My sister is a little bit younger, but has all the extremely boring problems in the world. Don’t look at her sitting there obediently, once she gets entangled with her, it promises to be endless.
“Brother, why do you say we need to wash the dishes after eating?” Her problems are usually not like problems, but don’t be fooled. If you accidentally fall into the trap.
“Of course you have to wash it, so that the tableware and chopsticks will be clean.”
“But we don’t need to wash it when we finish the first bowl and then the second bowl.”
“Of course not. Wash.”
“We only eat two bowls for lunch, why do we wash it when the third bowl is served for dinner?”
“This, this…” Well, now the problem has become unmanageable, “Well, because the time between the second bowl and the third bowl is too long, bacteria will grow, and after eating the bacteria, the stomach will hurt…”
When she heard the bacteria, her eyes flashed immediately. Shine: “Why do bacteria grow over time?”
“Because bacteria will multiply… multiply.” Oh my God, I accidentally said a professional term again. It doesn’t matter if the clothes are stuck with kraft sugar, but it can be removed; but once stuck to your sister, then you are absolutely disgraced.
“What is breeding?” Sure enough, it stuck.
“Breeding is giving birth, for example, mother is giving birth to you, it is breeding.”
“Then will I breed?” Mom, what’s the problem. I hesitated for a moment, and things must never go on like this…
“Brother, do you say I will breed?”
“So how can I breed?”
“I was bored, and I really wanted to scold the ghost! But thinking about her tears and crying, I swallowed in one breath: “When you grow up. “You mean that when I grow up, I will reproduce automatically, just like bacteria?” “
I can’t bear it anymore, and I’m about to yell at him, and suddenly I have a plan, and immediately cover my chest, ready to pretend to die. I have no choice but to die.
“Brother, what’s wrong with you?” “Obviously, my plan worked.
“Don’t disturb me, I’m dying…”
“Brother, tell me first, will I automatically reproduce when I grow up.” “
” “Ah? Goodbye. “I pretended to be grinning, and lay down on the bed, “I’m dead!”
My sister grabbed me and shook for a long time, touched here, fiddled there, it seemed a little scared, but there was no noise, I left honestly. For the first time, I realized that “death” can be so wonderful. Fortunately, she suddenly came back and asked, “Brother, how long are you going to die?” “
Oh my god! I opened one eye: “Please, let me die for an hour, can you?” “
” But I don’t know how to watch the clock. “
” It doesn’t matter, I will tell you when the time comes. “
” Then shall I cry? “
” No, no, you just have to be quiet. “After I finished, I pretended to die and hoped that she would walk away quickly.
She seemed to respect my “death”, went to the living room to play a sad piano song, and then “dongdong” ranCome and ask: “Brother, how long do you have to die?”
“40 minutes.”
She went to play “Tian Tian Tian Lan” again, and then came to ask: “How long will you die?”
” 30 minutes.”
When she ran to ask the fifth time, it was only 15 minutes. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I had to come alive: “Please, I’m afraid you are okay? You can do whatever you want, as long as you don’t ask any questions.”
“Then I want to eat ice cream.” She apparently won her victory Very proud.
“Okay, we pull the hook and can’t ask any more questions.”
We take the bus to buy ice cream. Along the way, my sister performed well and no longer asked any questions. I was very happy and bought her a large chocolate and vanilla cone.
Buy ice cream, we take the bus home, and the little trouble comes again: “Why is the return car more expensive than when I came?”