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“I will sleep after watching this episode!”

“I will sleep after reading this chapter!”

“I will sleep when I win a game!”

The result…everyone knows, after all, the essence of human beings is true fragrance.

However, It’s cool to stay up late, the brain crematorium. After getting up the next day, life often has various bugs.

(“Stay up all night” mentioned in this article refers to sleep deprivation type staying up late, which has nothing to do with what time to sleep)

Listening to others, I’m slow to react like a sloth; in the last second I want to reply to a message, the next second it becomes “What am I going to do”; I finally got home from work and arrived at the door But I found…the key was not brought…

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When you stay up late, the night is actually staying up for you.

The lack of sleep caused by staying up late will affect the memory, concentration and decision-making ability of the next day… I feel like the whole person has become “stupid”!

Not enough sleep makes people respond “slowly”

The next day after staying up late, the brain is often offline. The most typical performance is that he reacts slowly to everything, and his mind is often overturned, and he may also make jokes because of a mistake.

For example, when the boss said “working overtime today”, it sounds like “eat today”, and even asks in a daze: Who invites you to dinner?

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A scientist conducted an 11-day experiment, dividing 66 subjects into 4 groups to control their sleep duration:

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The subjects were also asked to do an attention test after waking up every day: It is very simple, press the button as fast as possible when seeing the video signal. It turns out that:

First, the less people sleep at night, the slower the reaction speed of pressing the button.

Second, as the number of consecutive days of lack of sleep increases, the reaction speed will be slower.

A good reaction test is transformed from a fast-moving speed race to an endurance race of the tortoise and the hare.

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Why stay up all night, so you can’t concentrate? ? ?

This may be because insufficient sleep affects the prefrontal lobe of the brain, which is a brain area closely related to attention.

For people who lack sleep, the activity of the prefrontal cortex will be significantly reduced, and the connection and activity between the prefrontal cortex and the visual cortex will also be reduced.

People who lack sleep have reduced activity in the prefrontal cortex

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What’s more annoying is that lack of sleep can also make people hesitate and slow and procrastinate when making decisions.

Studies have shown that lack of sleep leads to a decrease in the activation of the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, which is closely related to our decision-makingBrain area.

Lack of sleep leads to decreased activation of the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex

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In the morning of lack of sleep, “what to eat for breakfast” may no longer be an easy choice, but a soul torture that makes people doubt life.

Youtiao soy milk or steamed bun porridge? Or pancake fruit with an egg? Can’t choose…

Not enough sleep makes memory worse

On the second day after staying up late, many people will “my day and my body” under dark circles:

What tasks the boss assigned last week, others remember clearly, but I can’t even remember what I just started yesterday.

The worst thing is the student party. The night before, I stayed up and memorized 100 words. When I wrote silently the next day… I only remembered 26 letters.

It’s no joke. Researchers from the Center for Sleep Cognition at Harvard University did find that: the same 74 words, people who lack sleep, the proportion of recalling those words will be greatly reduced.

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The reason behind it is simple and heart-warming.

The memory loss after staying up late may be due to the decreased activity in the hippocampus, a brain area related to memory.

Research found that lack of sleep leads to decreased activity in the hippocampus

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If you don’t want to “Ma, what plum?”…I’d better go to bed early.

Someone must not give up easily. After all, staying up late to catch up with stars and play games, what you want to do, it’s really cool… It’s a big deal to sleep more on weekends and make up for it.

But, young man, don’t be naive.

Brained brain, it’s hard to make up for sleep

Let’s not talk about whether it’s really possible to “sleep more” on weekends, but making up for the sleep itself cannot actually make up for the harm caused by staying up late.

Remember the first attention experiment? Even if it’s normal sleepThree days later, subjects with insufficient sleep still had lower reaction speeds than those with adequate sleep.

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Researchers at the University of California also designed an experiment with 32 subjects:

  • Sleep normally, then do a brain scan;

  • After 29 to 34 hours of sleep deprivation, do a brain scan;

  • After letting some of them regain consciousness, do a brain scan;

The results found that: After staying up late, everyone’s brain metabolism has abnormalities. Even after supplementing sleep, it can only recover part of the brain metabolic abnormalities caused by staying up late. Even in some brain areas, supplementing sleep is basically not There will be any improvement.

Psychologist Melinda Jackson also stated: The human “sleep-wake cycle” takes 24 hours as a cycle, and each cycle will be affected by the previous cycle.

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Don’t hope to make up for sleep, but listen to your mother’s words, go to bed early and get enough sleep. After all, while staying up late, the night is staying up for you, not only staying away from Sam, Tony and little Linda, but also making your concentration, memory, decision-making power…forced to pass away.

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If faced with the temptation to stay up late and really can’t control yourself, then I’ll tell you a simple way: set a sleep alarm clock, not sleep at that point, fine 100, and leave it to the subject for safekeeping.

As for people who don’t have a target…Are you sure you have to endure?


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This article is from WeChat official account:Doctor Ding Xiang (ID: DingXiangYiSheng) author: Ding Yu, chestnuts A Sun