Is there really a ghost in this world? No one can really be sure. Because many scientists cannot reasonably explain some of the grotesque events that have happened, they can only justify it in the scientific age and should no longer believe that there are ghosts. After all, this is just a small number of people’s explanations. In fact, do we live within the same limits as ghosts? Is it really as the scientists said, that is, all the illusions produced by our brain waves are seen? It’s up to everyone to experiment, but here is a grotesque story to tell everyone.

After leaving get off work one night, I walked out of the office building alone, only to find that the mobile phone was left on the table, and I had to turn my head to get it.

Because it was already two o’clock in the middle of the night, there was no one around me quietly. If it wasn’t for catching up with the work at hand, I thought I was lying on the soft sofa to watch the brilliant The World Cup football game is over.

My office is on the 27th floor, but my department is on the 23rd floor, and no one is waiting when the door is open. It was late at night, and I immediately pressed the closing gate, but when the goalkeeper closed the door, I suddenly ran out of a head and yelled in front of my eyes: “Why don’t you wait for me…?” I jumped in shock. But when I looked at it again, I saw no one.

Recalling the situation just now, I can only remember that when the door closed to two-thirds, there was suddenly the pale face of Old Zhang who came in and yelled, because everything was too sudden, so I could not see clearly The other’s face.

But I am sure that there is indeed a head in the middle of the door.

I dared to go up to the 27th floor, then hurriedly opened the door and entered the office to pick up my mobile phone and left. When I pressed the floor down, I saw the one I just took on the 23rd floor Rise slowly.

I used to think that the elevator was pressed when I got to the 23rd floor, but I guessed wrong, the elevator stopped in front of me When I opened the door, the familiar head reappeared…

Slow down, I forgot to say that this time I see a little more clearly, except for the neck, the face is Nothing at all, this pale old man with no body shouted again, “Why do you press again…”

My eyes were dark until the guards shot me, I realized that I just fainted.