Xiaomei is a high school student. She rented a small house close to the school because she ate snacks all day and accumulated a lot of fat for a long time without exercise. Watching his friends find their boyfriends one by one, but because of obesity, and without a boy taking care of them, they began to lose weight desperately, but it has not been effective.

One day, an old lady who seemed a little strange came to rent this small house with herself, so that both parties could pay less.

Xiaomei was very reduced, so she agreed to the old woman without thinking.

In the future, Xiaomei is very satisfied. Although the old lady looks a little weird, she is really affable. She usually does all the housework with her old lady, and the old lady is very open, there is no feudal thinking of the elders. Of course, what makes Xiaomei happy is that the old lady always gives little The United States introduced some ways to lose weight, home remedies or something. After one week, Xiaomei really lost a lot of weight. But the old lady has a quirky habit of eating meat. She always brings some meat back to eat every day. She rarely sees her eating food. After all, she is not a family, so Xiaomei didn’t ask.

Today, the grandmother gave Xiaomei a packet of weight loss products. Xiaomei suddenly felt very grateful and couldn’t help but ask, “Grandma, we are not a family. Why are you so good to me? , Give me so many weight-loss products?”

I saw my old lady smiled kindly and said, “I am old, the gallbladder is not good, I can’t eat too much fat and oil…” < br/>