When Xiao Bao retired, he just caught up with the director of the village committee. Xiao Bao’s grass-green military uniform with no shoulder badges made the eyes of the villagers in Qingquan shine. Xiaobao became the director of the village committee of Qingquan Village.
Qingquan Village is a large village with more than 300 households, and the surnames live together. Those petty thieves and prostitutes quarreled with each other, and neither the public security nor the courts were involved in the trifles. The seven aunts and eight aunts of the parcels were all in Qingquan Village. Therefore, the small packet has a headache, and the small packet of headache invites a few friends to drink a few cups to relieve their worries with wine. Slowly, everyone knows that Xiao Bao likes to drink, and he knows that his volume is not large. Three or two liquors are red-faced and red, and he can’t find North after half a pound. If you drink too much, you will talk nonsense and often get rid of it.
Yunxian and Baoye in the village fought for a few feet of dead wood, and their eyes were bruised. Baoye knew that Yunxian would not stop easily. So he asked his wife to fry a few dishes, and invited his brother-in-law’s pouch to drink. Baoye thought, you can’t even recognize your little uncle, but as long as you don’t let the pouch drink half a catty, he will protect himself, Not afraid of Yunxian tossing.
Baoye really cunning, only let his wife buy a bottle of “red sorghum” in half a catty,-sit down and make two cups. The packet only blushed, but not drunk. When Baoye saw the opportunity, he came to the end to add oil and vinegar, and complained to Xiaobao. When Baoye was almost finished, he yelled that Yunxian was not a person, and said that he must punish Yunxian. Speaking of the small bag, he drew out a bottle of wine from his body: a bottle of Yanghe Daqu given to me by Huang Xiangchang, come, let’s try it. Baoye panicked at first sight and quickly stopped; drink it next time. Little tolerance is not much to say, fill yourself up first, and then fill up for the treasure industry. At this time, the director of mediation came in and said that something was wrong with the director of the village committee. Xiao Bao said: No hurry, no hurry. Sit down and have a glass of wine first. The director of mediation did not refuse, and sat down next to the packet and drank. When the wine is about the same. The throat of the packet rang. Suddenly he said to Baoye; you were just a nonsense just now, intending to confuse me, and if there was no wine given to me by Huang Xiang, he almost made a wrong case. Then Xiao Bao sternly said: You make trouble unreasonably, seize the strong points, hit people, hit the law, hard to come by. You will pay the 500 yuan medical expenses of Unzen immediately. Baoye listened and glared. Xiao Bao was not in a hurry. She turned to the mediation director and said, “Go and drive the tractor, and pull the big pig of the Baoye family to sell.”
I heard that Xiao Bao’s case was just and he wanted to pull his big uncle’s big pig to sell for medical expenses. Everyone went around to see the excitement. Xiao Bao called several onlookers to help him, and he rolled up his sleeves and prepared to start. He kept shouting: Don’t sell less or sell more, it’s 500 yuan. Baoye knows that once his brother-in-law gets drunk, he can do it, and this big pig can sell at least 700 yuan. He knew that he would not be able to escape, so he asked his wife to take out 500 yuan, and he regretted it in his heart. Today, he wasted food and drink and lost money.
After awakening from drinking, Xiao Bao took the initiative to go out and thank her; I am not a person, just because of greed. I was so confused that I couldn’t tell what you did to me on weekdays. Now I can only ask you to be more forgiving. BaoyeAfter Xiao Bao’s sincere words, most of his anger had disappeared, and he couldn’t help it.
Since then, the villagers have transcribed him as “Jiubao Gong”. After the news of “Jiubao Gong” came to the ears of a reporter, the reporter specially interviewed Xiaobao and wrote a long story. Since then, the reputation of “Liu Bao Gong” has become more and more famous.
Last year, the city organized relevant departments to help the poor in pairs with a group of poor villages. Paired with Qingquan Village is the Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bank. When Mr. Wang of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China was accompanied by Mr. Huang Xiang to Qingquan Village, it was close to noon. Xiao Bao asked his wife to get a table to feast on Mr. Wang and his party. When he saw the wine, he thought of the elegant name of “Jiao Bao Gong”. In addition, during the conversation with Xiao Bao before the meal, Xiao Bao’s dedication and dedication moved President Wang. President Wang looked at the packet differently, and then pulled the packet to sit next to him.
Begin drinking, everyone respects President Wang, but President Wang respects the small bag first. When asked about the details of the case of drunkenness, Xiaobao reluctantly smiled and said, “It’s everyone’s spirit.”
After drinking a few cups of wine, Xiao Bao refused to drink anything. President Wang said: Drink more, we still wish you drunk drunk today to make a case for us. The small face was red-eared. While thanking President Wang, he refused to drink while declining. President Wang felt that Xiao Bao was upright, and he wanted to have three cups with him. Huang Xiang also persuaded Xiao Bao. It is said that President Wang has come so far to help the development of Qingquan Village. You don’t have much respect for President Wang. You drink it. But the packet has been drunk for more than half a catty, and it is useless to persuade anyone. Say no to drink. The time of the stalemate was not short, and both parties were unwilling to give in. President Wang suddenly said, “Small bag, isn’t the money you have for a candied fruit factory enough, you have three glasses with me first, and then every time you drink a glass of wine, I will give you a village loan Ten thousand yuan to support you to set up a preserved fruit factory After hearing this, Huang Xiang tried his best to encourage Xiao Bao to drink, and Xiao Bao was worrying about the lack of funds. He mentioned it to President Wang before dinner. President Wang only promised a loan of 300,000 yuan. The gap of hundreds of thousands of yuan has not yet been settled. Xiao Bao thought again and again, and finally stood up and asked President Wang; talking about it? President Wang said: It is our responsibility to support you in getting rid of poverty and getting rich. Why not count. A cup of ten thousand, a word of nine tripods.