I belong to the kind of girl who looks good and is not ugly. In other words, when I walk on the campus, you will definitely not see me. To put it bluntly, I am so ordinary.

Some people say that ordinary women have wisdom, but beautiful women have no brains. But am I? It’s one semester in college, and no one has chased me. I have no stories. In the second half of the semester I had a story that no one believed in. I am here to tell you slowly.

In the second half of the semester, I was really bored. There was no love, and the student union didn’t want me. No specialty? When I think about it, I’m going to be a tutor. It can increase social knowledge and earn a little income. In fact, my idea was quite simple at that time, that is, I thought about some practice in the society to prepare for the future. But I didn’t expect that I could really make money-and it was a small sum.

That day, when I took the advertising tabloid that cost me 20 yuan to work hard and posted it everywhere near the overpass, then the city did not engage in civilization construction and no one was in control. I was too lazy to hold up a sign to show off. I’m really lazy! After listening to my thoughts in the dormitory, Xiaomei said that if you hold a sign and stand on the weekend, someone may ask you immediately. But if you mess up like this, no one will bother, hey, there are too many tabloids! I ignored her, I did it when I thought about it, I didn’t want to change it. In fact, I was afraid to go to a place where there were too many people, and stood like a prisoner, holding a sign with the words “Teacher” written on it. It’s like the murder ritual of a murderer in an old society.

I’ll do it when I think about it. I posted a lot of posts, but I didn’t finish it. I thought I would post again the next day. Sure enough, when I came the next day, someone else’s messy advertising paper covered me. I was very proud to post my post again. At this time, there were people coming and going near the overpass, and I had no idea that someone was near. Just when I posted it and turned to go, I turned around and almost hit the old man in a dark old cotton jacket. I was shocked, and after seeing clearly, I even said sorry. Then when I was leaving, the old man was saying to me in a hoarse voice, girl, I was going to find a tutor for my son, would you like it? I was stunned, and I was immediately happy. I thought it was so easy. I must seize this opportunity to go back and show off to Xiaomei. I immediately began to recite the line I thought of to the old man. I am an excellent student in the school. Now studying science, I can teach science from junior high school to high school. When I was taking the college entrance examination, I was the foreign language champion in the county at that time. This is taught by an experienced school sister. www.guidaye.com is called an all-round attack, focusing on foreign languages. Sure enough, the old man said that my son did not enter the university because he couldn’t speak a foreign language. I want to ask you to make up for the foreign language. He will also take the college entrance examination this year. I said yes, no problem. I can give you five hundred per month. The old man said. As long as you come to teach him every day. I smiled and said, Uncle, I can only count according to school hours, so you will lose money. I only watched his progress every day for two hours. And only come on weekends. I usually come if I have time. This way, the old man stayed for a while. This is fine, as long as you teach it well, I will give you a lot of money. I don’t think I need to say anything, this is a kind old man. So he then asked his address. He made it very complicated. I’m going to take me again, but it’s a little late today, so I said, rest assured, I will definitely come this weekend. I can find it. I believe I have this ability.