zhou Jing called him, he didn’t reply, but as soon as he talked to Aling, he could not talk. She couldn’t watch Aling snatch Xiao Zhang away, she had to take action. Zhou Jing was looking for the opportunity, and finally one night, she saw Aling on the road, she was walking in a hurry, probably there was something urgent. Zhou Jing followed her. When A Ling was going to aisle on the side of the road, Zhou Jing shoved her abruptly. As soon as she fell down the road, just one or two speeding cars came…

She consciously knew nothing about it, and Xiao Zhang returned to her, her plan was realized, but what happened to this letter? Is there really a ghost? She couldn’t sit still and stood up and walked back and forth in the room. She must have read her diary. Her daily habit is to write a diary, so who will see her write? There are only people who are always with her, and the person closest to her is…

Ping pong, the door opened, and Xiaolei holding the noodle bowl in both hands goCome in, “Sister Zhou, let’s eat, it’s been soaking for a long time.” “How come back?” “Ou, chatting with the waiter for a while, guess what she said? She said that a month ago, someone died here I’m not dead, I’m haunted at night! Sister Zhou, do you believe in ghosts?” “It’s funny, who believes in that?” Zhou Jingduan took a few sips over the noodle bowl and suddenly said, no matter whether it rains tomorrow, I have to climb the mountain, The opportunity is rare!


Sure enough it is sunny, the sun is shining, the wind is beautiful. The two set off early to Matsuzaki Mountain. Struggling all the way up to the mountainside two hours later. The scenery on the mountain is really charming, the air is fresh, and it feels really back to nature. This may be the reason why people love mountain climbing. Pieces of pine forest are scattered all over the mountain, the trees are tall and lush, and the style of the mountain and stone is unique.

After only a short break, Zhou Jing urged to continue up the mountain, saying that the scenery on the top of the mountain is the best. The mountain road is steeper and steeper. Songqi Mountain is the highest mountain in this area and is famous for its danger. Climbing to the steep place, the people above have to turn around and pull a companion behind, and in some places they can only step on the gravel. After a long time, the two reached the top of the mountain.

“It’s spectacular!” Xiao Lei exclaimed. Looking up, the distant scenery, houses, tourists, and vehicles are as large as peas. “Sister Zhou is quick to see, it’s really beautiful.”

Standing beside her, Zhou Jing is in a particularly calm mood. To get rid of her troubles, now is the opportunity. “Xiaolei, do you still have nothing to tell me, and don’t treat me as an outsider.”

Xiaolei’s eyes widened, how did she know, “Really not Sorry, Sister Zhou, I haven’t sent any money to me recently. I always wanted to tell you, can you take me a thousand yuan?”

“You shouldn’t borrow this.”< br>

“What are you talking about?”

“I will not accept blackmail.”

Just there When Xiao Lei did not understand what it meant, Zhou Jingyi started to act. I just felt like I was pushed hard, and my feet left the ground. In Xiao Lei’s misinterpreted eyes, I found myself unbelievably in the air. The figure on the cliff was getting smaller and smaller. There was an exclamation.

The fourth letter

Until midnight, Zhou Jing dragged his tired body back to the hotel, the crowd was noisy, the police questioned, in his mind Disorganized, she just repeated her companion’s footsteps and fell off the cliff because of excitement and fatigue before finally being allowed to come back. Is everything over? She didn’t realize that she just wanted to sleep and was too tired.

The knock on the door awakened her from the blur. When you opened the door, you found the waiter standing at the door, your letter.

Zhou Jing was surprised to find that she had a purple envelope in her hand.

“Zhou Jing: I haven’t slept yet. I’m here again. Don’t think it was written by Xiaolei. She is just a child. Although she has many shortcomings, she spends a lot of money. , But I think she just borrowed some money from you. Why do you always doubt people? Don’t believe people. But you should believe me, I am your closest person! I always feel that I am restricting you, I don’t give you freedom, but I love you after all, as long as you talk about your thoughts, I will promise you. I grew up watching you, every day for your life, your future, I am Your mother! Do you still remember which night? My illness, coughing, and the medicine in the medicine bottle went there? I am your mother, I won’t blame you, I just want to tell you, Isn’t it too tiring to live like this? Why should you torture yourself? Take a rest, a bottle of sleeping pills can get permanent sleep.

There is a bottle in the left pocket of your bag. You have a good sleep.”

The stationery fell from Zhou Jing’s hand, written by her mother, otherwise how would she know that night when the wind and rain had been mixed, she broke it accidentally Mother’s medicine bottle didn’t tell her, but that night, her asthma attack, the thunderstorm sound covered up all the sounds, although she made a big noise when looking for medicine. Since then, Zhou Jing has often had nightmares and had to take sleeping pills every day to fall asleep.

She found the bottle of sleeping pills in her handbag, a small white bottle. Yes, she was too tired. She never wanted to sleep but could not fall asleep. Scenarios appeared in front of her, all familiar faces opened her eyes and looked at her, asking her for her life, and she In seeking forgiveness.

She can’t stand it anymore. She needs to be quiet and needs permanent peace. The medicine bottle is unsealed. White round pills pile up in the palm of her hand…


One morning later, Li Xiang and her husband came to the cousin’s house. “I haven’t come in a few days, and it’s covered with ash everywhere. You can get some water first.” Lixiang said to her husband. “This house is really nice, spacious, bright and much stronger than ours.” The couple talked while tidying up the house. “If we say that our children are blessed, when he gets married, he will have a good house to live in.”

“Speaking of children, we should also inform him that he is still going to school in the field.” “

“I know, I wrote the letter long ago,” Lixiang said, raising a purple envelope in her hand. “Just wait for the mail.”