The old man Liu, the guard, has encountered troubles recently. This matter is of great importance. It cannot be said to others, nor can it be solved completely at once.
This happened from a Monday night. On Monday night, old man Liu inspected the office building as usual, and closed the big iron door of the office building, but after lying down, I always felt that something was wrong. At about 12 o’clock in the night, Old Liu smelled a smell of paint that was getting heavier and heavier. At midnight, how could there be a smell of paint in this office building? He turned on the lights and checked from the seventh floor to the first floor, but no strangeness was found, but the smell became stronger and stronger.
Old man Liu flashed a flashlight and opened the big iron door. The smell of paint came from outside the door. It was not a problem in this office building. Old Man Liu was at ease. When he was about to close the door to go to bed, the weak halo of the flashlight saw a few lines of clear words on the big iron door, silver gray, and the big words on the brush were still dripping paint-“Director Jia is corrupt and accepting bribes.”
Old man Liu panicked. When he was a doorman for ten years, it seems that these words are about to smash his own rice bowl. He hurried into the house to find gasoline, brought a bowl of water, and scrubbed hard.
However, after half an hour of busy work, the word seems to have grown on the iron gate, and no matter how scrubbing does not fade. Old Liu was exhausted, and he looked at those words with a dismayed look, unable to do anything.
Suddenly, he remembered that he still had two bottles of anti-rust paint in his house, or the last time the unit brushed the railings of the office building. Old man Liu quickly found the brush and the two bottles of paint, which happened to be silver-gray, too. Hey! The big iron door was refreshed, and the abominable handwriting finally disappeared.
Old man Liu who had a sore back has almost not slept all night. When the newly painted big iron door was dry, the leaders and comrades of the unit came to work. Director Jia was the first to enter.
“Oh, overnight, the door changed colors!” Director Jia looked at old man Liu and smiled.
Old man Liu smiled to Secretary Jia with fear and fear, “The door is a bit rusty, and a little rust-proof paint is useless. I was so busy last night that I brushed it again.”
Director Jia patted Liu with approval The old man’s shoulder, “It’s not bad, you are working hard!”
The old man Liu was shocked. His food, clothing and food are all relying on this gate. If something goes wrong, it will be over. But who wrote it in the end? No matter who it is, it’s impossible for Director Jia to know, otherwise it’s not the result?
Old man Liu is more upbeat with the gate, guarding the iron gate if it’s okay. When the wrong office is used, the remittance order is given to the wrong person. But how can it be blamed that Old Man Liu is not faithful to his duty? In order to prevent the malicious brushing of large characters and the destruction of the iron door from happening again, pitiful, he can hardly sleep at night, sitting in a cotton-padded jacket all night and guarding by the gate, not even the toilet. on.
But even tigers doze off. One night, when the cold wind blew, old man Liu diarrhea. But before and after five minutes, Old Man Liu’s pants didn’t have time to fasten, and the odious smell of paint came again.
This time it was red paint, old man Liu panicked.
I went to the paint shop to shoot the door all night. The boss who sold the paint scoldedScolding that old man Liu bought lacquer in the middle of the night and got a neuropathy, but still sold it to him, but warned: “This is the only time. Let’s not take it as an example, otherwise you will wake up and doze, and you will not sell any money.”
It was half a night of sweating and sweating work. Old man Liu’s old bones were about to be tired on the iron gate. This time the iron gate became bright, dazzling and brand new red.
When the leaders and comrades came to work in the morning, Old Man Liu noticed that Director Jia didn’t smile when he saw the color change of the iron gate, and frowned.
Old man Liu quickly explained: “The 11th National Day is coming. Paint red, happy.”
The National Day is still early, but Director Jia didn’t speak and shook his head.
Old man Liu is anxious, the comrades in the bureau have already complained about his recent performance. When the boiling water was not delivered in time, there was always an error in the sending and receiving of newspapers and letters, and he was always seen dozing off during the day. He is anxious day by day, and has not slept all night for many days in a row. His old bones are about to fall apart. However, it will be the weekend soon, and the people in the unit will not go to work. The criminals are very likely to commit crimes again. In case there is a problem on the iron gate, it can be one hundred times more serious than this complaint.
In the afternoon, Old Man Liu took a leave and went out. He took the deposit and went directly to the paint shop. He bought a bucket of yellow, green, red, white, blue and black.
The colorful paint was bought back, and old man Liu rested peacefully, and finally slept a good night. He advanced the alarm clock two hours, so that even if there was a word on the door, it was still too late to redraw the door for the color of the handwriting.