Wu Song hits the tiger
Wu Song went to Jingyanggang and met a hungry white-eyed big tiger with a hungry eye. If he got a treasure, he grabbed the camera and was a crazy shot, and he shouted excitedly: “I finally got it What a tiger!” Echoes echoed in the valley for a long time. The tiger was not happy, and said, “Hey, what are you yelling at? You have to pay a fee for taking pictures of celebrities! Otherwise, be careful to infringe your portrait rights!” Wu Song was shocked: “This tiger has evolved It’s too fast, I can speak people, it’s really advancing with the times!” Tiger grinned: “It’s so beautiful! Do you think you can still touch a real tiger this year? I’m just a temporary guest guest actor, press According to the above regulations, a photo is charged for one hundred! Pay it quickly!”
Wu Songdun feels cheated. He smashes his camera at the tiger angrily: “Now even the tiger has a fake, it’s really annoying.

Song Jiang angered Yan Poxi
Since Song Jiang became the secretary of the county government, because of his busy official duties, he neglected his second mistress Yan Poxi. Yan Po Xi Sui Hong Xing came out of the wall and secretly raised a “little white face.” By chance, Yan Poxi discovered the correspondence between Song Jiang and Liang Shan and used it as a bargaining chip to blackmail Song Jiang. Song Jiang was afraid of the East Window incident and ruined her future. Talk to her about the conditions: “Sister, please let me go! The family house, passbook, gold and silver jewelry, and the newly bought BMW are all yours. “Yan Poxi shouted: “You can’t say anything, you will give me a million dollars now!” Song Jiang was desperately corrupted, so he kept doing letters, grabbed letters, and burned down. Yan Po Xi laughed: “Small sample, I have already guarded against your kid, tell you the truth, you just grabbed a copy!”
Song Jiang couldn’t bear it, and Yan Po Xi was on the spot with anger. From then on, he set foot on the road of no return, until Shangliangshan took the first place. Song Jiang summed up the experience and lessons of Yan Poxi’s incident and often warned his subordinates: “Don’t just take a mistress, this is a very high risk index. Mistress is more powerful than a tiger!”

Ximen Qing encountered Pan Jinlian
Ximen Qing walked to Zishi Street in Yanggu County. Pan Jinlian stood upstairs and took a fork to close the curtain. He accidentally dropped the fork and hit him on Ximen Qing’s head. Xi Menqing opened his toad’s mouth and was about to yell. When he looked up, he saw that it was a fairy cutie, and he immediately turned upside down with joy, and discharged frequently. Pan Jinlian apologized and said: “Brother, I’m sorry, didn’t you make you an idiot?” Ximen Qing said with a smile: “Thank you for taking the lead, I got through the second pulse of my Ren Du, let me practice “Xuan Ming Shen Gong.” Pan Jinlian was amused by Xi Menqing’s humor, and he saw his whole body famous brand, a boss sent his head, could not help but please. The two hit it off, and soon became a pair of dewy mandarin ducks.
Soon, Wu Dalang learned of his wife’s gossip and couldn’t help but get angry, preparing to go to Ximen Qing to settle the bill. Ximen Qing drove a Porsche with Pan Jinlian, and met Wu Dalang narrow road. Wu Dalang shouted: “The hate of taking the wife is so deceiving, I will fight you!”