This is from the book, I think it’s not bad, and share it with everyone! The story happened in Japan! A Xia is a junior girl, the members of his family are very simple, only three: father, mother and A Xia. Asya lives in a traditional Japanese house, all made of wood. She needs to take off her shoes after going to the entrance. On that day, my dad told Axia at dinner, “Axia, my mom and dad will be away in a few days. It will probably take three days. You are a girl at home. I’m afraid that there will be dangers. I will find some friends. Falling with you, “Oh, 9 Axia is very happy. She must find a friend to play with, then she thought to herself. When the day came, Axia found four classmates to come to her house after class, Axia’s My father saw that the four classmates were all good friends of Axia at the university, and they could get out of the door after explaining some trivial matters. Axia’s home was not big, only two floors, the first floor was the room of his parents, There is a kitchen living room and toilet, and there is only Axia’s room on the second floor. At night, a group of people cooked something and ate, and chatted and watched TV in the living room. When it was more than 11 o’clock in the evening, everyone was tired, and went to the second floor Ready to go to sleep. Fortunately, there is only one room on the second floor, Axia, and the five people are still a little wide. A large group of people lie down and chat. I feel like it is too worthwhile to sleep. I get up and continue to chat. When it hit more than two o’clock, Axia suddenly wanted to go to the toilet, so she asked her friend to wait for her, and she came back immediately. This is Axia’s house, of course she is not afraid, although the lights downstairs have been turned off, Axia Hurry to run from the upstairs to the downstairs toilet, because it is very early in the morning, it is very quiet, and the Axia family is a traditional Japanese wooden old house, so the sound of the wooden floor when walking sounds particularly obvious, and there is a sense of disrepair She didn’t turn on the light when she walked upstairs after going to the toilet. As she walked halfway, she found that there was a sound in the back corridor behind her, because the floor behind her sounded like she was following her. , And there is a slight “slap! Slap 9 sounds, as long as Axia stopped, the sound disappeared, Axia stopped three times, and found that the sound stopped three times, Axia summoned the courage to look back, A Xia didn’t see anything, and Xia was very scared. At this time, Xia saw red marks on the floor in the distance. It was not very clear under the light of a little moonlight, but it seemed to extend all the way to Xia. As soon as Axia looked down, Axia was shocked to death. Axia saw an old man with a very thin bone and shriveled lying on the ground, leaning his head, striving to look up from the floor with big eyes. Axia, and the point is that the old man has only half of his body, dragging his intestines from the amputated body, and a long bloodstain was drawn behind the old man. Axia couldn’t help but retreat a few steps, The old man stretched out his bare hands and crawled forward, making the sound of “Slap! Pop 9”, Axia turned back and ran upstairs, and the half-length old man just used his still slow speed, slowly Climbing, the sound of “Pap! Pap 9” kept coming… Axia hurriedly reached out to open the door when she ran upstairs. At this time, Axia was nervous and died, because Axia heard that “Pap! Pap 9 hasAfter climbing the stairs, as long as Axia is with her friends, she is not afraid! However, the door was locked, and Axia wanted to say that her friend might have locked it. At a critical moment, Axia shouted, but the door did not open at all, and there was no sound in the room. Axia was really scared. Extremely, the hand has been turning hard without leaving the handle, hoping that the door will open, and head quickly turned to look at the stairs… In this way, Axia watched the half-length old man dragging his intestines, crawling slowly along the blood stains Going up the stairs and climbing to Asya little by little, Asya’s head became stiff, and she could only watch the horrible half-length old man approaching her, but she had nothing to do… The old man climbed and climbed Climb to Axia’s feet, stretch out his bare hands like a thin skin to grab Axia’s feet, Axia no longer has the strength to struggle……. “Axia! Axia! What are you doing? Axia 9 “Axia! Wake up as soon as possible 9” Axia 9 Axia woke up at the call of her friend, she saw her friend crying immediately “What are you doing? My name is so loud Neither of you open the door! Hum…” Axia cried loudly, “Are you there?” Friends shouted face to face. “We are waiting for you to wait for a long time to come out to find you. Who knows you have collapsed at the door 9″ What the hell happened?” Axia told them that everyone was very scared and went with them for anything… A few days later, Axia’s parents came back and Axia quickly told her parents about it After Axia described the old man’s appearance, Axia’s parents were surprised, and then calmed down. Axia’s father immediately entered the room and took out a photo “Is this person?” “Ah! Yes! This person, Dad! How can you have a picture of this person?” Axia was full of doubts. “He is the grandfather you haven’t met before. He died before you were born and died very miserably.” Axia’s father couldn’t help Tears… Maybe Grandpa missed his granddaughter who had never been masked, maybe he could not change his image, otherwise how could he have the heart to scare his granddaughter? Affection is a relationship that can never be severed, and has always been entangled between you and me.