When I was about to get off work, Xiao Ling suddenly called me and said that she had tight hands recently and asked me to borrow 20,000 yuan to spend. I just wanted to cry without tears, and I wished to drop my phone on the ground and stepped on it.
Xiaoling is a young lady I met in a hotel on a business trip to the city a month ago. That night she knocked on my door in a showy manner and easily broke through my moral defense. I thought everything was just a play, but I didn’t expect that after two days, I actually received a thick stack of photos, all of which were naked shots of me hugging her. Later, Xiao Ling called me and threatened that if I didn’t give money, she would look for my wife with a photo. I was so scared that the Six Gods had no master, and immediately sent her two thousand dollars. Unexpectedly, since then, she has deviled me, and her appetite has grown.
My wife went on a business trip in the city. I sat alone at home all night, thinking of Xiaoling, a greedy woman, and a terrible thought flashed in my mind…
I decided to take Xiaoling to my home, and then I killed it without knowing it. She! So I called Xiao Ling and told her that I couldn’t raise so much money now. She stopped doing it and said that if you want to play tricks, watch out for me. I don’t take it for granted that you are so powerful? She squeezed out a few words from her teeth: “You wait and see!” Then hung up the phone.
The next morning, Xiaoling really appeared at the door of my unit and said proudly: “Afraid! Tell you, I have so many informants.” I pretended to be scared and asked her to follow I went home to get the money, and she agreed without thinking.
When I got home, I found that the door was locked from the inside. I pressed the doorbell for a long time, and my wife ran out in a panic. I was shocked, saying that you were not going to the city for business, and I came back after two days. The wife smiled unnaturally. After adjusting her hair, she said, “I came back early. I was sleeping now!”
I asked Xiao Ling to sit down on the sofa in the living room. Thinking secretly about what to do, his wife turned into the bathroom, Xiao Ling glanced at me and said, “Give me money now!”
Why am I rich, but my wife is at home, and I am not convenient . Xiao Ling waited impatiently, pointed her finger at her pocket, and said fiercely: “If you don’t give money, I will give your wife a picture!”
My head is cluttered, and then from the bedroom There was a strange noise. I pushed open the door and saw, my God, a shirtless man stood trembling in the bedroom, and when I saw the door come in, the man quickly rushed out, holding his clothes. I was stunned by this sudden change, and when I finally recovered, the man was gone.
His wife heard the movement outside and ran out of the bathroom. I roared angrily and waved fists at her fiercely: “Say, who is that man?”
The wife lowered her head without making a noise and flushed.
Xiao Ling glanced at me and said contemptuously, “I didn’t expect that your wife is the same thing with you. Forget it, it’s bad luck to meet people like you.” Then, Xiao Ling twisted her waist Walked out, before going outShe looked back at me and shook her head and said, “You are such a pitiful man.”
Xiao Ling just walked away, and his wife said with a smirk, “How is this strategy good?” , This woman will never look for you again in the future.”
I nodded again and again, secretly thinking that it wasn’t my wife who made this idea, and I made a big mistake. In fact, last night I confessed things to my wife and told her that I wanted to kill Xiaoling. My wife hurried back from the city and asked me to perform the play with her in front of Xiaoling.
I took a sigh of relief and said, “It’s easy now.” Who knew that his wife immediately pulled her face down again and screamed at me, “Kneel down, now I’ll calculate the account with you, who keeps you outside” Fuck, provoke such a woman?”
My legs shuddered, I fell to my knees, and the tears of remorse fell down.