At the age of sixteen, I went to a weird place and couldn’t tell what was going on. I was walking on the barren hillside, quiet and no trace, this is the only way my grandmother’s house must pass. There are a lot of grave circles, I have traveled many times, and I am not afraid. But this time something strange happened, I was confused at that time, and suddenly wanted to dig vegetables, this thought was like a nightmare, covering my mind, Then I seemed to be bewitched by something, enchanted, groggy, and walked towards the path. I don’t know how long it has been, or how to do it. Suddenly I was stung by something, is it a bee or a bug that buzzed away, and a pain struck me, and I suddenly awakened and regained consciousness and found myself Grass, with hands clinging to grass, in a secluded forest, so dark light, sensuous, not at all, the growth of the trees here is like a strange shape, a greasy face, weird growth entwined, phantom haggard, There was a cold wind blowing, and they uttered a wailing whistling sound, as if calling me, I was terrified, the fear was already forced to jump out, I heard my heart beating in a strange thump, I So scared that he could not even walk the road, and fled away like crazy, always feeling a pair of vicious eyes peeping behind. Later, when I came home from danger, I was sweating and hiding under the quilt. The more we thought, the more weird, and the more frightened, the more I never knew the dish, why would I want to pick it, what is going on, or I ran into something evil, but I have never been to such a terrible place in my life.

There are many times in the future, I am bold and I have found a lot to go with I found that they were suspicious after hearing my complaint, but I couldn’t find that place, like the disappeared “Xanadu”, and there were a lot of persuasion me. You should burn incense and worship the Buddha, otherwise you won’t have a good son, I don’t believe this Evil, I haven’t done anything, there is nothing terrible, let alone the coming club will come, and it is useless to ask. But the father was afraid, so he begged God and hoped to keep me. Until an old monk looked at me and sighed, he gave me a Tao Fu and said, “This child is too heavy and can only have ten years of good luck and poverty. The monk could not help,” and then waved his hand away. Then I looked back at my father’s sad and panicked eyes.

It’s strange to say not to believe, and it’s even stranger later, I always feel like I have a special function, I’m sleeping I can always float, sometimes take off, always flying, I think I can’t go, struggling to wake up, watching with my eyes open, I’m still, and sometimes floating to the ground, I feel the ground cold, but I opened my eyes I am there. When I was studying, the teacher was giving a lecture. I always felt standing behind me. I spit backwards, but there was nothing. After school, sometimes it was clear and clear, and I was soaked. It’s so weird. This kind of weird phenomenon often happens. In the evening, I clearly saw a standing person. When I walked to the front, I saw an old lady standing and sleeping with her eyes closed, but everyone beside me said it was a tree. It’s amazing, fear has been with me for many years, until I grow up, I can still hear the low in the skyVoice, when I saw a picture, I could catch his eyes moving, his face moving, sometimes making a face, sometimes smiling at me sweetly, sometimes a vicious covetment, despite fear But I still don’t understand what this means!

It’s been a lot of bad luck in the past decade. My career has experienced repeated failures, my family is getting poorer and poorer, and my father has been sick. But the worst is not these, facts, Naturally beautiful, I always experience love failures. I always introduce them, but I don’t. There are various reasons, and weird reasons, like there is something that is always against my fate. Later I finally realized Prince Charming in my heart, our truth, but it didn’t take long for him to suffer a calamity and change the plant, and nothing was expected. My heart was ashamed, and there was always a sneer whisper in my dreams for many years , You can’t escape”, every time I fell asleep trying to open my eyes, but it was always in vain, I saw the dark forest, there was a faint red thing swaying, I was desperate, maybe this vicious The curse is something I can never get rid of in this life. I whistled tragically. I was killed by a cold pillar. I didn’t feel pain. My soul finally flew away, and flew back to the dark woods, and flew into the red. Huajiao! There is a weird voice next to my ear “My concubine Ji is finally back”! A weird grimace in the dark smiles!