Mike bought ten million dollars in the lottery. On the day of receiving the award, he put on a black robe and a black mask, wrapped his head and face tightly, only showing his eyes, nose and mouth.
Mike still feels less safe. He used ink to darken his eyes, put a piece of tape on his nose, and put a floral makeup on his mouth to make it look as if it was scorched.
Mike successfully received the bonus. The next day, he looked in the newspaper when he received the bonus, and no one around him recognized it.
After three months, Mike saw that no one suspected him, so he planned to spend his money with confidence. He flew from New York to San Francisco on vacation.
One night, Mike came to a bar and drank some wine, very excited. He saw a man with a frown on his face, and shouted: “Hey, man, come and sit, I’ll ask you to have a drink.”
The man came to his table and sat down, Mike called boldly A bottle of expensive wine. The man was so excited that he drank three glasses, complimenting, “Thank you, sir, I have never seen a rich man like you. If I were in New York, I would think you were the mysterious winner.”
Mike burst out a smug laugh and chatted with him with excitement: “I’m from New York.”
The man said: “I’ve been doing well in New York until something happened to change me Life.”
Mike asked with interest: “Oh, can you tell me?”
The man smiled bitterly: “I know two women in New York and keep in touch with them at the same time. One night When I was sleeping at a woman’s house, her husband came back suddenly…”
“Oh.” Mike smiled knowingly.
The man continued: “The woman’s husband is a boxing coach. He picked me up from the bed like a chick, punched twice, and threw it out of the window.”
Mike sighed sympathetically : “Really? It’s bad luck.”
The man said annoyedly: “There’s even more bad luck. When I got up and ran away, I accidentally hit the telephone pole, and the pain almost died.”< br>Mike gave a sympathetic laughter: “Oh, it’s too bad.”
The man shook his head and said, “It’s not over yet. I ran naked to the second woman’s house. She was ironing my suit at the time , Seeing my appearance, and waiting for me to explain, ironed me with an iron…”
Mike couldn’t help laughing: “Friend, a bad day.”
The man said painfully: “No, it’s not just this day. You don’t know what happened the next day. When I came to the company with dark circles and tape on my nose, stroking the mouth burned by the iron, the boss and all my colleagues immediately Surround me and congratulate me on winning the $10 million jackpot.”
Mike’s eyes widened incredulously, holding her belly and smiling under the table.
The man said pitifully: “You laugh, bold friend. Then, as you guessed, although I didn’t win, I was in trouble and I couldn’t live in New York anymore. I really don’t understand, that damn Why does the guy pretend to beThat pair looks to receive the prize. ”